Food packaging purposes, mainly to protect the food from the effects of chemical physical and microbiological factors to ensure the nutritional content of food and inherent quality of the same, in order to protect the health of consumers . In addition, packaged food to transportation , storage , sale and use offers many convenient conditions , while promoting the sales. Reasonable food packaging to extend its shelf life and shelf life , to a large extent reduce the tendency of deterioration of food .

Factors that affect food quality : – is light ; Second temperature ; Third oxygen ; Fourth humidity ; ugly microbes .

From food production , distribution and consumption of the three angles together, food packaging purposes : – to prevent spoilage , quality assurance ; second is to prevent microbial and dust pollution ; Third, rationalization of production of food , high-speed ; Fourth, there conducive to transportation and circulation ; five is to improve the food value of the goods .

The food industry is the largest user of packaging design and beneficiaries. The development of the food industry and packaging are inseparable. Sometimes , some of the packaging process can dramatically change the product structure, industrial structure and development processes of the food industry . A typical example is clear plastic packaging the combination of beverage packaging and sterilization processes.

Yun innovative food packaging materials

Due to the use of the paper packaging can be recycled again , a small amount of waste in the natural environment can naturally break down , and the natural environment is not without influence , therefore the world recognized paper, paperboard and paper products are green products, to meet the requirements of environmental protection.

Plastic packaging designed primarily to improve the design , provide more convenience ; improve the structure of composite materials to meet the more stringent requirements ; new product vac tray plastic trays paper packaging focuses on functional improvement. Such as United States, Japan and other countries to develop a pad of paper packaging for fruits and vegetables , can absorb ethylene and carbon dioxide gas released by fruits and vegetables , etc., and developed – some insulation paper, such as anti-corrosion paper – based products . Future development trend is airtight plastic multi-layer composite , functional plastic , biodegradable plastics more rapid development . Our rapid development of biodegradable plastics , such as the potato and corn starch food container plastic packaging design , pulp , vegetable fiber packaging materials, as well as ” light – controlled submerge bio degradable ” plastic, etc. , but the market share is not high, so broad prospects.

With the development of science and technology, food packaging materials and containers have undergone great changes. In recent plastic packaging box years, a variety of new materials and materials processing research and development of new technologies, especially new polymer materials continue to emerge for food packaging offers a vast world .

Newly launched high pressure food packaging, food characterized vitamins, fragrance , pigments and other pressurization will not packaging design change, thus maintaining the natural flavor of the food , and not destroy nutrients . To jam , fruit juice , vegetable juice to the meat , fish , eggs , soy protein can be processed using high plastic packaging pressure . These foods by 400 — 500] ~ A processing, high quality packing material , reasonable packaging design, printing and product color, appearance , flavor similar products are better than the original , although the price is higher, but still deeply consumer who welcome and all ages.

In packaging materials added nanoparticles . To produce the odor, sterilization effect, can improve the shelf life of packaged food .

Is the development trend of green packaging

What is a green packaging ? According to experts, is the ecological environment and human health harmless, no environmental pollution, recycling and renewable energy use can promote sustainable development package . Thus the world’s developed countries to meet the identified package . “4R +1 D” principle, namely consumption, the development of new green materials , reuse , recycling and degradation Division . Experts predict that the next 10 years will dominate the world market often green green green packaging must be actively researching and developing “green packaging” is packaging industry in the face of the new century, the inevitable choice to join the WTO .

Ensure the quality of green food , green food to maintain freshness , is the basic function of green packaging . Therefore , green clamshell packaging sterile preservation, and packaging is the preferred target green packaging .

Green must have green packaging, which has become the new century, a new fashion green packaging , packaging mainstream . Clearly defined government environmental protection departments , the green packaging should be ” four – body ” logo : green flag , the word green text, coding and laser anti-counterfeit labels certification unit .

Lagging behind the level of China’s food packaging

China’s food packaging material is – a growing market , which, especially in the higher growth rate of chemical plastic box polymer materials. Plastics USA , Germany, Italy every year for food packaging into 4.5 million tons , 2 million tons and 1.9 million tons expected this year, China’s food packaging demand up 150 – 200 million tons.

Modern food science and food packaging industry needs , although nearly 20 years , China’s packaging research and development of new materials relatively quickly , but the package works is – Door emerging interdisciplinary, involving a wide range of knowledge , plus packaging and packaging industry started research late, weak economic foundation , China’s packaging technology in general, is still relatively backward, can not fully meet the requirements of the food industry ‘s rapid development . In particular mindset of the people is still relatively old, inadequate packaging and excessive packaging widespread.

Reasonable food packaging should be just right for a protective foods , including physical, chemical , and biological properties of protection is not pompous beautifully decorated , convenient storage, transportation and consumer use.