Preservation, plastic trays and packaging materials used in food packaging
Russian experts in the polymer added in the food packaging material was acidified water , mineral salts and various enzymes material enriched inner surfaces of the bag material , which can absorb the excess moisture in food packaging , kill bacteria, thereby improving the internal environment of the packaging bag . Meanwhile additive enzymes also regulate food odors , and create a living space for the food nutrients.

This new fresh packaging materials can cheese, salami and other perishable foods stored longer. South Korea (strain ) phase out Paperboard Co., Ltd. completed a ” fresh paperboard ” project. In the field-test , the shelf life of strawberries under the same conditions for 5-8 days , and preservation of packaging design melons has plastic packaging design increased by about 5 days [ Japan Showa Chemical Company clear plastic packaging clamshell packaging developed calcium phosphate mineral concentrate as raw material absorbent paper bags for packaging fruits and vegetables and other foods , so that the supply of nutrients from fruits and vegetables to get the mineral concentrate . And absorb the fruits and vegetables release ethylene gas and carbon dioxide.

Suppress the plastic packaging box decomposition of chlorophyll , serve to maintain freshness effect. Japanese company launched a fresh wrapping paper can be used in food packaging , and its production process is the first paper dipped in acid containing 2O% , and 33% sodium succinate and O. O7% ethanol solution of sorbic acid , and then subjected to drying . With this paper packaging food with gravy , can be stored 3 weeks at 38 temperatures without deterioration. Tsingtao Brewery Kwong Wah Fresh Container vac tray Co., Ltd. has developed the E-type anaerobic Nair fresh keg of beer , a unique automatic pneumatic pressure accumulator structure and built-in micro- cylinder combination of methods to ensure injection of wine, the whole process of anaerobic liquor store operations , to ensure bottled beer taste. Uniform plastic box thickness PU foam insulation has good heat resistance, the wine has a strong defoaming system features an anaerobic cask wine can prevent air from entering the barrel, to achieve better beer preservation effect.

Development of functional preservation, and packaging materials is one of the hotspots in the future preservation, and packaging technology to achieve preservation, and packaging functions from turning past a static dynamic . Warehouse -style fresh way past plastic packaging that will be in circulation replaced by fresh packaging . A new concept of preservation, and packaging materials will appear fresh food packaging materials research and development of new prospects blossom will appear .