Various functional components of health food or health food ingredients flag susceptible air temperature , humidity , light, microorganisms and other factors which occur during storage of complex changes in the physical , chemical or biochemical aspects , further quality and use of health food safety implications , so the selection of suitable packaging materials and advanced packaging technology for food quality and health is closely related to the merits , the main role of plastic packaging design the first health food packaging is to protect the health food quality and prevent the effectiveness of health food ingredients or signs component failure deterioration.

Protection of health food ingredients or ingredients landmark

Where health food regardless of their forms of state , generally have the case of air oxidation, contamination , easy to decompose when exposed to light discoloration , deterioration deliquescence when wet , heat volatile , softening , melting, cracking , intense vibrations make the deformation, etc. fragmentation problem . Changes in the physical properties or health food of the nature of the functional components or cause an iconic component failure , not only can not play vac tray a role in health care disease , and some it will cause disease. Moreover, the majority of health food products have two years to plant shelf life of about three years , in such a long time, through the gap vessel wall pores ( such as polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastics ) or between the container and the lid ( Mifengbuyan real or deformation ) into the gas , water will lead to deterioration of health food . In the warranty period , health problems in food preservation liable by the manufacturer. Therefore, the protection for manufacturers, consumers are essential. Health food packaging , whether in shape , structure and decoration of the design, or the choice of materials , the protection function should be considered as a primary factor , but to protect all aspects of the functions (such as shock , cold , heat , radiation , anti-moth , etc. ) , Youyi sealed , that the most important and completely isolated .

1 barrier effect

Packaging the drug content of the container should not penetrate , escape out, and outside air , light, moisture, heat , foreign bodies, into the container of microorganisms …… not in contact with the medicine. Stability and efficacy of many health food will enter or escape with their packaging containers of gas , light, heat , water …… and change. Such as tablets, granules and other solid dosage due to moisture absorption and moldy ; oral liquid liquid type health food due to temperature effects , light , air, and microbial fermentation …… . Barrier prominent role should consider the following problem areas:

( 1 ) Anti- Penetration: Effectiveness of the composition of volatile ingredients can be dissolved or logo on the inside of the packaging material , by the effect of the osmotic pressure to the other side of plastic packaging the diffusion movement. I.e. inter -volatile molecules can diffuse out of the container wall . From the outside of the package can clearly smell Smell come . Especially in paper loading , single plastic film such as polyethylene packaging , with obvious breathable, light, permeable minute performance, not only to escape the drug aromatic ingredients from the wall , and gases (such as O2, CO2), water vapor, etc. can be directly through the packaging material into the container , affecting the stability of the health food . Yun herbs such as oil and the like, it is generally organic packaging material has a strong dissolution , penetrating more obvious , sung in a hard gelatin capsule shell for less than two weeks to penetrate it. In order to prevent the penetration phenomenon, packaging materials should be selected in the selection of clamshell packaging materials for the permeability of small individually packaged drugs. In this respect a variety of composite film container , glass containers , metal containers , preferably ceramic container effect.

( 2 ) Anti- leak: a volatile or plastic packaging box non -volatile components , a solid or liquid medicament through the gap of health food or packaging material is not continuous , a material such as pinholes , cracks or between the lid and the container to escape or leak . This situation mostly occurs in the structural design of improper packaging containers and packaging technology , of course , sometimes due to improper choice of materials .

( 3 ) shading : the effect of vitamin E and other ingredients in case of exposure to light and oxidative deterioration , coated pills, tablets ( especially the lemon yellow colored clothes ) because of the light and the color darkens . Of such health food packaging , in addition to seals need shading . Health food packaging shading is often used in three ways : the traditional multi- bottle or bottle with a brown paper parcel of each substance ; Department of new materials together with plastic film , aluminum , paper-plastic composite film ; packaging material added in sunscreens , such as titanium dioxide and the like .

3 cushion

Health food in the transportation, storage process, subject to a variety of external vibration , shock and squeeze , easy to cause damage. Such as glass bottles easily broken ; film , paper and the like packaging and easy pressure deformation. To this end , health food packaging should have a buffer to prevent vibration , impact and compression .

( 1 ) the role of the liner : a single plastic box package to be used inside and outside the liner , which is an important part of the sealing device plastic trays , enabling measures to prevent vibration . Pills, tablets and other solid drugs , often in a container filled extra space parts sterilized cotton, plastic coil cover with a piece of paper or plastic , so that after a bottle of cold air moving over the drug without asking . Single package outside ( ie ask packaging design containers ) more use made ??of corrugated or rigid plastic corrugated board slots , each container is fixed and separated them . Currently there are new materials : foam polyethylene , polypropylene and polyethylene and polystyrene foam copolymer clear plastic packaging resin foam cushion packaging made ??of cushioning material to good effect .

( 2) The packaging also known distribution package : a large container based on certain mechanical strength material, with shock , pressure and closed role .

International Transport Packaging : In addition to the general requirements for a complete , filled transport package , but also to detect the following items :

Labeling and packaging of parts firmness ; regulation performance of temperature and humidity ; stacking experiments ; through vertical drop collision experiments ; level collision experiments , the slope test, swing test.

4 Other

Health food -contact surface of the packaging material long the effect can not be any , between the object and its release with the health food , health food products released between functional components or ingredients and packaging materials mark can not produce any effect .

Further , various additives such as degradation products of the packaging material of plastic, paint, plastics , rubber and other materials contained in the ( such as plasticizers , lubricants , mold release agents , stabilizers , antioxidants , antistatic agents , pigments , etc. ) , during storage if released gradually contaminate health food, must be carefully considered.