Wine packaging plastic packaging design clamshell packaging design principles
Wine packaging design

Middle and low liquor packaging design : middle and low liquor prices tend to be more affordable, in the middle and low liquor packaging design, due to cost , materials, technology and other aspects restricted by so expressive packaging will be affected . But by no means is to say low

File no expressive wine packaging , through good ideas , accurate positioning , manifestations of the same right can make excellent white plastic trays packaging designs. Premium liquor packaging design : high-end liquor prices higher , wine packaging design

Beautifully itself has a high cultural value. In the high-end liquor wine packaging design should highlight its brand history and culture of mining intrinsic value , thus forming with other similar product differentiation , to establish their own personality and style. Collection of liquor

Wine packaging design : given a collection of wine due to the cultural and emotional connotations make it have a high cultural value packaging design and collection of , in the collection of liquor wine packaging design should demonstrate its commemorative and plastic packaging box collectable .

Wine packaging design

Wine packaging design mainly includes three parts: the wine container , wine labels , and vac tray packaging. Wine packaging design wine bottle label design includes the subject , tags , wine packaging design also includes a pair of bottle, cork design. Wine packaging design

The meter should be combined with the times , focusing on the times and cultural .

Beer packaging clear plastic packaging design

Beer packaging design should pay attention to a strengthening theme beer packaging design should highlight their personality characteristics , highlighting the quality of the product content, and timely information in order to accurately passed on to consumers , plastic box so that consumers in the psychology of emotional

Ming , two quality packaging costs should , proportional to the value of the product quality. There are different grades of beer . Different grades , their quality, value is different, beer packaging design should be based on different grades to determine its design orientation , in beer

Packaging design must ensure proportional packaging and product value. 3 colors in beer packaging design, color plays a very important role . Color can be thought of products and other plastic packaging similar products difference , to highlight their personality, psychological

Stimulate consumer . So in beer packaging design for the application of color should take into account these factors . 4 psychological strategy , while consumers buy beer , pay more attention to the inherent and intrinsic quality of the beer culture implied , which requires beer

Consumer packaging design analysis on how to position the beer market , designed to reflect its location in how culture and taste.