Everything in the world , or as good as possible ! And then ……

Imperial Tobacco Canada ‘s most senior brand du Maurier country occupies the market share of nearly 30% . Its closest competitor’s brand accounted for just over 10% market share . Although the price per pack of cigarettes according to the level of taxation in all provinces, ranging between 8.5 to C $ 11 Canadian dollars , but the market share has remained relatively stable.

One kind of large size 25 dress du Maurier brand has five different models . The leading brand in the Canadian market sales have been for five years. Globally, the brand is BAT ‘s most profitable brands.

Then , the other shoe – Or say is disturbing a whole heap of shoes stepped into the door.

First , over the years , Canada ‘s federal and provincial legislation to create the world’s most stringent environmental cigarette market .

Secondly , it is equally disturbing still value (VFM) brand inflow of the Canadian market. The proportion of the market value of such products from 2003 to 14.4 per cent in 2005 to 43.2% in March . Meanwhile, boutique du Maurier cigarette market share increased by 0.5 %, but its overall market share has decreased by more than 5 %.

Suddenly , du Maurier been pincer attack . Since du Maurier can not strengthen itself as a boutique smoke units , the new value class better able to carry out their own brand of low-cost offensive.

This has opened up another challenge . Although du Maurier performance plastic trays in the market is still good , but the Canadian Imperial Tobacco decided to take action to maintain Canada ‘s position as a boutique du Maurier cigarettes , provide added value to their customers in order to meet the market is flooded with cheap brands attacks.

Happened next is a success story in the world to win . Imperial Tobacco Canada mobilized the entire company and its suppliers enthusiasm, not only its leading position has been maintained , but also the enhancement.

It rewards plastic packaging box obtained in this process is presented in Bologna, Italy 9 February 2006 Giovanni Barezzi Award. The award recognized outstanding achievements in cigarette design , paper, production and packaging areas .

“We feel that we communicate with adult smokers tool is very limited ,” Jeff Guiler , vice president of marketing , said Imperial Tobacco Canada . ” The only thing we are able to create a program that is branded packaging plastic packaging design Unfortunately, most of Canada as packaging, the packaging is our tradition – .. housing and drawer Further, each of the outer box 50% the area occupied by health warnings .

” As a result, our attention quickly turned to how we can make unique and distinctive packaging , and produce a positive influence for sure . Our first task is to carry out the basic attitude of the customer market research to ensure our plan right direction . ”

The first step has been completed by the research company Strategy Planner Empire Bram Koster. He decided to re-establish the du Maurier brand its competitive position in the market in which the work must be carried out .

“We know our retail communication is very limited window can really make our brand unique opportunity is the product itself – packaging ,” Koster said. “A lot of the value of the brand inflow – is not only a unique brand – it makes such a need to further increase the formation of a very challenging schedule – Complete all the necessary work done in less than two years, as efficiently as possible in order to re-establish market positions . ”

Monte law provides strong leadership support for this work . Instructions are issued – full speed ahead ! Not surprising that Bram Koster du Maurier company to become a brand manager of this project . His responsibility is to coordinate the work of the various departments. These departments will spend 18 months on the project of high pressure , but exciting time .

Luis Barros , vice president of operations to help the group to implement a shopping list to guide for a new brand image and produce it necessary to look for high-speed packaging lines .

Overall standard of the project include : ( 1 ) The package must be capable of a production line with more than 300 boxes per minute production. ( 2 ) the entire program must be completed within two years or less. ( 3 ) It must be possible to have economic production . ( 4 ) the quality must be high . ( 5 ) It must be the product is displayed as ” quality “, ” high-impact “, ” quality “, ” Advanced” and “advanced .”

Due to the progressive development of the relationship , Barros went to Europe to discuss the project and packaging equipment manufacturer . He began to understand the following two cases after the item : (a) they do not have the time or budget to develop a new device, and (b) a ready-made solution for their quick work to be done for does not exist.

” I went to equipment companies , asking them to meet our need for innovation in products ,” Barros said. “I told them, we need a ‘ toolbox ‘ concept available to pick and choose the assessment of market development team , we also discussed the crucial time of three factors: the development of complexity, cost, and to be completed estimated time .

“Every consideration before getting an idea must pass a test on these three factors . Each concept on these three factors are rated as low, medium or high . Obviously, the lower would be ideal .”

Barros decided , Focke has ready a more adequate preparation in this regard. Compared with the remaining , Focke ‘s advantage is that it has developed a package and a tilt angle rounded package.

When the study began , the development team including Andre Hopfe Focke companies do not understand the inner box style. After Barros added his own experience , Focke company’s mission is to provide a lot of packaging shapes to meet all the parameters.

As time is critical in all aspects of the project must commence almost “normal” procedure contrary . There is no time to try any feasible solution. Therefore , we should pay close attention to every stage of feasibility .

Hopfe plastic packaging said that the time scale of such projects is usually 24-36 months. They told us that the most time only 18-24 months.

After the possibility of narrowing , Hopfe brought within six weeks of 14 different white box to be considered for the development team . Within 18 months from the beginning of a new design of packaging equipment is impossible. Therefore , Hopfe samples can all be brought in the existing equipment , by further development work for production . All 14 kinds of designs to meet the time, cost, production speed and creativity , such as standards, and , as part of a major demonstration of all 14 kinds of designs are made ??to various departments .

Bram Koster and his team , including brand communicators and team leader Peter Gibson , including those packaged into a small cassette focus groups to get consumer reaction . After feedback from consumers has been analyzed to be considered 14 kinds of packaging has been reduced to three. After Focke hand for the remaining three companies each produce packing 20 boxes of cigarettes , and, graphics have also been set .

Them again in five different cities another round of consumer focus group evaluation. Further results confirm that consumers are one kind of 25 , two strapping packing more preference. Thus, only the drawing board a style of packaging .

Team for their final – With a little twists – get a neutral packaging design satisfied. In the final product , rugged packaging , with the male side of the tilt angle characteristic curve type feature with feminine image components to create a new characteristics to meet various objectives .

At this stage, innovative design team including those engaged in Pigeon cigarette brand design firm Bob Boutillier and mainly involved in the cigarette graphic design identity Keating Group Kathleen Keating. The two parties have talented of proven experience in the Imperial Tobacco Company .

” We wanted to create a different kind of thing for the consumer , they are able to provide some tangible way for them to feel the same time, recognize their happy smoking something ,” Boutillier said.

Each design has a powerful working relationship and are Imperial Tobacco Company encourages direct access to information in order to accelerate the process of creating the packaging and graphics institutions closely and regularly together.
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After multiple rounds into a creative response from consumers, as well as equipment manufacturer’s instructions , the final choice is a unique ” tilt angle” clamshell design – features packaging. This package is not totally dependent on the graphic or word tool to communicate the brand attitude.

It is essential that an earlier period in the whole process of implementation of the design features in order to create and retain enough details to finalize the production time .

Kathleen Keating has extensive experience in the design of consumer products, including a variety of projects undertaken by Imperial Tobacco Canada . Still, no one with features similar to any packaging projects.

” Usually, we get the completed structure – in this case the box – and then began to engage in graphic work in order to best use the selected structures ,” Keating said. ” As the project for a short time , we almost simultaneously each step .

“I’m sure Bob ever willing to cooperate ,” Keating said. “He is a very good designer , but also a strategist in our business , the combination of design and strategy is very important .”

“We’re in the excitement , but also fear and our challenge is to study and graphics we’ve tested bring , and , at some indefinite time , to integrate all of them feature box structure, and Help the packaging design / structure to a new level. certainly very excited to do so . ”

When Keating get the final packaging structure, which shut down some ideas, will focus on the design concept fit the new shape. ” In this business , you know the limit does not suppress creativity, and , under certain conditions , it is also possible to
Her goal is to respect the tradition of the brand , meanwhile, will bring vac tray it into the modern world – a kind of modern communication and traditional feel.

“We will integrate our curve to the bottom of the box . Curve factors and the tilt angle occurs counterproductive. Stiff inclination angle represents the clear plastic packaging modern face of the brand , and the box at the bottom of the curve to communicate a taste of alcohol and gorgeous , ” Graphics the designer said.

“Kathleen is one I know to engage in any design work best designers ,” Peter Gibson said. “She packaging design is also engaged in the filter design .”

Since Focke was chosen as original equipment manufacturer (OEM), will create the final production line , it will be carried out in the first participation, providing innovative advice . Moreover, it can ensure that the company mission to develop new designs to market in a timely equipment .

” The rectangular box structure itself due to very strong straight lines and right angles to reality . This shape is easy addition, the adhesive fixed before final packaging can be well maintained to keep in shape in the manufacturing and filling .,” Hopfe explained.

” However, for the same kind as the characteristic octagonal box design , the complexity of the process is much higher. Miter feature package is 12 mm , and 6 mm in a rectangular box in the feature package , without any fixed angle , therefore , very important to pre- bend – the key to success .

“In addition, it is important that the time to form the cylinder . Fixed holding cylindrical shape before stable adhesive which is especially critical to the proper shape and quality standards for special packaging box .”

Jeff Guiler said , however , when the company decided to Canadian Imperial new packaging introduced to the market a year ahead of time , Focke ‘s two new high-speed packaging lines deadline can not be changed in time for the 2005 plan to prepare . Before the solution is to speed the delivery and operation of equipment , with a production of the initial launch of the product for research and packaging equipment manufacturer conducted a special contract .

Device prototype work is contracted out to a British tobacco equipment manufacturer Colin Mear Engineering Company (CME). This is partly due to the contribution of the company in the creation of packaging made ??of money . David Weatherill sales director
CME quickly using an older Molins equipment to produce original research box. Conversion means for the creation , there are some higher speed can be engaged ( box 140 min ) after the production of the production line .

Finally , CME built a test market for the production of packaging development -type equipment , two cigarette manufacturers for market development production lines , as well as for two lines and the subsequent arrival of the CME Focke company ‘s production line and the outer barrel machine wrapping machines . Cartoning machine producing a unique ” queen ” of the box , it looks like one kind of large packaging design , but loaded with eight packs and 200 cigarettes.

“Our work with difficulty ,” Weatherill said. ” Packaging design requires a very large angle , which is unique for the tobacco industry .”

Empire trade development professionals Neil Fox ‘s job is to coordinate sales team work from the outset , including the launch of Peter Gibson conceived plan and for the Ontario sales force it into the actual implementation of the program .

“Our sales team is closest to adult smokers who composed ,” Fox said. ” If there is no perfect sales team plastic box to implement this plan that is absolutely impossible to be successful. They face in dealing with our retail partners .”

He also had to work closely with the National Client Group , to discuss very detailed and successful product launch plans , while also cooperating with the two major wholesalers .

Before June 2005 the real product launch , they and the country’s three major market chain to the early introduction of the patent agreement. The three chains are included in hundreds of stores throughout the country with the convenience store chain , as well as two large gas station chain – Canada and Shell petrol station companies .

Strong influence beveled design will be fully utilized at each step of the new packaging to the market , including the match -store displays .

However , not only because of its impact and packaging variations. “We also redesigned the cigarette filter itself ,” Gibson said. “This is the first step to restore the pride of the brand .”

To get the look they want – trendy, sophisticated , as well as more advanced effects – Measures are pre- printed filter . Du Maurier ‘s trademark red is used to produce a superior result. It also provides more flexibility for the future of the printed content companies, greatly contributed to the pursuit of distinctive brands .

“We make the smoking experience to restore the ‘ jazz ‘ taste ,” Gibson said. “People can be on the table du Maurier , appreciate its design .”

Next is the representative of 40% of the Canadian cigarette market launch of the product in other regions of Ontario . The new du Maurier plan launched in February 27 in the rest of Canada.

This phased introduction of the product for several reasons . The most fundamental reason is due to the shorter period of time , there may be launched June 13, 2005 in time to produce enough cigarette ; distance deadline is getting closer . Focke four production lines is not running.

Second, it provides an opportunity for the empire to strengthen working relationships with the top three customers . Empire ‘s working group on the market reaction to create their own final product is highly confident that they want to benefit from the quality of these chains residual effects of smoke .

” It is an opportunity for the initial lack of technical production facilities ‘ obstacles ‘ to our marketing partners into the main market development conditions ,” Fox said.

” However ,” Gibson continued, “The biggest obstacle is the time we complete all these tasks relatively short period of time , I remember earlier clamshell packaging on Colin Mear ‘s a Mifang , we observed on them , when the sample box production rate appears to be a box of cigarettes every two to three minutes , after which its production rate of 140 boxes per minute and I recently returned from our factory Focke we invented products production rate exceeds 300 boxes per minute. ”

Each department Imperial Tobacco Canada are involved in this arduous task , including marketing, management, brand , financial and other work . The entire company to celebrate the pre -market were gathering. Imperial Tobacco Canada almost everyone on the characteristics of the packaging or the effort put into the project , or to know who carried out the work. Degree of excitement in the room was shocking.

And now, all employees of Imperial Tobacco Canada was celebrated again . This time is to celebrate the International Giovanni Barrezzi won awards . The award for what they do in terms of packaging and design and excellent research work creatively given recognition.

Market shows that consumers are their favorite retailers expressed their support. Since the brand in June 2005 selectively for market launch in Ontario , feature packed market share increased by 1.8% in the fine tobacco varieties . After the launch of the new du Maurier brand to other areas of Ontario , and its market share continues to grow.

” Packaging is an innovative feature package structure and design in the tobacco industry ,” Jeff Guiler said. ” Its influence is powerful proof of imaginative design and packaging structure can achieve the desired effect . Further confirmed with a passionate , committed and cooperative working group creativity and determination , and how a very special new structure able to successfully obtain commercial production , the speed can be more than 300 boxes per minute , and completed in a relatively short 18 -month period . ”

There is no doubt that in the course of du Maurier feature packaging projects, some very special things there. It is very important and worthy of a very profitable brand attention. Because of its importance and profitability , but also with increased risk . Measures it uses all the normal procedures are different , but in some rare occasions , the boundaries across sectors seems to be everyone together. In these cases , dedication and active participation beyond everything.

Each company has its own moral character. For companies, Imperial Tobacco Canada , du Maurier ‘s work is characterized by the packaging ink will not fade , to be written in large strokes .