Recyclable plastic crates to challenge the corrugated boxes . At present, the world-renowned retail giant Wal-Mart, the packaging materials used in the selection of the 70% recyclable plastic crates instead of cardboard boxes. Recyclable plastic crates is the first standardized shipping container , because consistent specification , easy stacking , the bottom has slots , stacking stability plastic packaging is better than cardboard boxes , and therefore have the advantage of standardization ; there is a strong display function , recyclable plastic packaging does not cover , consumers can directly see the interior of the new product , do not have a printed pattern on the packaging , eliminating the need for a printing costs , yet packed marketing functions. Although the protection of a strong corrugated box products , its clamshell packaging excellent compression, puncture resistant and moisture resistant recyclable plastic crates can not be compared , appearance and very beautiful, but the Corrugated Carton increasingly slim profit margins , are unchallenged recyclable plastic crates .
Plastic shrink film packaging to attack traditional packaging . With the emergence of new packaging materials , some of the packaging process technology has also been new changes. If self-adhesive stretch film appearance, making wrapping, shrink bundling processes into one. Operation is simplified and fast , but also to reduce packaging costs .

A plastic film wrapped packaging. Can be divided into semi- transparent film wrapping pop-up , half- Tropsch color film wrapping and flat color film wrapping three forms , the conventional specifications for 12 bottles / pack , 9 bottles / packages. This packaging produced by the automatic machines , in the sales process more reliable and secure , and cost of this packaging is also relatively low.

The main advantages of plastic film wrapping is
low cost : Even if the use of color film , which is only half of the cost of packaging cartons ; greatly reducing storage costs of packaging materials , packaging materials due to become a major area of ??a small roll of film ; saving carton packaging hot melt adhesive required care and maintenance costs , and hot melt adhesive device ; same price rate of plastic film wrapping machine carton wrapping machine is much more than the price low .
show good: the beer industry is competitive in today ‘s competitive brand of beer brands in marketing position occupied increasingly important. Plastic wrapping ways to make customers from many beer packaging store shelves quickly identify a particular brand of beer. Compared with color film and color paper box , packaging and more vivid, and thus has a better display of the market .

easy to damage : both moisture, and durable.
2 hot color film received the package. Shenzhen Kingway Brewery Co., Ltd. as the beer industry ‘s top manufacturing companies , their products are mostly used boxes Shrink packaging. There are two main reasons for its use : to diversify conducive promotional packaging ; shrink packaging flexibility for different sizes , especially small cluster packaging specifications . The small size of the cluster beer packaging has better flexibility , more portable, and therefore is increasingly being consumers. As the market for the small size of the cluster increased demand for beer packaging , shrink packaging will have more room for development .
Moreover, the color shrink film is currently appearing by the beer companies attach great importance to a number clear plastic packaging of beer companies have adopted this shrink film , improve product quality , and promote sales. Brewery Company Limited Hubei Province Jinlongquan responsible person believes that color film shrink packaging showing the effect will be to get the best choice in this demand with film positioning system for color shrink film shrink packaging machine will be one of the best prospects in the beer industry packaging equipment .

Shrink packaging for newly emerging forms of usage, Tsingtao some products through a trial , and that such packaging has the advantage of reducing the cost to 12 bottles of 640 ml bottles of beer as a unit to compare , shrink film packaging carton cheaper than about 0.3 yuan , and this little upfront investment packaging equipment , the purchase price of 200,000 to 300,000 devices to meet the basic mechanical properties of enterprises , speed requirements . Packaged beer , the bottle is compact, from 6 bottles to 12 bottles of individuals into a unified whole , to prevent collisions between the bottle , shake the bottle leads to rupture . Within a few years , will shrink film packaging on some products in use , all shrink film packaging will be used in some products , the possibility of replacing all the little cardboard box , mainly because of one-time to replace the original carton packaging equipment , investment funds is too large, it will be a process of gradual replacement . Can speak , shrink film packaging of bottled beer is very worthy of promotion , beer packaging will be a future trends .

Instead of the traditional beer packaging new products

1 bottle market bullish QLE

Recently, many countries are actively developing new packaging , as developed by the United States QLE bottle , its antioxidant capacity of 3 to 10 times higher than normal PET bottles , moisture capacity increased 2 -fold , transparency, and microwavable . Applies to the current PET recycling process . Its production process is plasma spraying , spraying the surface layer of quartz in the PET film , coating thickness less than 2000 angstroms. In large-scale coating systems , rigid plastic container coating speed of 500 bottles / hour to 1000 bottles / hour .

2 thin barrier plastic bottles

Abroad in recent years launched a Sur-shield barrier material that the barrier properties of carbon dioxide , 32% to 45 plastic trays % higher than traditional materials , is very effective oxygen and carbon dioxide barrier plastic material. The company ‘s advanced technology for precise control of the injection molding process , is able to packaging design meet the application requirements of the beverage industry ‘s thinnest material. Surshield is a core technology provider in the U.S. beer packaging plastic bottles used .

3 monolayer PET beer bottles

American INVISTA developed a gas barrier properties superior polyester resin PolyShield, is a kind of oxygen and gas barrier properties of the new PET resin blends , its breakthrough technology that enables a single layer PET beer bottles greatly improved the oxygen and carbon dioxide gas barrier property , and shelf life of beer, meet all criteria . PolyShield particularly excellent oxygen of it to avoid other similar products, ” Empty Life ” theme . PolyShield single technology can be an ordinary beer bottle preform injection molding machine , no additional investment without increasing the complexity of the production plastic box process , the product costs are significantly reduced. This technology has been tested in a number of global beer production plant.

4 Transparent aluminum bottle recoating

DuPont polyester has developed a new two-stage outer coating technology, the PET bottles of oxygen and carbon monoxide barrier permeability can be increased by 30 times, and the undercoat can be separated water, recycling of materials is very convenient. Another developed by DuPont called ” transparent aluminum” outer coating techniques , barrier PET bottles can be improved 30 times to 40 times , the technology is close to commercialization.

5 Beer composite flexible packaging bags
Beer is a beer flexible packaging pouches improvement products. Comprising a body of soft plastic composite , carbon dioxide in the composite body is provided with a cylindrical plastic or aluminum foil spherical inflatable balloon , plastic packaging box with the upper end of the heat pressed together under pressure and easy to pull on the edge of the inflatable bladder . The advantage is strength, not easily damaged , rechargeable carbon dioxide drinking, keeping the beer taste. Lower packaging cost, light their weight, easy to transport.

Toppan Printing Research invention to maintain a high degree of sealing and sterilization , long-term storage at room temperature, the new paper cans , its capacity is not less than metal cans for food preservation . Practice has proved that , at room temperature , cans of food , at least not deteriorate within a year. The main feature of this paper cans is: more than cans , glass bottles and light ; capable of filling high temperatures , the use of aluminum foil edge protection , reducing the oxygen penetration , thus maintaining the flow of up to one year at room temperature ; cans materials made ??of paper , aluminum , polyethylene, polyester (PET) and other composite is made to ensure that the tank body strength to direct the flow to the tank -like prototype , the same as with the traditional round cans , vending machines available for use ; recycling convenient, burning , pollution-free . Currently this paper can be used for beer , juice and other beverage packaging , and received high praise. The paper can be designed in tank side concave shape to enhance the strength of the tank , the tank will not have deflated the phenomenon , which is ever developed canning process is a key issue.

China ‘s current annual consumption of aluminum cans and metal tin cans for 20 billion , the need to import large quantities of raw materials , and expensive, coupled with environmental pollution and other factors , therefore , can be found instead of aluminum cans and tin containers become the industry’s new been concerned about the issue. Birth of paper cans overcome the drawbacks , there are broad prospects for development. According to experts, the construction of a production line of vac tray aluminum cans need at least 17 ??million yuan , while the paper cans production line only 2 million yuan ; paper cans economic quantities of more than $ 20,000 . Paper can be used for beer cans , paints, food, medicine and other packaging , but also for the production of boxes, paper cups, drum , and other products . Experts estimate that the annual demand for Chinese paper cans will gradually reach 150 trillion , its excellent features will inject new vitality into China’s packaging industry .

Using paper pot , in addition to the weight reduction of the body outside the plastic packaging design material in the tank also has room for improvement to reduce the cost. For example, in Wuhan, the advent of a paper cans, aluminum cans its price is only 1/4 .

U.S. companies under the cork crown cap cans factory, from its inception has been committed under the premise of not compromising its strength , the tank is doing as light as possible . Now the plant ‘s new 12 oz cans , weighing only 1960 cans began to spread the weight of the tank 1 /4. It is the thinnest at only 0.004 inches . Strength has not decreased , but also improved a lot