Cigarette smoke packaging plastic packaging film short film , is a BOPP film. As a high-grade BOPP films, packaging films than ordinary cigarette film having plastic packaging box a low sealing temperature , the better the barrier properties , transparency , uniformity of the thickness .

Domestic cigarette film thickness is generally 20-22mm, due to cost considerations and environmental requirements of lightweight packaging materials , tobacco film production abroad trend is thinner films . In smoke film , a polypropylene homopolymer core layer is the clear plastic packaging major factor in determining the mechanical properties of the film . At present , the world BOPP film production methods are mainly peaceful membrane tube membrane into two categories . Ependymal French bi- step stretch , with simple equipment , low investment , small footprint, boundless material losses, simple operation , but because of low productivity, product thickness tolerances and other shortcomings , after the vac tray plastic packaging design 1980s almost Without development, currently only used to produce heat shrinkable biaxially oriented PP film special varieties packaging design . Flat plastic box membrane was divided into two-way stretch two- step and two-way stretch two methods . plastic trays Bidirectional longitudinal stretching method further product manufacturing , horizontal balanced performance , but the complexity of the device , a high investment in equipment , while the loss of multi- material , thickness and other issues restricted in scale not yet been adopted . Two-way two-step stretching clamshell packaging devices mature , the line speed , high production efficiency, suitable for mass production , is used by the vast majority of companies.

BOPP production equipment manufacturers are mainly in Germany Bruckner , Japan’s Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Toshiba Machine , France DMT companies, the current direction of the First BOPP production line equipment to large and high production line speeds development ; another direction is the use of synchronous pull stretching techniques, such as Bruckner ‘s synchronous linear motor stretching techniques , enabling a balanced film stretched thinner and thus produce better quality BOPP film.