As one of the four major packaging materials, metal packaging plastic packaging design materials plays an important role in modern packaging materials. Generally , the metal vac tray packaging material has the following advantages .

( 1 ) has excellent barrier properties and excellent overall performance protective metal packaging materials for gas, water and water vapor transmission rate is very low ( almost zero ) plastic packaging box , good aroma and completely opaque , effectively avoid the harmful effects of UV rays ; their gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, shading and aroma far more than plastic , paper and other types of packaging materials. Thus, the metal clamshell packaging packaging can provide excellent protection performance as contents , is conducive to long to keep the quality of the product .

( 2 ) having plastic trays good mechanical properties, workability and high strength metal material having good packing and high strength ductility , can be stamping, rolling, drawing, welding and other processing can be made thin-walled, high strength , unbreakable containers , can also form an excellent overall performance of composite packaging materials and a variety of other composite materials .

( 3 ) has a special metallic luster , surface decoration and good special metallic sheen plus exquisite decoration printing , you can make the product look rich and gorgeous , beautiful merchantability , and can increase the value clear plastic packaging plastic packaging of the goods.

( 4 ) convenience , hygiene and good metal packaging containers and the paint is generally able to meet health and safety requirements , with its packaged plastic box products to carry and easy to use ( generally equipped with easy-open device , such as a ring-pull cans , etc. ) , can adapt different climatic conditions . And waste treatment is better , recyclable recycling.

Although there are many advantages of metal packaging materials , but there are shortcomings , including: chemical stability is poor, especially steel material easy to rust, should generally be coated with anti-rust material ; weak acid , packaging acidic substances ( especially food ) , the precipitation of metal ions affect product quality , generally require isolation to protect the coating ; metal Packaging materials higher than prices of other packaging materials , integrated packaging and higher cost.