Tea packaging is the key to ensure the quality of tea in the purchase , sale , storage, circulation areas, a beautifully chic tea packaging, not only to give people the joy of beauty , but also in the emerging supermarkets and sales methods to change today, consumers can directly stimulate the desire to buy, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting the sale , play the role of a silent salesman . Good tea packaging collectible value, but also can be used as reusable packaging used again in saving resources, promote the tea plastic packaging design culture , a good tea packaging design , must plastic packaging box have a good foundation, tea is the most essential thing packaging , that is how we can maintain the quality of the tea that it does not degenerate. Only by fully understanding the characteristics of tea and tea deterioration factors , these characteristics can be selected according to the proper use of the material to be reasonable , to be perfect, especially for natural, pollution-free green food, but also to strengthen environmental awareness, in line with demand for people to return to nature .

Characteristics of tea is tea physicochemical composition, clear plastic packaging quality of the decision, as hygroscopicity, oxidation, adsorption, friability , volatility and the like. So when we designed the packaging of tea , according to these features, consider using appropriate materials for packaging, should be selected with good moisture, oxygen barrier , dark and no smell , and a certain tensile strength of the composite material , according to the surveys and studies currently in use on the market is better polyester / aluminum plastic packaging foil / polyethylene composite , followed by stretching polypropylene / aluminum foil / polyethylene composites , these generic aluminum foil composite film , a small package of tea daily moisture, oxygen barrier , the best kind of insurance incense performance. Now there is a new packaging, which is a composite of paper , up and down the tank lid is metal, composite cans made ??of offset paper / cardboard foil / polyethylene , has a strong preservation effect , but compared to metal cans to light a lot, beautiful design means a much richer and give designers more room to maneuver left .

Tea packaging can be divided into two categories, namely large packaging and small packages.
Bulk also known as transport packaging, it is mainly in order to facilitate vac tray handling and transport , warehousing, usually with wooden and corrugated boxes, there is also a tin pail or white iron ; small package , also known as retail packaging and sale of packaging , which can protect the quality of tea , there are some ornamental value, ease of publicity , display , exhibition , and easy to carry.
Many different types of small packages from the production of materials can be divided into rigid packaging , semi-rigid and flexible packaging categories, such as hard packaging cans, tin cans, porcelain , glass bottles and small wooden craft , bamboo boxes, carved craft gilded boxes ; semi- rigid packaging a variety plastic trays of carton ; flexible packaging have paper bags, plastic grocery bags and a variety of bags , etc., can be designed according to clamshell packaging different needs, using appropriate materials for packaging design .

Tea packaging design , the first thing to consider is its materials and structures , packaging material selection is appropriate, directly affects the quality of the goods , which is the property of tea this particular commodity is determined , it is generally better to use structural precision, ease of open tea packaging materials do . With the development of the packaging industry and the combination of modern technology , the emergence of many new packaging. There are many on the market chic tea packaging, but some seemingly high-end packaging , but there is a tendency to over- packaging , and some out of the attributes of the product, the blind pursuit of a surface of the ornate decorations and impetuous color , and the tea itself the quality is not consistent , as plastic box the market has a plastic surface is carved gilded tea packaging , a little less than the product of any information to be conveyed from the packaging point of view , giving a sense of the craft , rather than tea.