With the development of market economy , tea packaging and decoration has become the most convenient and inexpensive advertising medium . In order to better play its results, tea packaging design and decoration To highlight four characteristics :
Culture Modern tea packaging and decoration has become an important part clear plastic packaging of tea culture , often with a strong sense of ethnic or cultural origin as a product in order to resonate with the pin in culture . plastic packaging design As winner of the ” South Star” Award for packaging and decoration , ” Chinese tea lacquer box “, using containers of classical style , with official script writing product name, style simple, elegant , and fully demonstrated the plastic packaging box country ‘s long history of tea production . Sold to Arab countries Gunpowder small package , packaging uses dark green , yellow text , so that these countries see the desert as see the water , see it as hope , as the finest gifts to each other .
Emotional humanity from ancient to modern Chinese tea packaging and decoration of the second feature . Pu’er tea party printed with dragon and phoenix patterns from the Song “Dragon Phoenix Mission cake ” to the modern press plastic packaging blessed Paul , a symbol of opposition to reconcile the ” Dragon and Phoenix” pattern on longevity, happiness Braille , and ceramic tea packaging , reflect the people emotion and pursuit.
Subtle feeling concerned , the intended tone , but does not reveal subtle , evocative , reflect a connotation of beauty. The author resides at the foot of the Dabie Mountains Yingshan Tiantangzhai peak , perennial misty , green tea is the Chinese village . Produced ” clouds of heaven ” Tea is demonstrated by the rise amid Pinnacle Peak mountains surrounded by clouds , implying the mountains of tea, tea in the beautiful waters of the product characteristics. Both the ” clouds of plastic trays heaven ” vac tray tea bags, paper or listen to the packaging , so that consumers are easily identifiable clamshell packaging , the overall design is easy to remember , evocative .
The most typical is to get the mood Second National Silver Award for packaging design , ” Chinese Tea” package . Big box with middle banner “painting” decoration , inside four small boxes , respectively, in the bottom surface of the yellow line painting with light brown group makes up a “painting” scroll. There were four top cover seal carving , marked Guangdong tea , Pu’er tea, oolong tea, jasmine tea , design simple , dignified, plastic box through customs, indicating that the product has a long history , but also created a painting like tea to enjoy as commodity mood.