Packaging design of modern society changing , increasingly stringent requirements , toothpaste as a commodity , it has a special packaging requirements .

As a function of the carrier to convey information , interior design has become an important part of toothpaste packaging , responsible for communicating product information and publicity of the task, and also the products and consumer psychology , physiological needs a combination of an art. Packaging design of products and commodities through the technical aesthetics aesthetic thinking and research to make toothpaste used to achieve the aesthetic value of the material and the spiritual value of the complete unity. This article will make some brief discussion of some of the features of toothpaste packaging and decoration design.

A design requirement

1.1 scientific

Toothpaste packaging design should have a scientific characteristics , which is in line with the requirements of the times . Which includes two aspects : one is designed vac tray to reflect scientific and technical services . Adoption of new scientific and technological achievements , new design methods , can make art and design to produce a new image , so as to promote the conversion of aesthetic point of view clear plastic packaging . Toothpaste packaging design should make full use of contemporary scientific and technological achievements , using the latest technology means , so as to create a sync with the times , but accepted plastic packaging by the public toothpaste packaging.

On the other hand , the design itself should have the convenience of science , it is required to protect the interests of consumers . Whether it is the principle of the use of toothpaste , or on the packaging itself, are to be complied with. Requires the designer to allow the use of reasonable adjustment package size text font, size, word spacing based on design and attention to detail treatment , so that consumers can make easy reading , so some highlight , major publicity text obvious at a glance. Visible, scientific rationality text, graphics, layout pattern is also the focus of toothpaste packaging design .

1.2 aesthetic

With the progress of the times, people ‘s appreciation of beauty is also rising , reflecting the different times different aesthetic features . Modern packaging design should conform to the era aesthetic point of view , to create a modern beauty, health works. Toothpaste packaging design should not only plastic box stylized process, and should be reflected in the form of art . Both draw from the essence of traditional Chinese culture , but also reflects the contemporary design features to create a variety of plastic packaging box forms of plastic trays packaging design , which reflects the meaning of the packaging design.

1.3 Adaptability

With the development of global economic integration , global circulation of commodities has become a trend, toothpaste is no exception. As a sales promotion of toothpaste packaging design , domestic and foreign in adaptive design , there are still gaps. Different ethnic , national, and social characteristics of different cultural backgrounds will make toothpaste users have different preferences and knowledge , thereby affecting its consumer psychology . To meet these needs , toothpaste packaging decoration design changes should also be timely design thinking , adapting to domestic consumption , while also taking into account the appreciation of foreign consumer habits to adapt to design domestic generic packaging.

2 Design Elements

2.1 Text Design

Toothpaste packaging design of the text is the most important information conveyed to consumers the ways and means of content it contains are: toothpaste Name text , advertising of text, use text.

As a packaging design one of the most important elements of visual expression , font design in its structure may be varied or modified to enhance the inherent meaning of the text and expressive. Such as toothpaste name text can be designed according to the characteristics of different toothpaste , herbal traditional art of calligraphy can be used to represent the color of other varieties can be deformed handle modern fonts and so on. But too weird or font design using traditional characters have been banned will give consumers easy identification of confusion, so pay special attention .

In addition , toothpaste packaging text layout design is also easy to ignore the problem, while the text layout design should also pay attention to science and rational position and a reasonable size , these are issues that should be considered in the design of the text . Under normal circumstances the principal display panel of toothpaste name , name and other basic words are arranged in the package. Functional description text , manufacturer, capacity and other text layout on the side or back of the plastic packaging design package , and requires the use of rules typography .

2.2 graphic designs

We know that the graphic pattern package packaging always occupy most of the screen , and even occupy the entire screen , the graphic pattern and therefore the position of the clamshell packaging screen in the package is very important . Excellent graphics pattern tends to attract people’s attention and become an important medium for communicating product information and stimulate consumption. Graphic designs should be typical , bright, focused and unique concept .