China’s plastic pipe accounted plastic packaging box for more than half of global pvc tray output

?In recent years , with the construction, municipal engineering , hydraulic engineering, agricultural and plastic packaging design industrial sectors increasing market demand , China clamshell packaging plastic pipe industry has shown a trend of rapid development . According to statistics, China ‘s plastic pipe production and use of volume accounted for about half of the global total.
China has 1.3 billion people , about 20% of the world’s total population, but the development process of China’s urbanization and large-scale spawned plastic trays a “big man” pipeline industry , plastic pipe production in China each year about 11 million tons , while the global plastic pipe production is about 20 million tons .

China , this figure was provided by the China clear plastic packaging Plastics Processing Industry Association Professional Committee of plastic pipe , while the global figures taken from a report by the U.S. market research firm Freedonia Group . The report predicts that global demand for vac tray plastic pipe will be an annual growth rate of 6.2% , to 2017 will reach 23 million tons .

2013 held recently in Xi’an International Plastics piping conference, the global pipeline industry executives said the figure reflects the overall situation is basically correct . Even some of the high Chinese official figures , but China is still the world’s total in the account for a large proportion .

At present, China plastic pipe market economy is more intense, large-scale producers of plastic pipes over 3000 , the annual production capacity of over 15 million tons , with an annual capacity of 10,000 tons more than 300 companies , more than 20 have an annual capacity of more than 100,000 tons. Commonly used in the field of small-caliber home improvement , competition is more intense , the threshold is not high , making the layout of the sales network into the leading enterprise development ; projects in the field of engineering , production and transportation barriers limiting radius leading companies focusing on making technology development plastic packaging and scale expansion.

Equivalent to half of the world by virtue of the huge size of the domestic market , coupled with the intense competition among enterprises, the plastic pipe production accounts for half of the total global market is undoubtedly worthy of contemplation of its future development .