In vac tray the four materials in the packaging industry , plastic packaging and metal packaging to keep pace , but due to the high visibility plastic packaging , light weight and other characteristics, is the use of a wider range , but the attendant problems are more and more for each enterprise, how to make plastic packaging more environmentally friendly is to let them brains .
To green as the base , on the other hand also to enhance packaging capabilities and high performance . The plastic packaging materials companies can make reference in the following areas and further improve and enhance :

First, innovation and research and development of new materials and plastics processing technology, the plastic becomes more excellent performance packaging materials, and the use of new high-performance materials , packaging materials to achieve reduction ;

The second is to promote the progress and development of plastic blending technology , plastic additives and application of new technology in plastic packaging materials to ensure non-toxic, hygienic , environmentally friendly premise , plastic packaging design using low-cost technology to enhance the performance of plastic packaging materials for reduction provide possible ;

The third is to enhance and improve plastics recycling and processing technology, the plastic packaging material recycling rates increased dramatically improve and eliminate plastic packaging materials caused by the “white pollution” risks, improve resource utilization ;

Fourth, the development of bio- based plastics , bioplastics effectively regulate the degradation time and cycles, give full play to the function of bio-plastic packaging materials , while reducing and eliminating pollution and plastic packaging material impact on the ecological environment clamshell packaging ;

Fifth, through independent research and technological innovation, new materials to reduce the cost of plastic packaging of new technologies , to avoid problems due to high costs , many with green plastic packaging materials are not a large area of ??application ;

Sixth, the development of intelligence and other advanced packaging techniques , the use of some plastic packaging material has edible , water-soluble , etc. , reduce the amount of packaging plastic packaging box waste , improve safety and environmental performance pvc tray of plastic packaging .

Although biodegradable biomaterials not completely replace petroleum-based plastics , but under the national policy to encourage the promotion and enterprise applications proportion is gradually increased ; as clear plastic packaging a packaging material , especially food packaging materials, safety should comply with the basic principle. How to avoid the same time ensuring product performance plasticizers , metal elements , such as contamination of food enterprises to survive , development must be addressed ; once again , as a member of plastic trays society , enterprises must bear the social responsibility , good job packing recycling waste treatment and recycling of work to achieve the requirements of sustainable development.

Also note that the plastic packaging is widely used in the food industry , if not the good in terms of security clearance , resulting in food safety incidents can bring significant losses , so only the quality and safety of the well, in order to bring greater benefits. Meanwhile, enterprises should carry plastic packaging out scientific and technological innovation, technology transformation and upgrading, really toward the green , environmentally friendly direction, not just speculation on green packaging concepts .