Plastic clear plastic packaging plastic box design products filled with every aspect of our lives we are , but they also have differences in quality plastic products , a lot of poor quality was most likely secondary plastic quality, but off , so when plastic packaging design we buy to pay attention. For plastic plastic packaging box bottles on the market , if we are not careful, will not generally distinguish between the quality of the merits of whether harm to human health. But look , we sometimes find some poor gloss plastic bottles containing impurities , yes, what you see clamshell packaging is secondary materials production of plastic bottles . For these secondary materials plastic bottles on hand to strictly punish manufacturers producing plastic bottles , but more importantly, you want to waste plastics processing enterprises strict supervision from the source, there is no standard for enterprises to resolutely banned. The so-called secondary materials to produce plastic bottles, are some pvc tray of the materials without the rigorous cleaning and disinfection of waste plastic recycling made ??of the production of plastic bottles. These plastic bottles are difficult , whether or plastic packaging standard quality from all aspects of health . These secondary materials have been able to prevail in the market , in its very low price , compared to the new material, the secondary material is not up to even half the price not to. Some manufacturers of plastic bottles in order to reduce costs or to the use of the new compound doping . If the flow of these plastic bottles to food, medicine and other packaging areas , direct access to the Food plastic trays and Drug words greater human harm. He is also on the use of new materials for the production of plastic bottles manufacturers formed the unfair competition , in addition to the production of these secondary materials also tend to form a harsh environment.