China plastic pipe Deputy Secretary clamshell packaging Wang Zhanjie in Plastics Processing Industry Association revealed that a comprehensive ban of lead timetable plastic pipe being developed , and people ‘s lives will be fully out of plastic packaging design the water pipe ban lead at the end of this year.

A reference to ” lead poisoning ” People always heard discoloration , in addition to violations of food and cosmetics , for decoration of plastic pipes, doors and windows -based materials in this terrible way also threaten people ‘s health. Especially called “urban vessel” out of the plastic packaging box water pipe. Most are made ??of PVC material plastic trays , this kind of plastic products to be produced in the process of adding a known lead salt stabilizer. Deputy Secretary-General Wang Zhanjie China Plastics Processing Industry Association , said in an interview with reporters , although the lead salt stabilizer security risks, but there is no total ban . Wang Zhanjie : PVC pipe is what we do the most successful varieties, better price . However, high temperature PVC can not be decomposed, forming temperature is not low , it added heat stabilizers , the best is lead salt stabilizer , but our lead ban is local , not only in the water supply adding, drains and other pipes did not mention plastic box design .

According to reports, a plastic containing lead salts to the water pipes have been disabled world , national and Beijing construction sector has also made ??provisions disabled . Wang Zhanjie said , will be fully implemented before the end of this year to ban lead pipe order, our industry association is also developing planning table . Since 2015, the European commitment to a comprehensive ban of lead, China should also simultaneously go. To the plumbing in this order, but we never drain under clear plastic packaging this order, the reason is that our current processing costs are too high.

Wang Zhanjie problem description, PVC pipes , in fact, there has been controversy. Just do not lead salt stabilizer , there is no problem. To achieve industrial innovation and technological progress can only help people, but also conducive to the health industry . Wang Zhanjie : If we increase the cost disadvantage on pvc tray this industry , we have to give businesses slow breath . plastic packaging All this will certainly solve the water supply problem to ban lead . This phenomenon is not only today, PVC pipe water from there is the 1980s emerged.