The summer of 2013 , a record high temperatures in many cities , and even make people feel difficulty in breathing. Meanwhile , many consumers worry that the high temperature environment using plastic packaging food can ” breathe” , plastics toxic substances released into the food will not go ? Food shelf life will be shortened ?

Food health experts said , as long as strict accordance with national standards of food packaging bags , vacuum bag and other plastic products , its heat resistance is completely safe reassuring. But the point is that enterprises must guarantee the quality and technology related , must ensure that the products meet the national food safety standards. Must also meet the individual needs plastic packaging box of different food characteristics.

First, the individual needs to produce safe food packaging

Plastic food packaging , not only affects the taste of food , preservation status , also affect food safety. Canadian federal Food Inspection Agency has a famous saying: ? Your food safe if you take a look at the packaging it qualified plastic food packaging , food safety before gradually as part accepted by consumers ! .

However, consumers and even some of the food business, how to choose a plastic packaging materials do not know much , into a ” beauty that is safe” misunderstanding. In fact , as many as 100 kinds of plastic types , not all plastics can be used for packaging food , and different foods also need to use different materials to packaging.

Such as polyethylene (PE) bags odorless , non-toxic , has good moisture resistance, low temperature performance, is the ideal material for the production of film preservation , packaging , fruits, food is very appropriate. However, at high temperature polyethylene packaging can release toxic substances, with the food into the body , to induce cancer, birth defects and other . And polypropylene (PP) due to the relatively small bags containing the additive itself , is more stable at high temperatures , can withstand high temperatures 130 , it is more suitable than the other materials used in the water made ??of plastic cups, plastic boxes used for microwave heating , etc. .

Do not focus on the individual needs of the bag , even if the food companies have chosen the material can be used in food packaging, but in hot weather it is easy to lay security risks.

Second, the individual needs to produce plastic products characteristics

? The individual needs of plastic food packaging has what itpresident Chu Nan Haida Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. Shandong introduction, according to the characteristics of different food , plastic food packaging is also showing different individual needs , divided into five categories:

The first is the need for a soft and transparent, has good performance of water- proof plastic packaging , mainly applicable plastic trays to fear the influx of food ;

The second category is plastic packaging the need to have a good deadening resistance, abrasion resistance, puncture resistance and oil resistance of plastic packaging , mainly applied to greasy foods , snack foods, seafood and frozen food ;

The third category is the need to have good dark resistance and heat sealing, aroma , non-toxic , odorless plastic packaging , mainly used in cooking food , baking food, etc. ;

The fourth category is the need to have a good bactericidal , prolonged periods pvc tray of plastic packaging for food preservation , mainly used in meat products ;

The fifth category is good transparency and gloss , easy to use plastic packaging , mainly applied to dried fruit , spices and so on.

“Different foods have different needs for packaging , food companies only local conditions to select the appropriate plastic packaging materials , in order to avoid unnecessary food safety incidents .” An industry source stressed.

Third, to provide personalized security services Haida Plastics Corporation

Plastic packaging industry is still concerned about the well-known companies have long individual needs , and to develop targeted corresponding product . Chu Nan Haida Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. Shandong , on individual needs for more than five food packaging were introduced polyethylene plastic box design (PE) bags, vacuum package bag (PA / PE), aluminum composite bag (OPP / PET / PE), high-temperature cooking composite bag (PA / CPP) and a zipper plastic bag (PET / PE) five products , a good solution to the individual needs of food packaging , but also promoted the development of China’s plastics packaging plastic packaging design industry and progress .

Benefit individual needs strategy Chu Nan Haida Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. Shandong is not only to meet the massive needs of the market , gain the trust and cooperation, including gongs clamshell packaging , 99 ducks and other well-known food companies to take up the China Southern Airlines , China Eastern Airlines and other aviation Aviation food packaging company mission, universally recognized customers ; Chu Nan Haida and the quality has reached the national top standards through clear plastic packaging ISO9001 international quality system certification, 14001 environment system certification, product access to national export commodity inspection and national quality accreditation AQSIQ issued a production license , and has become one of the few number of national quality certification authority of plastic products production and processing enterprises.

In the near future, the social development of plastic packaging will also propose a more diversified individual needs , and we look forward to Chu Nan Haida have come up with a richer product for food safety escort.