Biodegradable plastic product development , and then a plastic bag into an advertising vehicle , specifically relying clear plastic packaging on the development of community ads in major markets , the development of Chongqing guy bags advertising , profit margins as high as 50 %.

Usually go to the supermarket to buy food, a lot of secondary use of waste plastic bags are made ??of . Now Chongqing guy Lee Kirin developed a new type of biodegradable bags .

“The texture and ordinary bags plastic bags the same, but the ingredients are not polyester vinyl , but can degrade the calcium carbonate clamshell packaging and limestone , which can be half a bag on the wild plastic plastic packaging design trays natural degradation , incineration will not cause atmospheric pollution . ” Lee Kirin said that if the same price , this health can be degradable plastic bags certainly popular.

So he designed for the small plastic bag a unique business model : advertising. Printed on the plastic bag business information on advertising , promotions and other information , when people buy food , will be used in these ads are printed bags . A vegetable market takes about a month away 150,000 bags , 10 markets was plastic packaging box 1.5 million , a large advertising effect . This model mainly rely plastic box design on government policy support to promote, market franchise markets surrounding communities .

Lee Kirin said pvc tray this advertisement bags distributed without additional cost , the advertising platform is mandatory , as long as people buy food businesses will receive advertising messages ; Furthermore , carrying bags which people can also travel information on the show bags to more people to read. An advertising charges is 700 to 1000 yuan , can be printed on 70,000 bags , each can hold 64 bags advertising. A monthly demand plastic packaging for vegetable market at about $ 150,000 in advertising revenue more than 6000 yuan , profit margins above 50 %. Expected soon people will see this new type of biodegradable bags .