Has been in industrial production , PVC plastic materials are one of the most widely used plastic material plastic packaging design . PVC material is a non -crystalline materials. plastic packaging box PVC plastic materials because of its non-toxic, green environmental protection, environmental protection material known as food grade , food grade PVC material widely used in environmental relatively close contact with consumers in medicine , film and so on. plastic packaging And there are some performance after injection through a modified PVC plastic materials will be better and better meet the needs of standard industrial production.

On PVC plastic materials , for its essence is a vacuum plastic clear plastic packaging pvc tray film , because plastic trays PVC materials are lightweight, heat insulation, thermal insulation, moisture-proof , flame retardant, easy construction and so on. And it ‘s size, color, pattern variety, highly decorative , can be applied to interior walls and ceiling of the room decor, plastic -like material in one of the most widely used decorative materials , it also used for various types of panel surface packing , it is also known decorative film, with film, used building materials, packaging , pharmaceutical and other industries. Building materials industry accounted for the largest proportion, followed by the industry, packaging industry, as well as a number of other small-scale applications. The reason why there is such a wide range of PVC plastic use , thanks to its many excellent features. Light weight, insulation, moisture-proof plastic box design , flame retardant , acid , corrosion-resistant ; stability, good dielectric properties , durability , anti-aging , easy welding and bonding ; through kneading , mixing, pull tab , diced , extrusion or molding die casting process can easily meet the needs of various profiles clamshell packaging specifications ; smooth surface, bright color, highly decorative , decorative applications broad, simple construction techniques, installation more convenient.