The latest market survey, said that by 2016, demand in plastic packaging box the U.S. market, the pipeline is expected to grow 6.2% to $ 50.1 billion annually. Among clear plastic packaging them, the plastic will plastic trays be faster than the growth rate of other materials.

Factors driving growth plastic packaging design include plastic packaging recovery in building construction, oil and gas exploration to expand the scale and the replacement of aging water mains networks. A “plastic pipe and pipe competition,” the report said, the driving force to promote the growth of plastic plastic box design resins including improvements to increase pipeline performance.

PVC pipes account for all plastic pipe in 2011 more than half of total demand, the future will remain an pvc tray important position, the growth rate is expected to be close to double digits. In terms of sales, will remain the largest proportion of steel in 2016 will reach $ 28.5 clamshell packaging billion in annual sales.