: Before the domestic plastic packaging industry, on the scale of only about 10% of large enterprises , small and medium enterprises accounted for more than 90 %.

Large plastic packaging printing enterprises advanced printing speed ( high speed printing ) ; product high quality, volume, variety loyal, but with a large amount of high quality ink , fixing at most two to three ink manufacturers ink. However, many small and medium sized enterprises in the plastic packaging printing , although there are many manufacturers have been updated in recent years ; however , the low-speed printing presses still in the majority. Their equipment and poor conditions , but the production of many varieties , but the bulk is small, less quantity . Thus ink more complex , there is no fixed using ink ink manufacturers, generally low ink sales market. Plastic gravure ink usage:

Large plastic packaging business is a big user of ink , but the ink on the domestic market is a small market ; medium-sized enterprises are the ideal plastic packaging ink market with the user , but also the various ink manufacturers are fighting ; numerous small plastic bag small vac tray business users with ink .

Market with a variety of ink :

Plastic gravure printing ink is mainly used in plastic packaging in food packaging , salt packaging , cosmetic packaging items , pharmaceutical packaging , paper packaging , clothing packaging . Composite food packaging printing ink is mainly part of the candy wrappers with surface printing inks ; cooking and packaging inks using high-temperature cooking , general vacuum packaging is made of polyester ink ; dairy packaging appropriate to water, acid , heat the ink. Pharmaceutical packaging and cosmetic packaging to polyester -based inks . Some manufacturers use salt packaging surface printing inks , some manufacturers of composite printing ink , but more manufacturers use polyester ink. Daily necessities packaging, paper packaging and apparel packaging printing inks multi- use table , but the table should be printed on special white ink , smooth scratch -resistant , anti-adhesion of ink. With the improvement of quality packaging market , where the use of composite printing inks and specialty dedicated more and more .

Plastic gravure printing ink market price :

The current price of plastic ink at high, medium and low gear , the higher Shanghai DIC Ink Corporation , Toyo Ink Jiangmen , Shenzhen, Shenzhen company ink and other inks market price . Eagle Ink Shanxi , Zhejiang New Oriental Ink ink prices centered. Zhejiang Yong Chemical Company ink in the lower price, but domestic production of low -priced small ink ink manufacturers too much.

General plastic gravure printing ink market price : The average price of cooking ink around 50-60 yuan ; polyester ink at an average price of about 25-30 yuan ; Average price sheet printing ink is about 15-20 yuan ; complex in India the average price is about 18-25 yuan ink ; ink on the average price of milk used in about 25-30 yuan. Price listed above are all packing plant generally acceptable prices , but also guarantee the quality under ideal price .

Domestic plastic gravure ink market situation :

Year after year, the domestic petrochemical products prices continued to rise , and many varieties are also shortages. To July 2004 , the price of petroleum products on the market up to the price of the last decade , but the price of plastic gravure printing ink is difficult to tune up .

The same plastic packaging and processing enterprises also because its required raw material prices, ( especially the largest amount of polyethylene plastic granules, printing diluent prices have more than doubled ) plastic packaging products , however the price was raised the same. Such as large quantities of product : instant noodles packaging, milk packaging roll film , profits have been minimal ; thus causing losses since , but the more the greater the loss of production . Large plastic flexible packaging and processing enterprises : Although well-equipped , strong technical force , funds relatively strong , but the need to seek order large quantities of products, high cost of small quantities of products . But the current shortage of large orders , and the meager profits ; therefore plastic trays a high amount of the loan , a lot of money can not repay , credit decreased operating difficult.

Medium-sized plastic flexible packaging and processing enterprises : a shortage of funds , loans and often not in place. In Meishao forced transformation equipment , lack of funds available ; need to improve the quality of personnel , training and find a suitable place , in trouble ( especially new businesses ) .

Small plastic flexible packaging and processing enterprises : the equipment is poor, the quality of personnel is not high , technical strength is weak, the crude product can only eke out a living.

Domestic plastic packaging market is weak , plastic gravure printing ink market competition continues to intensify , still in the saturated state of oversupply . Sales of high-priced ink reduction in the price of plastic box ink than service , low-cost ink everywhere everywhere. Substituted phenyl ester solvent ink clamshell packaging ink has become the trend , although the water-soluble ink environmentally friendly, but not yet mature. Packaging companies want a single solvent for a wide range of surface printing , composite, cooking a whole, moderate plastic packaging design price and ideal inks, has not yet appeared on the market.

Domestic sales strategy:

Large user ink dosage, price discounts large amounts of money and more pressure , long term of payment , ink manufacturers need to break into a strong financial background , the strength of a large , large initial investment , the late great risk .

User ease of sales management is an ideal target sales to fight , but the ink factory sales policies need the support and patience of long-term human input .

Many small users in the current domestic sales of the ink market, it requires a lot of human input , by the multi-faceted after-sales service .

Marketing strategy to control large ink , ink in the development of the user , the development of small households with ink . Priority to the production of high-profit varieties, plans to produce varieties of micro- profits, reduced or no production of varieties of losses. Cash payment users , dealers and meet to ensure supply. Users reconciliation of payments to program suppliers . On the operating conditions are bad , poor reputation , the user must be cautious in arrears and plastic packaging eliminate a large supply . To focus on enterprise limited funds , will reduce the risk to a minimum, while maximizing the economic benefits

In summary :

The rapid expansion of the domestic plastic packaging manufacturers , plastic flexible packaging market weakness , the price of petrochemical products continued to rise . Making the ink market competition intensifies , tough sell , sales profit margins decrease , some varieties profit or not profit. A large number of enterprises will cause a loss of sales , production companies proudly hardships , especially in the price of ink manufacturers more difficult.

How can plastic packaging box plastic gravure printing ink manufacturing enterprises out of the current situation? We must first understand the status and needs of the market, and according to their own characteristics and advantages , strengthen enterprise management and the development of series of practical marketing strategy. Second, we must circumvent their lack of training and improving their quality of all marketing staff , training foster teamwork beliefs , intensify marketing services . Then the production staff to work closely clear plastic packaging with product quality as the basis, increase savings for the purpose of steady development in order to survive .

Therefore future ink sales market competition is more intense , individual ink manufacturers have to prepare to put more money and manpower, improve sales policy reforms to strengthen growth of service team. To survive in the competitive market , respond to the rapidly changing market , price competition alone is not enough . Must be scientific management, planning production, ensure supply , reasonable shipping, and effective marketing. Seeking sales market , pre- publicity is very important ; But more critical is the after- sales service is an extension of the sale. Only give users a sense of security , a sense of trust , in order to consolidate market share .

General principle of marketing strategy : external sales strategy is – publicity campaign steadily progressive , focused on the promotion , patience to wait. Internal management strategy – to strengthen management , improve learning , quality training, and increase savings .

Anyway scientific management , standardized management, tapping throttle , hardworking shortcut is to get rid of the plight of the enterprise survival and development .