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In recent years, driven by the rapid development of China’s macro-economy, China’s plastic pipe industry has been plastic packaging box rapid development. pvc tray Because plastic pipe has obvious advantages in energy, land, water, materials aspects. 2015 development of the clear plastic packaging plastic pipe will enter the “Golden Age”, the total production will reach plastic trays 13.2 million tons.

Housing construction and public works still provide a stable domestic demand; conservancy construction policy support, an annual 400 billion of investment; rural drinking water safety system upgrade construction and building plastic box design plastic packaging design materials to the countryside pulling plastic pipe demand; gas clamshell packaging supply system and heating consumption trends will also bring demand incremental and other conditions, by the current favorable policies, the development of plastic packaging China’s plastic pipe industry unprecedented.

Thus, the development of plastic pipe “golden era” has begun, I believe the future of China’s plastic pipe industry will usher in rapid steady development.


Global plasticized mesh News : Careful find plastic everywhere, with the improvement of the technical level , rigid plastic , impact resistance, creep resistance, chemical resistance , etc. have breakthrough improvement , while according to user needs, customize or add different properties, such as electrical conductivity, heat resistance. Plastic has become the core of most of the material composition of plastic packaging design electrical and electronic products . It is understood that in the appliance industry , the plastic products industry has become one of clear plastic packaging the important development direction of pvc tray home appliances , plastic household appliances have become the plastic box design application of the amount of material the fastest growing in recent years, an annual average growth rate of around 29.5% .

Development of plastic materials technology has created many new opportunities for the manufacturing sector plays a pivotal role in the world of electrical and electronic products industry, but also to promote the electrical and electronic industry as a whole move to a new level .

In modified plastics , for example, a lot of additional performance make it more in line with the needs of a variety of different electrical and electronic products. Typically by adding different ingredients to achieve the plastic material clamshell packaging flame retardant, transparent , weather purposes. Can be applied in racks inside the barrel drum washing machine , microwave seal, trumpet speaker , speaker stand, refrigerator , rice cooker shell and base . For example , Bayer PC material , Victrex PEEK high performance plastic materials have a large number of applications in the electrical products. Plastic insulation is also the main reason for electrical products to become part of the raw materials . plastic packaging Many types of electrical and electronic equipment , requirements vary, plastic insulation requirements are not the same. Heat resistance and environmental adaptability insulating plastic electrical equipment in high temperature environments powered extraordinarily important. Electrical equipment in the connector , AC contactors, switches , junction boxes , plugs, sockets and other parts of a large number of the applications.

With the advent of SoLoMo (SocialLocalMobile) times more electrical gaming is about to become human hands , you can send a signal via cell phone before going home to home ” in control” , after sorting signal , household appliances are the divisions its your job to fulfill their tasks . If you do not want to let the house become a dragnet of silken web , signal reception and transmission of wireless technology will become the best choice. So start thinking more appliances implanted antenna .

Supplied by SABIC LDS ( Laser Direct construct ) is the use of a plastic material additive the material is easily activated by the laser plating performance of the antenna module with the original conventional plastic housing skillfully combine to make the product available space larger , more in line with the aesthetic appearance and ergonomics . The technology has been widely used in mobile phones and other handheld plastic packaging box devices manufactured .

Relevant statistics show that global demand for electrical and electronic products for plastics increased from 12.2 million tons in 2005 to 15.6 million tons in 2011 , a compound annual growth rate of 4.2%. With a variety of plastics in electrical products increase application volume plastic trays , a true era of plastic electrical and electronic equipment . I believe plastic chemical applications will be more widely , to bring more convenience to our lives.

With the accelerating process of urbanization , municipal and construction materials with plastic surge in demand , coupled with China in energy conservation, enhanced innovation and economic development under the guidance of solar diaphragm , good thermal insulation and sealing performance of new polymer building templates and newly developed plastic doors and windows , wall supports, plastic tiles and building heating strengthen plastic pipes and other plastic products have available. People on housing requirements plastic packaging design are increasing, in the pursuit of comfort , cost-effective , convenient maintenance, beyond durable, stylish decoration and also pay attention to environmental elements , which greatly promoted the demand for green building materials .

According to the forecast , “Twelve Five” plastic packaging period, China’s green building market is likely to exceed 1 billion, will effectively promote the development of new building materials industry . Promoting green building development, China ‘s goal is that by 2020 , the proportion of new green plastic trays plastic box design building construction accounts for over 30 %, while the level of consumption of energy resources and the use of the building construction process stage approach or reach the level of developed countries, the fight for the green building area reach one billion square meters or more.

Plastic building materials in construction, municipal engineering, industrial construction use is widespread . Currently popular plastic materials including plastic sheets, plastic pipe , plastic profiles , plastic windows and doors, polymer waterproof clamshell packaging materials, thermal insulation insulation materials, decoration materials , etc., they all have energy-saving and environmental protection, can improve the function and quality of construction can be reduce building weight , convenient construction , general engineering and low cost .

Will be opened on May 20 CHINA PLAS 2013 Chinaplas , will focus on emerging environmentally friendly plastic materials, held at the same event called “Building & Light” , the use of plastic materials with varying degrees of light transmission properties and applied in the construction visual effects caused by the substance , translucent plastic pvc tray display characteristics and to reduce energy consumption. Organizer Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. Ada Leung , deputy general manager , said the General Assembly is preparing to clear plastic packaging build ” concept house built Light “, the use of plastic sheet excellent transmittance build an energy-saving lighting and high buildings, and add other elements ( such as photovoltaic equipment ) to meet the standards of low-carbon buildings. “Building – Light concept room” will prove that not only can make plastic building materials more effectively the advantages of using natural light , but also make the building more attractive exterior design . Saudi Basic Industries Corporation will become a ” build Light concept room” exclusive sponsor , to build housing for plastic packaging box its cutting-edge concepts and superior performance plastic materials .

The same field also has a display area of plastic building materials . Conference sponsored by Italcementi Group invited its innovative products – transparent cement , at the exhibition site to build a wall constructed of cement mixed with plastic resin , translucent high walls, take full advantage of the surrounding environment of light, demonstrating its high- energy production of plastic materials technology. In addition, plastic materials display area brings together the various other types of help to build a low-carbon energy saving Innovative Plastics materials .

On the other hand , the General Assembly will be held by the university design competition , along with the future of energy saving building design and make the scene more than 110,000 visitors to experience the advantages of the latest design concepts and rubber construction .

In addition , the Assembly would establish Design Loft Creative Leisure Club , a film exhibitor or waste material recycling companies provided by the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts students to use plastic pipes , rubber and plastic bottles materials, design and creative chair , apart from the rest of the audience can inspire more plastic product design inspiration.

With the promotion of energy saving , wood industry, construction, furniture areas of concern , with good trends and market prospects. Recently, the British Bristol Applied Market Information Consulting market research report shows the results expected in 2013 WPC continue to grow clear plastic packaging substantially. The largest increase is pvc tray expected in the house building and interior parts, outdoor floor will remain in the international market plastic packaging WPC applications accounted for Health guide position.

WPC in the eighth seminar held in Vienna , Battenfeld Cincinnati Technology Laboratory show WPC extrusion production line of outdoor flooring line speed of seven chambers reached 2.25 m / min. Production reached 400 kg / 6 hours in this outdoor flooring profiles not only conforms to the growing market demand , and compared with the use of pure new materials production profiles, due to its inner recycled materials, raw material cost savings of up to 25 %. Specifications for the production of raw materials and presentations (160 30) cm mold provided by the partner company in Belgium . The extrusion line is a core part of fiberEX92 extrusion host and a compact fiberEX38 co-extruder .

Another partner , Delta wood products company from the Netherlands in Battenfeld Cincinnati Technology Laboratory to showcase plastic packaging design a plastic packaging box new set of wood-plastic composites house. Based on the assembly ” makeshift ” concept , designed for installation design plastic trays yourself , especially considering plastic box design the disaster area in the application , the company demonstrated its innovative WPC profile applications. In addition to effective sort of metal reinforcement, the maximum intensity from within the housing structure WPC profile wood particles used in load-bearing structures . Thus, wood-plastic composite material with many advantages , from the point of view of future -oriented clamshell packaging trends , wood industry has a broad market prospect.