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With the accelerating process of urbanization , municipal and construction materials with plastic surge in demand , coupled with China in energy conservation, enhanced innovation and economic development under the guidance of solar diaphragm , good thermal insulation and sealing performance of new polymer building templates and newly developed plastic doors and windows , wall supports, plastic tiles and building heating strengthen plastic pipes and other plastic products have available. People on housing requirements plastic packaging design are increasing, in the pursuit of comfort , cost-effective , convenient maintenance, beyond durable, stylish decoration and also pay attention to environmental elements , which greatly promoted the demand for green building materials .

According to the forecast , “Twelve Five” plastic packaging period, China’s green building market is likely to exceed 1 billion, will effectively promote the development of new building materials industry . Promoting green building development, China ‘s goal is that by 2020 , the proportion of new green plastic trays plastic box design building construction accounts for over 30 %, while the level of consumption of energy resources and the use of the building construction process stage approach or reach the level of developed countries, the fight for the green building area reach one billion square meters or more.

Plastic building materials in construction, municipal engineering, industrial construction use is widespread . Currently popular plastic materials including plastic sheets, plastic pipe , plastic profiles , plastic windows and doors, polymer waterproof clamshell packaging materials, thermal insulation insulation materials, decoration materials , etc., they all have energy-saving and environmental protection, can improve the function and quality of construction can be reduce building weight , convenient construction , general engineering and low cost .

Will be opened on May 20 CHINA PLAS 2013 Chinaplas , will focus on emerging environmentally friendly plastic materials, held at the same event called “Building & Light” , the use of plastic materials with varying degrees of light transmission properties and applied in the construction visual effects caused by the substance , translucent plastic pvc tray display characteristics and to reduce energy consumption. Organizer Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. Ada Leung , deputy general manager , said the General Assembly is preparing to clear plastic packaging build ” concept house built Light “, the use of plastic sheet excellent transmittance build an energy-saving lighting and high buildings, and add other elements ( such as photovoltaic equipment ) to meet the standards of low-carbon buildings. “Building – Light concept room” will prove that not only can make plastic building materials more effectively the advantages of using natural light , but also make the building more attractive exterior design . Saudi Basic Industries Corporation will become a ” build Light concept room” exclusive sponsor , to build housing for plastic packaging box its cutting-edge concepts and superior performance plastic materials .

The same field also has a display area of plastic building materials . Conference sponsored by Italcementi Group invited its innovative products – transparent cement , at the exhibition site to build a wall constructed of cement mixed with plastic resin , translucent high walls, take full advantage of the surrounding environment of light, demonstrating its high- energy production of plastic materials technology. In addition, plastic materials display area brings together the various other types of help to build a low-carbon energy saving Innovative Plastics materials .

On the other hand , the General Assembly will be held by the university design competition , along with the future of energy saving building design and make the scene more than 110,000 visitors to experience the advantages of the latest design concepts and rubber construction .

In addition , the Assembly would establish Design Loft Creative Leisure Club , a film exhibitor or waste material recycling companies provided by the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts students to use plastic pipes , rubber and plastic bottles materials, design and creative chair , apart from the rest of the audience can inspire more plastic product design inspiration.


The latest market survey, said that by 2016, demand in plastic packaging box the U.S. market, the pipeline is expected to grow 6.2% to $ 50.1 billion annually. Among clear plastic packaging them, the plastic will plastic trays be faster than the growth rate of other materials.

Factors driving growth plastic packaging design include plastic packaging recovery in building construction, oil and gas exploration to expand the scale and the replacement of aging water mains networks. A “plastic pipe and pipe competition,” the report said, the driving force to promote the growth of plastic plastic box design resins including improvements to increase pipeline performance.

PVC pipes account for all plastic pipe in 2011 more than half of total demand, the future will remain an pvc tray important position, the growth rate is expected to be close to double digits. In terms of sales, will remain the largest proportion of steel in 2016 will reach $ 28.5 clamshell packaging billion in annual sales.

Various functional components of health food or health food ingredients flag susceptible air temperature , humidity , light, microorganisms and other factors which occur during storage of complex changes in the physical , chemical or biochemical aspects , further quality and use of health food safety implications , so the selection of suitable packaging materials and advanced packaging technology for food quality and health is closely related to the merits , the main role of plastic packaging design the first health food packaging is to protect the health food quality and prevent the effectiveness of health food ingredients or signs component failure deterioration.

Protection of health food ingredients or ingredients landmark

Where health food regardless of their forms of state , generally have the case of air oxidation, contamination , easy to decompose when exposed to light discoloration , deterioration deliquescence when wet , heat volatile , softening , melting, cracking , intense vibrations make the deformation, etc. fragmentation problem . Changes in the physical properties or health food of the nature of the functional components or cause an iconic component failure , not only can not play vac tray a role in health care disease , and some it will cause disease. Moreover, the majority of health food products have two years to plant shelf life of about three years , in such a long time, through the gap vessel wall pores ( such as polyethylene, polypropylene and other plastics ) or between the container and the lid ( Mifengbuyan real or deformation ) into the gas , water will lead to deterioration of health food . In the warranty period , health problems in food preservation liable by the manufacturer. Therefore, the protection for manufacturers, consumers are essential. Health food packaging , whether in shape , structure and decoration of the design, or the choice of materials , the protection function should be considered as a primary factor , but to protect all aspects of the functions (such as shock , cold , heat , radiation , anti-moth , etc. ) , Youyi sealed , that the most important and completely isolated .

1 barrier effect

Packaging the drug content of the container should not penetrate , escape out, and outside air , light, moisture, heat , foreign bodies, into the container of microorganisms …… not in contact with the medicine. Stability and efficacy of many health food will enter or escape with their packaging containers of gas , light, heat , water …… and change. Such as tablets, granules and other solid dosage due to moisture absorption and moldy ; oral liquid liquid type health food due to temperature effects , light , air, and microbial fermentation …… . Barrier prominent role should consider the following problem areas:

( 1 ) Anti- Penetration: Effectiveness of the composition of volatile ingredients can be dissolved or logo on the inside of the packaging material , by the effect of the osmotic pressure to the other side of plastic packaging the diffusion movement. I.e. inter -volatile molecules can diffuse out of the container wall . From the outside of the package can clearly smell Smell come . Especially in paper loading , single plastic film such as polyethylene packaging , with obvious breathable, light, permeable minute performance, not only to escape the drug aromatic ingredients from the wall , and gases (such as O2, CO2), water vapor, etc. can be directly through the packaging material into the container , affecting the stability of the health food . Yun herbs such as oil and the like, it is generally organic packaging material has a strong dissolution , penetrating more obvious , sung in a hard gelatin capsule shell for less than two weeks to penetrate it. In order to prevent the penetration phenomenon, packaging materials should be selected in the selection of clamshell packaging materials for the permeability of small individually packaged drugs. In this respect a variety of composite film container , glass containers , metal containers , preferably ceramic container effect.

( 2 ) Anti- leak: a volatile or plastic packaging box non -volatile components , a solid or liquid medicament through the gap of health food or packaging material is not continuous , a material such as pinholes , cracks or between the lid and the container to escape or leak . This situation mostly occurs in the structural design of improper packaging containers and packaging technology , of course , sometimes due to improper choice of materials .

( 3 ) shading : the effect of vitamin E and other ingredients in case of exposure to light and oxidative deterioration , coated pills, tablets ( especially the lemon yellow colored clothes ) because of the light and the color darkens . Of such health food packaging , in addition to seals need shading . Health food packaging shading is often used in three ways : the traditional multi- bottle or bottle with a brown paper parcel of each substance ; Department of new materials together with plastic film , aluminum , paper-plastic composite film ; packaging material added in sunscreens , such as titanium dioxide and the like .

3 cushion

Health food in the transportation, storage process, subject to a variety of external vibration , shock and squeeze , easy to cause damage. Such as glass bottles easily broken ; film , paper and the like packaging and easy pressure deformation. To this end , health food packaging should have a buffer to prevent vibration , impact and compression .

( 1 ) the role of the liner : a single plastic box package to be used inside and outside the liner , which is an important part of the sealing device plastic trays , enabling measures to prevent vibration . Pills, tablets and other solid drugs , often in a container filled extra space parts sterilized cotton, plastic coil cover with a piece of paper or plastic , so that after a bottle of cold air moving over the drug without asking . Single package outside ( ie ask packaging design containers ) more use made ??of corrugated or rigid plastic corrugated board slots , each container is fixed and separated them . Currently there are new materials : foam polyethylene , polypropylene and polyethylene and polystyrene foam copolymer clear plastic packaging resin foam cushion packaging made ??of cushioning material to good effect .

( 2) The packaging also known distribution package : a large container based on certain mechanical strength material, with shock , pressure and closed role .

International Transport Packaging : In addition to the general requirements for a complete , filled transport package , but also to detect the following items :

Labeling and packaging of parts firmness ; regulation performance of temperature and humidity ; stacking experiments ; through vertical drop collision experiments ; level collision experiments , the slope test, swing test.

4 Other

Health food -contact surface of the packaging material long the effect can not be any , between the object and its release with the health food , health food products released between functional components or ingredients and packaging materials mark can not produce any effect .

Further , various additives such as degradation products of the packaging material of plastic, paint, plastics , rubber and other materials contained in the ( such as plasticizers , lubricants , mold release agents , stabilizers , antioxidants , antistatic agents , pigments , etc. ) , during storage if released gradually contaminate health food, must be carefully considered.

Wine packaging plastic packaging design clamshell packaging design principles
Wine packaging design

Middle and low liquor packaging design : middle and low liquor prices tend to be more affordable, in the middle and low liquor packaging design, due to cost , materials, technology and other aspects restricted by so expressive packaging will be affected . But by no means is to say low

File no expressive wine packaging , through good ideas , accurate positioning , manifestations of the same right can make excellent white plastic trays packaging designs. Premium liquor packaging design : high-end liquor prices higher , wine packaging design

Beautifully itself has a high cultural value. In the high-end liquor wine packaging design should highlight its brand history and culture of mining intrinsic value , thus forming with other similar product differentiation , to establish their own personality and style. Collection of liquor

Wine packaging design : given a collection of wine due to the cultural and emotional connotations make it have a high cultural value packaging design and collection of , in the collection of liquor wine packaging design should demonstrate its commemorative and plastic packaging box collectable .

Wine packaging design

Wine packaging design mainly includes three parts: the wine container , wine labels , and vac tray packaging. Wine packaging design wine bottle label design includes the subject , tags , wine packaging design also includes a pair of bottle, cork design. Wine packaging design

The meter should be combined with the times , focusing on the times and cultural .

Beer packaging clear plastic packaging design

Beer packaging design should pay attention to a strengthening theme beer packaging design should highlight their personality characteristics , highlighting the quality of the product content, and timely information in order to accurately passed on to consumers , plastic box so that consumers in the psychology of emotional

Ming , two quality packaging costs should , proportional to the value of the product quality. There are different grades of beer . Different grades , their quality, value is different, beer packaging design should be based on different grades to determine its design orientation , in beer

Packaging design must ensure proportional packaging and product value. 3 colors in beer packaging design, color plays a very important role . Color can be thought of products and other plastic packaging similar products difference , to highlight their personality, psychological

Stimulate consumer . So in beer packaging design for the application of color should take into account these factors . 4 psychological strategy , while consumers buy beer , pay more attention to the inherent and intrinsic quality of the beer culture implied , which requires beer

Consumer packaging design analysis on how to position the beer market , designed to reflect its location in how culture and taste.

In order to ensure the stability of cosmetics , extend the life of storage and use , manufacturers add a variety of products antiseptic . And with microorganisms resistant to antiseptic is constantly enhanced , manufacturers will continue to update antiseptic varieties, the added amount of antiseptic . However, with the continuous improvement of people’s level of knowledge on the safety of antiseptic began to make all sorts of questions. Researchers also antiseptic safety were further study .

FANCL pioneered in Japan

Introduced the ” no added cosmetics”
Late last year and early this year , some media reports at home and abroad , ” cosmetics will accelerate aging , the culprit is antiseptic ,” all of a sudden all the antiseptic are denied. And a large cosmetics company marketing director also confirmed that : ” Nippon Life Safety Department of Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicinea professor questioned for cosmetic effect .” ‘ Findingsa professor showed increased after using cosmetics out wrinkles and light brown spots, the culprit for this phenomenon is paraben . ” To this end , the company began to use cosmetics unprecedented new antiseptic , and has been approved by Chinese authorities. Thus the antiseptic safety of the company into a new product “new claims ” and “new selling points .”

Thus, Japan FRAGANCE JOURNAL ” aroma magazine” organized a major Japanese cosmetics and materials company ‘s technical staff to write a series of articles , in April 2006 , published antiseptic effectiveness and safety of the special issue . The first paper in the editorial department of special comments made ??it clear that : ” paraben promote skin aging say there is no scientific basis , however plastic packaging box , too much exposure to parabens , for some people will have allergic or irritation .” . “For use with parabens in underarm cosmetics and carcinogenic individual cases , it should be carefully studied in order to confirm its authenticity .” However , after the storm , alternative research paraben esters also started further up .
Status and changes of generic antiseptic

antiseptic China is now widely used

Ministry of Health regulations on cosmetics, health , provides 55 kinds of antiseptic permitted use. If manufacturers addition varieties, must undergo strict disinfection and safety testing , and report approval.

antiseptic now widely used in Japan

Japan is now commercially available cosmetics, must be allowed to add an antiseptic from the positive list ( mutatis mutandis table) reproduces varieties to choose. Which were contained in an antiseptic are: parabens (parabens, which is commonly used parabens ) , salicylic acid and its esters ( salts ) class and alkyl plastic box dimethyl ammonium chloride Park (benzalkonium chloride , also known as medical benzalkonium chloride ) and the like cationic surfactants. Furthermore, Japan now used in several cosmetic effect is usually weak antiseptic compound with an alkylene glycol or the like with a polyhydric alcohol antiseptic effect added to the product , to maintain the cosmetics antiseptic properties, while vac tray also ensuring the safety of the product . For example FANCL in Japan pioneered the ” no added cosmetics” , it is not permitted to add an antiseptic above listed in the table , but with a polyol alkyl glycols and the like be antiseptic .

antiseptic United States and the European Union are now widely used

Cosmetics in the world allows the addition of antiseptic has its own laws or regulations. In the United States , even virulent like formaldehyde and mercury are also permitted as cosmetic antiseptic . Limit the types of antiseptic , increase the amount and scope of terms , each country is also a great difference. Some varieties are allowed in other countries , while in China and Japan has banned. For example, in plastic packaging the United States , mercury compounds in the eye cosmetics clamshell packaging limited use ( mercury content of no more than 65ppm). In the EU, allowing the use of formaldehyde in cosmetics , content must not exceed 0.2%. Goods can also be used in the oral cavity , the content does not exceed 0.1%.
In the United States , antiseptic and antioxidant and a chelating agent is the same , as a storage stabilizer. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to the list of U.S. commercial storage stabilizer being used in cosmetics , published once every two to plastic packaging design three years . Can be seen from Table 1 (p22), and related compounds with formaldehyde frequency of appearance of p-hydroxybenzoic acid ester is relatively high. In addition , the amount of antiseptic of European countries in cosmetics are often added 2 to 3 times similar products in Japan .

Cosmetics research topics of antiseptic

cosmetic antiseptic has the following characteristics :

1 ) cosmetics in use , often in direct contact with the material body with fingers or makeup packaging design appliances ( such as a brush , sponge ) , resulting in an unspecified number of micro-organisms contaminate the material body . According to the actual situation of the Japanese housewife using cosmetics investigation report showed that: Wash your hands before using cosmetics only plastic trays 22% of people . After removing the material body , and then returns the remaining portion of the container 64% . Especially housewives usually after cooking, washing and household chores such as sweeping , some microbes are stained fingers , which is a very serious cosmetic problem .

2 ) after opening cosmetics are generally intermittent use , the use of seasonal products continue to account for 89 percent next year , and some will even be used continuously for several years.

3 ) cosmetics are daily direct contact with the skin, household chemicals products, security is essential. ” Redness , stinging , itching , tight sense of ” other adverse symptoms must be avoided. The company must establish a system of autonomous antiseptic , attention from the security point of view , to choose the ingredients and methods.
4 ) cosmetics life first in its color and smell . So , in the formula , you should choose not affect the color and smell, little effect on product stability additives .

5 ) are different products of different microbial contamination . Creams and lotions susceptible to contamination , such as yeast and bacteria most microorganisms. Shampoo is easily contaminated with Pseudomonas aeruginosa mainly Gram -negative bacteria . Eyeliner , eye cosmetics like mascara be contaminated with Pseudomonas aeruginosa and yeast as well as a variety of Staphylococcus aureus bacteria based . Made from powdered raw materials and oil distribution from powder eye shadow and powder products are mainly contaminated by mold .

6 ) Many aqueous formulations in cosmetics , is hard to be free of microbial contamination of the aqueous formulation .

7 ) high water content cosmetic only , and is at room temperature , the commercial circulation . Place mostly cosmetic use bathroom or washroom , ambient temperature and humidity changes significantly . Under these harsh conditions storage, transportation or use , you must have long-term stability .

correct selection of antiseptic techniques

Ideal antiseptic should have the following conditions :

1 ) at low concentrations , which can have a preventive effect against a variety of microorganisms ;

2 ) is not affected by other ingredients in the formulation , the antibacterial effect is not so weakened ;

3 ) Even in a wide range of pH and temperature , can be long-term stable antimicrobial effect ;

4 ) soluble in water, and with the commonly used materials have good compatibility performance ; neutral , liquid color will not make significant changes in the product ;
5 ) does not affect the product ‘s appearance. Once added, no coloring , adverse consequences , such as discoloration or stink ;
6 ) non-toxic to humans , low skin irritation . Did not accumulate in the human body phenomenon ;
7 ) in terms of cost , is able to withstand in the range ;
After 8 ) is used, the activity is easy to eliminate . Easily decompose in nature . After decomposition products nontoxic .
Although able to meet all of these conditions antiseptic , in reality almost no . But it should be possible to select some of which both have certain conditions , but also with the antiseptic product features to choose its antiseptic into full effect .

Choose antiseptic techniques as follows:

1 ) must fully consider the compatibility with the other components of the performance and pH, ionic effect of the reaction . If ignored pH compatibility and impact properties in use, not only ineffective , but also chemical reactions impurities, decomposition of the other components to promote precipitation, and therefore affect the value in use . Because the mechanism of action has not been fully antiseptic research clearly , simply must be avoided in order to select the size of MIC values ??antiseptic . According to the activity of antiseptic method and mechanism of action, in the storage, transport and use of reduced activity can be avoided. In the selection process , to correctly determine the antiseptic effect is possible.

2 ) antiseptic effect is usually associated with the formulation of moisture content. Especially in the use of hydroxy acid esters stupid clear plastic packaging poorly soluble in water, antiseptic , it is necessary for the size of cosmetics from polar oil used , the ratio of oil and water , etc., to explore an appropriate amount of antiseptic .

3 ) propylene glycol, ethanol and the like monohydric alcohols and polyhydric alcohols are important components widely used in cosmetics . Glycerol and polyethylene glycol is usually used in an amount in the case of no antiseptic effect . And as hydroxy alkyl diol stupid acid esters have the same high antiseptic effect. Some polyalkylene glycol when used alone , but also Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Escherichia coli show a direct inhibitory effect. Recently discovered , fatty acid glycerides and some plant extracts on microbial growth inhibition. So, will the alkyl diol with antiseptic compound to obtain the color and smell and taste, and high security preparations .

4 ) a variety of cosmetic ingredients . Non- ionic surfactants are widely used in cosmetics, such as polyethylene glycol or a proteinaceous material to inhibit the activity of antiseptic .
5) After several antiseptic compound used, there is a mutually reinforcing effect. After a variety of antiseptic compound , using its superposition and synergistic effects, can reduce the amount added to improve the security and stability of the product . Such techniques are corporate intellectual property pitchfork . Since the new compounds constantly developed, with extensive use of hydroxy acid esters antiseptic stupid complex , with new and synergistic effects of corrosion superposition techniques are constantly developed.

Safety and Precautions 6 ) antiseptic properties of intelligence is the manufacturer must provide the product. Manufacturers must use the position to consider the issue when using the fine may occur . In particular, a long life requirements for cosmetics , should be considered in the future with the effects of temperature stability , pH dependence , and the deterioration of the light absorption of the vessel and other factors on the quality of products .

7 ) itself, even if an antiseptic high security , but its decomposition and reaction products and other raw materials is not necessarily safe. Furthermore , the decomposition products will have an adverse impact on quality . In order to understand how antiseptic environment will lose security , it is necessary for safety tests. In more severe conditions than the actual use , comprehensive and integrated manner selected antiseptic .

8 ) Food antiseptic techniques in one – reduce the water activity of the product effectively , so as to achieve enhanced ability to resist microbes , but also references to cosmetic antiseptic techniques in the past. In cosmetics, the water can be enhanced to reduce the effective capacity of the microorganism to withstand . The most effective means is to add the glycerin. Glycerin is a common moisturizing ingredients , glycerol added later , can be effectively reduced while the water activity.

9 ) as well as other anti-corrosion technology technology without adding preservatives . For example , single-use packaging ; setting the check valve in the bottle ; When active perishable packaged separately from other media , the use of combined.

shelf life of the product to ensure that play antiseptic effect

Product even after the adoption of various safety tests , in the future storage and use, is able to give full play to ” prevent pollution effect “, which is a very difficult task evaluation . Failure. Now, in the EU , as a commodity index to ensure the long-term effects , ” said the period after opening (PAO, Periods After Opening)” as a subject under study. Japanese manufacturers have opened attention to this issue. It seems that Chinese manufacturers should also be paying attention to this problem.

To formulate and manufacture of safe, high quality cosmetics , just add an antiseptic permitted use is not enough, you must also give full consideration to the environment and use of the product lifetime , to determine the use of products such as the impact of temperature and pH stability of long-term stability of the product basic guarantee conditions . Compile GCL

Jichuan Min First, a very active senior scholars . Gerontology Research , antioxidant , vitamins and other aspects of the disease is engaged . Author on the web browser after all his entries found no relation to the above . But to see another entry summary content is said: ” paraben itself toxic, but the action of ultraviolet light causes skin cells by death .” Cosmetics have long been on the safe use of methyl paraben suddenly pronounced as: ” will kill skin cells , promote aging of skin ,” which will have no small impact on all aspects .

With the progress of human society, the development of national economy and people’s living standards improve, several octopus a rope tied naked food sales market has gone ; present in food packaging, more and more people attention, from the manufacturers to sell their products to consumers choose products are used as a yardstick to measure the value of the goods . However , the current level of food packaging is in its infancy , from the growing of food packaging materials, especially the rapid development of chemical polymer material can be seen . Plastics USA , Germany, Italy every year for food packaging into 4.5 million tons , 2 million tons and 1.9 million tons , China’s food packaging demand is expected to reach 150 this year – 200 million tons.

Modern food science and food packaging industry needs , although the past 20 years , China’s packaging research and development of new materials relatively quickly plastic packaging , but the packaging engineering is an emerging interdisciplinary, involving a wide range of knowledge , plus packaging and packaging industry research late start , China’s packaging technology in general, is still relatively backward, can not fully meet the requirements of the rapid development of the food industry . In particular mindset of the people is still relatively old, inadequate packaging and excessive packaging widespread.

As a good packaging must have several such functions: ( a ) to ensure that products in the best condition ; (b ) , the product from the outside world ( such as light , odors, microbes , etc. ) influence ; ( c) , the consumer , portable , open , warehousing, transportation and other aspects of the greatest convenience.

First, food packaging noteworthy

Packaging should pay clamshell packaging attention to small, split zeroing . In Hangzhou, roasted small walnut industry spread ” a hammer punched 30 million yuan ,” the story. After the traditional plastic packaging design small walnut eating up time-consuming, leaving the plastic packaging box meat into small packages shelled , Hangzhou small walnut year sales increase 30 million yuan ; while Shanghai old Temple spiced beans , how many years of packaging or old faces , which will be holding girl a large bag of spiced beans in the streets bite ? Starch packaging, not with 250 grams , 500 plastic trays grams is loaded , why not pack made ??of 10 grams per 20 grams small package , you can run it once or twice ?

Product packaging design must infuse cultural ideas. Chinese brewery ” Shanghai wine ” old faces have changed , the use of rich cultural characteristics Shanghai Shikumen pattern as packaging design , a gun fired ; Shanghai production of a certain brand boxed chocolates , each one printed on a different Shanghai attractions, become a popular tourist commodities. And there are some food packaging design , and others, are either too realistic , humble , or is universal beauty head , how quickly grab the customer’s mind ?

Packaging moderate , environmentally friendly packaging concept should be strengthened. Health care package in three layers, outer layer , moon cake boxes year after year exquisite luxury , excessive packaging phenomenon is still serious. Many “green” packaging actually also used non-degradable plastics . Moon cake boxes from last year became popular medium density board box , the experts pointed out , MDF contains formaldehyde , formaldehyde harm the human body are well known , such a material is it environmentally friendly ? After accession to plastic box the WTO , the city from the height of enterprises must “green barriers” to understand the product packaging , otherwise the consequences could be disastrous.

Second, the future development direction of China’s food packaging

In the coming years , the development of food and beverage packaging , China will be the most obvious , and its importance in sequence as follows :

( A ) , for most of the new packaging , the main product of petroleum -based raw materials for chemical industry .

(B ) the further development of aseptic packaging will reduce the need for refrigeration equipment. Some consumers believe that canned foods are high-grade metal products, aseptic carton packaging and low prices are mostly considered to be low-grade product . In fact, this is a misconception , packaging should be more effective, as long as you can save the best food , the more cheap is more superior packaging.

(C ) willing to use plastic containers and plastic bottles are more and more , will replace the glass, and in some cases can also replace metal products.

( Four ) , flexible packaging materials to high-quality development. Our flexo introduction and development began in the 1970s . Now that we have been able to manufacture its own flexo substrates , a variety of flexible printing inks. In particular, the production of water-based inks and water-based normalization polish can be combined with other types of ink sets of the same color in the above aqueous coating, covering the remaining volatile toxic solvents ; can be in direct contact with food , ensuring food safety and hygiene . In addition, the printing process has accumulated a wealth of experience, has been able to print out not less than the traditional process of printing , such as international brands , ” Coca-Cola ” and ” Pepsi ” and other stickers printing, by up to international standards, the International level closer.

In China, flexo packaging printing the past 10 years has made considerable progress, but momentum unhappiness. From the perspective of packaging and printing professionals , should be bold innovation from the machine , materials and processes , and actively explore , scaled new heights . Only out -class products, welcome to get manufacturers and customers alike. For the majority of the food business operators , also hope to emancipate the mind, let go with the new packaging. For example there packaging design are some flexographic printing less than traditional print beautifully designed packaging can improve the picture from up to adapt to it? Another example is bright enough color flexo printing , but especially thick , can exceed and achieve better visual effect.

( Five ) , by improving the performance of packaging materials to reduce packaging costs, rather than one-sided pursuit of lower material prices, packages and general different products ( general product usually only use one particular occasion ) , the need for frequent loading , encapsulation , storage and transportation of goods flow , the customer has bought tend to have a custody and use of the process it is necessary to ensure and improve the quality of packaging .

( Six ) , packaging lighter and will continue to make progress . From some of these items vac tray can also be clearly seen in the general trend to reduce the quality of packaging . Smaller weight flexible packaging and plastic containers , plastic bottles instead of glass and metal containers , can reduce transport costs in the magnitude of ground. Its development trends include : easy to pick up handling, need to stock that due to lighter packaging , pallet load is reduced accordingly , may reduce the spleen motorcycle and forklifts ; for the individual cartons, glass and plastic containers and flexible packaging and so on up the food packaging container packaging , the need to increase its strength, in order to facilitate safe delivery shops.

( Seven ) , the traditional fiber packaging materials ( cellophane and translucent paper ) have gradually been eliminated trend. Most likely be completely replaced by a polypropylene film of cellophane . Translucent paper ( and greaseproof paper ) will be replaced by a high density and low density of the metal foil , and in particular the co-extrusion by adding a resin , the function can be doubled.
( Eight ) , filling in the food and beverage packaging market to get promotion.

Third, the demand for food industry packaging industry

Many are associated with the food industry sector , which is particularly close with the packaging industry . Food industry products require packaging , the packaging will have a direct impact on the quality of the food industrial products , quality and marketing . Although food packaging unrepresentative of the inherent quality of the food , but good food packaging can guarantee the quality and extend the life and prolong the shelf life of food , good packaging can win a reputation as products for the consumer preference. Therefore , the food industry attaches great importance to product packaging options , including filling, packaging machinery and packaging materials , packaging decoration design and selection .

Food industry products in the industry clear plastic packaging , ” fifteen” plan has a more substantial growth , the industry product packaging machinery, packaging materials, packaging and sizes vary by industry product growth rate can be estimated , the main products for packaging demand has 10-20 % growth rate even more. Of course, the quality of packaging are to be further improved. Beer, for example , five-year increase of 16.8% , an increase of 51% in 2015 compared to 2000 , so beer bottling equipment , bottles, cans and barrels and other packaging materials should be increased accordingly , it is the development of food industry packaging industry total traffic demand .

Many food industries , packaging needs of the corresponding product has a certain pattern, corresponding packaging companies should propose appropriate countermeasures development through market research , including packaging machinery , packaging materials , packaging specifications , etc., to the present , based on the there are new developments during the “Tenth Five .” Here I made ??a few big potential for development in several industries , namely convenience foods , convenience foods is a broad concept , and its products belonging to the food industry in various industries, developing very fast , potentially in great demand , and its species diversity , in the form of different specifications , the demand for the packaging industry , is undoubtedly new, is the largest ; Second, dairy products, the potential demand, the food industry is the rapid development of the industry , but a single dairy packaging , not adapt to changing market needs, especially in the city’s supply of liquid milk , “Tenth Five Year Plan” period average annual increase of 15% , up to 200 tons, the demand for packaging has great potential ; Third, agricultural processed products , agricultural products now being accelerated in many areas preservation and processing efforts. This year, we honor the more than 40 county food industry , food industry output value of these counties are 40-60 percent of the county ‘s industrial output , and a number of leading food companies , but these companies generally lag behind the product packaging , according to some of the counties I enterprise visits understand that these company’s products are top quality, second-rate packaging, food packaging industry to rural enterprise development is promising.

With the escalation of further adjustment and upgrading of industrial food products, product mix , the packaging is also put forward new demands , first, food quality and safety assurance, packaging technology and materials to more stringent requirements ; Second, filling, packaging and speed , more diverse specifications , packaging materials and containers and seeks to achieve standardization, serialization, universal ; Third, the image of the packaging and decorating and packaging requirements are higher ; four have new anti-counterfeiting packaging breakthroughs ; Fifth, efforts to reduce packaging costs. As the food industry products in different industries , have focused on the above requirements , such as milk , meat, processed aquatic products , fruit and vegetable products, for preservation, shelf-life requirements are more stringent , candy packaging machinery and packaging specifications more diverse , packaging decoration demanding ; while some high-end food and a large quantity of a single product for security identification requirements are higher.

As early as 1984 , in ” 1981 — 2000 National Food Industry Development Program ” approved by the State Council, pointed out that the food industry sector , involving a wide range of close ties with many other sectors of the national economy . Which refers to the development of the food industry for packaging ( industrial ) sector role. My personal understanding is that the development of the packaging industry needs to promote the development of the food industry , the food industry will need to develop the packaging industry give strong support , food industry, packaging industry should strengthen cooperation and common development , and make greater national economic development contribution.

China’s reform and opening up began in the early 2080s, but as the modern sense of the “Packaging Design” – this can contribute

to social and economic development of the industry, to get a broader social cognition, but it is something since the 1990s. In

the past, China’s enterprises and product development many of the problems encountered in the process, nothing more than the

product backward, outdated equipment, process rough and lax management, plastic

package the most important question may still packaging design behind. And such a role for packaging design certain

cognitive and also by a gradual, evolving process. The last 10 years, mainly in the coastal open areas represented in Guangzhou,

Shenzhen, Shanghai area, begin to grow out of a design market. Wide clamshell

packaging cargo has been able to “Expedition”, Shandong household packaging

company appliances, electronic products, Jiangsu and Zhejiang’s clothing, furniture and food in the Shanghai market’s

competitive advantage, the main reason is not only in its price and quality, while derived from the modern one step ahead design

advantages, namely the courage to continue to introduce advanced foreign packaging design, packaging design, product constantly

Here the word “packaging design market,” not only refers to the packaging designers to form groups composed of plastic packaging professional organizations, independent living in the community,

and to their own packaging design packaging design work and demand among enterprises constitute a social vac tray group or traded relations, the packaging design activities become valuable

economic behavior, resulting in sale “packaging design” in the market. But also refers to the social groups and individuals,

through the purchase of property excellent packaging design knowledge, through innovative products and unique packaging plastic packaging box design packaging design advertising planning the

understanding achieved for goods brand, functional, aesthetic, plastic packaging

design economic, material, etc. understanding, accepted the package design in promoting social progress and economic

development an important clear plastic packaging role in enabling consumers to

consciously added to the packaging design needs to form a packaging design needs of the community, plastic trays organizations need packaging design, packaging design needs virtuous

circle, packaging design development considered on track. packaging box


The market economy is “packaging design market,” there is a necessary condition. Because the planned economy, society does not

have the pressure of competition, business or commercial organizations generally do not expect to seek the assistance of

packaging designers; from a planned economy to a market economy, the process of transformation. Most state-owned enterprises are

not used after the abolition of national plans on how to find way out to the market and to withstand the enormous plastic box pressure of competition, in addition to relying on cheap sales and other

means of low-level competition, the evolution of the concept is still not to rely on packaging design assistance degree; in this

context, is called “the most dynamic economic sectors,” the township enterprises and private enterprises, state-owned

enterprises although stronger than the market concept, but after all, in the enterprise scale, capital share, staff quality and

technological content of products on the starting point is too low, so many more intensive processing of raw materials and other

labor-intensive, can packaging design be relied upon competitive factors are

mainly natural resources and cheap labor, the product has not developed to the level we must rely on packaging design stage. But

in an open market economy under the conditions of the country, especially in the situation of China’s WTO accession, corporate

or commercial establishment in the fierce international competition for the keeping and improve their position in the market,

and gradually from passive looking package designer “fire”, steering and packaging design agency to establish long-term

partnerships and actively develop the market. At this stage, “packaging design market” will mature.

Since reform and opening, China foil packaging industry has been unprecedented rapid development and has become an important impetus for the development of aluminum industry. Meanwhile, the domestic high-end packaging aluminum foil production technology and supply capacity continues to increase, China has become the international aluminum market can not ignore the important part.

At present, China can cost mass production thinnest foil thickness 0.005mm. New Alcoa Aluminum Co., Ltd., Yunnan with casting strip (width 1160mm) produced a 0.0055mm 0.0002mm power capacitors foil, access General Electric Company and ABB’s certified Hain Yuan Industrial Co., Ltd. and Anhui, Guizhou Aluminum Plant North foil production plant is also 0.0055mm foil, this foil production technology Chinese world leading level.

Considered how thin aluminum foil packaging foil, different countries have different definitions of Chinese small thickness of the flat-rolled thin strip known as aluminum foil. EEC 2005 a large-scale study showed that the plastic packaging design thickness of foil packaging design is not thinner than 0.006mm, or can not ensure proper seal, through the oxygen molecules.

Before the reform: China’s packaging industry in infancy foil

But in 1950 to 1978 the 20-year average annual growth rate of aluminum production was 70.1% Although the overall trend during this period of growth, but unstable, not sustained growth. Before the reform, Chinese aluminum industry is a weak industry.

China’s first aluminum foil rolling mill — Chinese steel finishing plant construction began in 1932, the second year using imported raw materials produced about 1100t board foil, but until 1938 only mass 0.007mm foil. The plant is a wholly foreign-owned enterprise in 1960, bought by the Chinese government, China’s state-owned enterprises. Until 1962, China only this one aluminum company, its average monthly production of 290t, which foil 150t, plate and strip 140t.

The initial construction, the plant has 127 employees, in 1933 changed to continuous three-shift production, monthly 113t. 1935, smelting, casting, sheet with foil mill and finishing equipment have been put into some of the highest yield reached 400t/mo, a total of 400 employees. So far, China aluminized steel finishing plant has been basically completed a complete set of industrial pure aluminum plate, strip and foil production system. Used in the original ingots from Canada, the United Kingdom, Norway, Switzerland and other countries imported products sold in the domestic market. In addition to smoke foil, but also the production of laminating thickness 0.009mm candy packing foil, thickness 0.014mm of tea mounted kraft foil thickness 0.006mm ~ 0.0075mm electronic foil.

Shanghai liberation, aluminum industry difficulties, China aluminized steel finishing plant foreign investors lose confidence in business, production dropped substantially, production from the liberation of 300t/mo ~ 400t/mo down to 70t/mo ~ 80t/mo, but production is not completely interrupted until July 1960 paid by the Chinese government nationalized vac tray and renamed as “local state-owned Shanghai Aluminum Products Factory”, later renamed “ALUMINUM of aluminum”, belonging to Shanghai Light Industry Bureau. After the production of the plant to develop state-run fast, six months after production has undergone enormous changes. Aluminum foil, aluminum, aluminum production has grown exponentially. Compared with the former state-owned, with an average monthly increase of 414.4 percent, 385.4 percent average monthly output growth, labor productivity growth of 248.2%, in 1961 began exporting aluminum foil.

In 1961, China imported from the German Democratic Republic a production capacity of 1100t / a of aluminum foil production clear plastic packaging line, this production line in 1970 in the Northwest aluminum processing plant. This set of aluminum device is democracy as war reparations to the Soviet Union, Germany made the Soviet Union as an aid to China project sold to China.

In 1963, Northeast Light Alloy Co., Ltd. China Aluminium Steel fine reference plant equipment and production process design foil workshop production, design production capacity of 1.5kt / a. The 1960s and 1970s, the country modeled on the Northeast Light Alloy Co., Ltd. and Northwest Aluminum foil processing plant equipment and production technology built a number of small aluminum foil plant, which mainly are: Beijing Yanqing foil mills, aluminum foil plant in Changshu City Liaoning electronic aluminum foil plant, Jiangyou Southwest Metal, Xi’an aluminum products factory.

After the reforms: China’s packaging industry and international standards foil, aluminum foil as the primary power

Since the reform and opening up China’s aluminum industry big development, modernization, beginning with the international market standards, as well as joint ventures with multinational Alcoa period. Since 1979 Northeast Light Alloy Co., Ltd. The company introduced from Germany Aschenbach universal aluminum foil rolling mill production clamshell packaging since the end of 1998, China has a total size of 79 aluminum companies, with a total design capacity of 185kt / a, the average production capacity of each plant 2.34kt / a. Has a roll surface width exceeds 1000mm aluminum foil rolling mill with four rollers 45, which contains the first Chinese heavy machinery manufacturing company design and manufacture of four roller Irreversible 1350mm universal mill 3 sets with Luoyang Nonferrous Metals Processing and Design Institute for normally Aluminum Inc. designed primarily for 1350mm cold rolling of aluminum foil machine 1; introduction of aluminum foil machine 40, including second-hand rolling mill nine Aluminum Co. of Japan and North China Kobe Steel technology manufactured by the Zhuoshen 5 Taiwan 1600mm rolling mill. China aluminum foil plant as much as the packaging box design average size of a small, two-roll machine much, ranking highest in the world.

1979 to 2008, China’s aluminum industry for 30 years period of great development, the first 20 years of the modern aluminum industry sustained rapid development has laid a foundation, at a later stage is to become the world’s largest country with the primary power foil period is catching up the world’s advanced level of 10 years. China has become one of the primary aluminum industry powerhouse.

Production in the world. 2008 China’s aluminum production reached 1320kt, almost 1.5 times the output in Europe, the U.S. production of 1.9 times, but it should be plastic packaging box noted that this comparison is not exact, because countries differ on the definition of aluminum foil, they plastic trays are all statistics Su foil, while China’s statistics contain a small amount of deep processing composite foil and foil, but in any case, China is the first producer of aluminum foil is no doubt. In the reform and opening up 30 years, aluminum foil production is rising steadily sustained rapid, almost no major fluctuations. This 30-year average annual growth rate of 34.3%, compared with 1959 to 1978 the average annual growth rate between low 35.7 percent, mainly because the first 30 years of the base is too small.

Product competitiveness in the international market, the net export volume is high. China-made packaging foil not only high quality, reasonable price, good service, and homogeneous species, form a series of specifications to meet the world with a variety of packaging production line equipment requirements. From the early plastic box 1890s began commercial production of aluminum foil, China has imported plastic package aluminum foil country since the early 1930s China began producing aluminum foil until 2003 China has also been a net exporter of aluminum foil. China in 2000 was the highest annual net exports of aluminum foil, reaching 33.815kt, since then, net exports declining until 2004 to become a net exporter, which is the Chinese aluminum industry milestone in the history of the year. In subsequent years, a large net exports year after year, the annual average growth rate of 182.2%. But China’s net exports of aluminum foil is still much, still accounted for a small proportion of production, such as aluminum foil from 2004 to 2008 total 4340.233kt, net exports 827.436kt latter / former ratio of only 19.1, which is net exports accounted for only yield 19.1%, which is net exports (355.365kt) up to 2008, net exports accounted for only 27%, compared with a net exporter of aluminum foil in Germany accounted for about 48 percent of production is much lower.

In the foreseeable period of time, China has become a net exporter of aluminum foil is unshakable fact is China materials manufacturing industry to improve the inevitable result of modernization, reform and opening harvest fruit. In fact, the reform and opening up 30 years, total exports of aluminum foil is greater than imports, such as 1984 to 2008, total exports 1319.422kt, total imports 934.399kt, net exports 385.073kt.

Advanced equipment and production technology among the forefront. The end of 2008 China imported mainly to the modernization of rolling packing foil aluminum plastic packaging foil rolling mill 84 sets, their production capacity of about 480kt, including the introduction of 2000mm grade foil rolling mill 26, and from David company introduced three sets of steel from Austria Joint company introduced three units. China’s large modern aluminum foil rolling mill these accounted for almost 72% of the global total.

In addition to these 2000mm grade foil rolling mill, there is introduced since the early 1980s commissioned R 1200 ~ 1750mm modern foil rolling mill 40. China some of the equipment design and manufacturing companies in the digestion and absorption of imported technology creatively made on the basis of about 18 units 2000mm foil foil rolling mills and other more than 70 large and medium, they produced a good role to play, even though they Also installed on the overall level of the same level with the introduction of the installed level there are some gaps, but as time goes by rapidly reducing this gap, about 2018, Chinese construction machinery and equipment required foil mills can be based on domestic Of course, complete automation and control equipment with the international advanced level, but also take longer to catch up. In any case, China’s installed capacity level of aluminum foil rolling mill industry, quantity, etc., both in the overall level of world advanced level.

Overall, the Chinese aluminum industry level of production technology has been among the world’s advanced level, China has several companies are able to mass 0.005mm foil, and using a casting strip; Xiashun Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd., based composites limited company, Shandong Nanshan Light Alloy Co., Ltd., Shanghai Shenhuo Aluminum Co., Ltd. Kunshan Aluminum foil mills are used 2000mm grade smooth mass 1800mm wide 0.00635mm foil, while they produce a foil width greater than 1600mm total more than 70% yield, product quality indicators have reached or exceeded the international standards and EU standards, the output of these mills have exceeded the design goals. Xiashun Foil Co., Ltd. production not only significantly exceeds the design value, and export volume reached more than 40% of total production, and showed an increasing trend; big Asian Group Danyang aluminum processing plant to a table 1500mm roughing mill, 2 1480mm in fine foil rolling mill with an annual output of about 14kt0.00635mm, design production capacity of more than 25%. Matrix Composites Co., both in the use of imported Aschenbach mill and rolling mill with a homemade batch 1800mm 2000mm dual-class 206 packaging foil. Some companies, such as China Aluminum Foil Co. Xiashun, Ya Technology Danyang aluminum branch of labor productivity, yield and other indicators have reached the world advanced level. If Xiashun Aluminum Foil Co. ingots rolled strip rolling 0.00635mm foil 0.35mm yield more than 86%; 0.00635mm foil thickness deviation is less than 3%; pinhole rate of less than 50 / m; stack stationary phase finishing rolling speed 600m/min.

Aluminum Co., Ltd. Jiangsu often air-conditioning foil quality indicators in the overall number of enterprises with Japanese students comparable products, not only by Japanese air conditioners in China, the company’s certification, and access to international markets.

Is currently building a large aluminum foil project are: Shandong Loften Aluminum Foil Co., Ltd. on February 26 held a 100kt / a completed and put into aluminum strip cum 500kt / a aluminum foil and Technology Park groundbreaking ceremony ceremony, the project total investment of 10 billion yuan, 2011 put into operation, can produce sheet with foil 500kt / a, to become China’s largest aluminum foil as the leading packaging company products of flat-rolled products, one; Aluminum Chengdu 100kt / a foil projects underway intense preparatory work; Northwest Aluminum Aluminum processing branch 50kt / a foil construction of the project has entered the equipment installation climax; Watergate Deli Alcoa Aluminum Co., Ltd. and China will build one of the emerging large-scale aluminum foil. There are some large companies are preparing to expand.

China is still in the high-speed continuous aluminum industry development stage, about to go to 2012 in order to enter a stable period of development, has great potential for development…

1, the importance of packaging

First, the product is to achieve a variety of business interests of the carrier, which is a specific form of packaging and delivering value to customers. Secondly, the packaging is the most contact with consumers on behalf of companies and lowest cost a medium that conveys the brand and product value. When customers purchase products will first determine the value of the product through the packaging, while the value judgments not only from an aesthetic point of view, but by packaging the passed or guide him to meet the potential demand for information to achieve. Packaging can play a role in both these needs our attention packaging design, so for us to create new value. We also need a new packaging design concepts and methods to achieve this goal, here, I take it from a combination of theoretical and practical perspectives on “packaging design how to create value for the product.

2, packaging design creates value and value creation approach

Value of the product mainly consists of two parts: one part is the product value that the quality of products, the value consumers can perceive only after use; partly through the packaging design to convey the brand and product selling value, which is used to guide consumers through the graphical implied psychological feeling to achieve. Hence, good packaging design not only the most effective dissemination of information and better enhance the psychological value of products in the customers to buy a product, not only to make him understand the actual use value, but also through packaging design’s message implied He can get a lot of non-product benefits. How to create added value product quality beyond it? We can see from the following aspects associated with the use of external resources and products to enhance the value of the product heart.

2.1 the use of geographical symbol associated with the product

Production of many products have high visibility and reputation, the plastic package symbol of the origin of the graphics used in packaging design makes clever? Xiao Fei who have a good Lenovo product, such as: html “the symbol of Guilin Elephant Trunk Hill used in the packaging, consumers will think that this is from the picturesque scenery of Guilin, in the product to sell him, but also to sell his Guilin, thus creating more added value.

2.2 use humanistic culture associated with the product

Many products has become famous because of a poem or a celebrity reason, the clever use of these human factors design, can improve value-added products.

2.3 use of contemporary celebrity associated with the product

This is the current use of relatively large number of practices, can make use of celebrity, rapidly increasing product visibility and added value. If Yao endorsement of McDonald’s products, consumers can easily be Yao Ming healthy, progressive, vibrant side contact with the product, while the desire to purchase.

2.4 use of the brand and related symbols associated with the product

Well-known brand and its symbol concentrated brand value, the use of the product can quickly enhance product value; other authority signs, symbols, too, such as the Olympic flag, the organic certification mark, China well-known trademark logo and so on.

Available for the use of the above, you can enhance value-added products to external resources not all companies and products are owned or obtained on the use of most products can only find from the product characteristics of these features to be extracted from the demand point of plastic trays view , the formation of product concept, through packaging design graphic design, visual communication with consumers, so that consumers know the characteristics of the product in a short time, so packaging becomes when we are talking only from the internal characteristics of mining products , refined packaging design concept, we will find that some products have features, but some homogenization of products and competing products, features not obvious, there are products to some extent, there are still shortcomings. For these situations, we design the packaging according to the consumer prior to the plastic packaging box needs of different motivations, using exaggerated by the performance product characteristics. Such as: “Huiyuan 100, 100% pure fruit juice”, with its emphasis on pure numbers; Another example: “white with black, white tablets eat during the day, not sleepy; night to eat black film, sleep incense”, the product characteristics and consumer who can get benefits closely linked, but also through the packaging design of the visual performance (black and white outer box, plastic packaging design black and white different pills, etc.) nicely enhanced product features in the era of overproduction, product homogeneity technology is the trend that we have only good at using themes and marketing concepts, in order for the product to create more differences. Such as: “Mengniu milk, Chinese astronaut special milk”, “JLF Olympic blessing” and so on, the product did not do any change in circumstances created a selling point. For some products, shortcomings, from a different angle, but highlights the characteristics of the product, such as: “agricultural” Cardiff spring fruit shake before drinking “, originally three kinds of fruit juice made with clamshell packaging precipitation, but it is with the” shake before drinking a shake, “the advertising appeals both avoided the shortcomings, but also suggests the authenticity of three fruits in short, either from outside or from vac tray the product itself to find features in the expanded package design must be refined before the product concept, that point of interest is sold to consumers, that meet consumer demand point is to use the concept of concentrated exaggeration, contrast, suggesting techniques such as product performance point of interest, it can amplify the value of products.

3, a typical case of food packaging design

The following are from two different angles packaging design case, hope that our packaging design concepts and methods for packaging design companies have reference.

3.1 Positive beads soy product image design case: in a rational way to add vivid perceptual performance “nutrition packaging company concept” nutrition soy consumption is one of the main motivations that people are aware of soy milk is nutritious, but to ask what is nutrition soy milk in the end , most people may only know the protein, and other content has an important role in human health nutrients, such as: isoflavone, lecithin, vitamins, iron, saponin, calcium, bifidus factor is often not known ordinary . The nutritional value of soy plastic box milk will be reduced to the concept of protein-based products is stored in the human brain, and in this case it is necessary to soy milk is bead nutritional demands put forward a new product concept is to create a new bead soy product image. Nutrition is in the form of particles or elements being present in the food, although it is beneficial for the health, but it is we never see and touch. Nutrition impression often are more abstract and lifeless text. We are beads made soy milk “nutrition visible” demands strategy, it is easy to overlook the people minutiae amplification products, thus producing dramatic effect, causing customers’ attention, while also strengthening positive beads soymilk is “the most comprehensive nutrition soy milk” product characteristics. Cartoon form with vivid performance nutrition, both lively and there are a good affinity, is very suitable for the characteristics of soy products, so we designed the eight kinds of nutrients into 8 small cartoon, clever performance of the product features. And in cartoon form of performance clear plastic packaging nutrients appear on the packaging, so that the “nutrition visible” dramatic realization, shown in Figure 1. Cartoon performance practices are in line with our target consumer groups (children) aesthetic requirements, and soy milk nutrition through advocacy and meet packaging design our other target packaging box design consumer groups (children’s parents) for food requirements.

3.2 Jin Choi milk packaging design case: leveraging theme, carrying Millennium cultural value “gold money” Changchun milk brand, is one that has been seven years old veteran enterprises. Through an analysis of the brand name, we think, “Jin Choi” such as a dairy brand name does not seem appropriate because the “gold money” makes it easy for people to think of first is like gold and plastic packaging silver and the like, with the dairy products this emerging consumer health seemed a bit out of tune. To solve this problem we have embarked on the design, first by “wealth” thought “God of Wealth” image, so we designed a cute little Mammon. Further in-depth understanding of the horse found there since ancient times, the God of Wealth. So we let the cute little Fortuna ride a cow, this way, “Jin Choi” is vividly linked up with the dairy, and was used as the primary visual image of our various applications. On this basis, we also created “festivity Little God of Wealth”, “smug little God of Wealth” and “healthy small Mammon.” On the topic in the packaging design of “health is a source of wealth” to illustrate the value of products and brands, its specific description by the “quality like gold, like fiscal health” as the main slogan spread. When the entire program is completed customer evaluations is: not only to regain the “gold money” seven years painstakingly accumulated brand equity, but also unexpectedly got a history of several thousand years of cultural heritage – the God of Wealth….

Carton frozen clamshell packaging leading fashion packaging (a)
Insulation packing carton frozen leading fashion

As living standards improve, people’s eating habits from the past homogenization subsistence transition to the present diversity nutrition. plastic box

At present, the new concept of nutrition experts under the auspices of frozen food is generally good, consumption is growing. Since the existence of frozen food regional and seasonal differences, also will increase its liquidity. In order to maintain the existence of frozen plastic trays food storage and transportation, the quality of the sales process, the relevant enterprises and research institutes in recent years to increase research and development efforts, we have introduced a number of packaging material with insulation function.

Which functional insulation corrugated box corrugated box with thermal insulation cryogenic storage of frozen food is frozen effective means of insulation. Corrugated boxes with insulation function, that is, in the traditional box, packaging and aluminum composite resin lining on the deposited film or foamed resin is added to the core. It has excellent heat resistance, fruits and vegetables to prevent its own way in the flow temperature, heat insulation purposes.

The use of frozen packaged waterproof cardboard

With the growing popularity of frozen food packaging, packaging materials for demanding higher performance, especially in the development and production of waterproof cardboard, packaging in the freezer has been very good to use. Using this new technology for the production of waterproof packaging company paper packaging materials, in a large range of plastic products used in place; while its different merits of plastic products are waterproof paper waste, paper mill without special treatment Paper can be recovered for reuse as raw material, without polluting the environment, waste of resources, is the typical green packaging.

Generally waterproof paper or paperboard made resistant to water leakage each successive time up to 80 g / m below the sheet of not less than 72 hours, 80 g / m or more sheets of not less than 100 hours, 300 g / m or more cardboard at least 200 hours, the impedance of the initial temperature is 100 boiling water leakage consecutive time also a lot of anti-dry 72 / h time.

Waterproof and non-waterproof paper or cardboard paper or paperboard same species comparison, in addition to new waterproof function, strength, color and adhesive properties has not changed, improved printing performance, breathable performance has improved.

The use of frozen packaged waterproofing agent

Corrugated box with waterproof waterproof corrugated board according to the extent and waterproof different processing methods are divided into three categories: hydrophobic corrugated board generally carried no water wax or silicone coating hydrophobic substance such as processing, it will plastic packaging design encounter a lot of water complete loss of water effects; cover water based wax corrugated cardboard as the main resin mixture from the corrugated surface laminating impermeable role, but without cover water processing part is completely unable to resist water penetration; waterproof corrugated cardboard with a whole wax and resin-impregnated processing, may lack hydrophobic coating can cover the water is clear plastic packaging not high.

Traditional corrugated boxes waterproof, moisture commonly used resins, edible vegetable oil, dimensional square oil (moisture oil), due to the operation of work, time-consuming, require Liangshai or after brushing the form of drying by heating, easy cause for corrugated boxes pollution, does not meet the health requirements, is not suitable for the development requirements of the times, as a waterproofing material used on the market is more paraffin, lies in packaging design its low cost, excellent water resistance and harmless. Currently HF series of corrugated boxes, paper products repellents promotion in a waterproof, moisture-proof, the effect is obvious. Its operability, bright surface after coating, non-toxic, tasteless, and can improve physical performance of corrugated boxes, does not affect printing and sealing, is the ideal waterproof, moisture-proof material.

Water can be processed vac tray on the box board and corrugated paper or paperboard for manufacturing and in water after processing.

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Frozen food range is very wide, in general, can be divided into two types: one is a beverage, dairy products, cold drinks, seafood, meat and other foods need to use low-temperature preservation A refers to the freeze-dried foods. Perhaps the reader be very familiar with the former frozen food, while the latter do not understand the freeze-dried food, below came a brief introduction.

Freeze-dried foods is being dried, the need to frozen foods preserved. It is a fresh food for special treatment in order to achieve the preservation of a new class of food shelf. From the quality perspective, it is superior to the traditional hot air drying, spray drying, vacuum drying dehydrated foods; From the storage perspective, it is far superior to frozen foods and canned foods.

Freeze-dried food before eating, just inflated resume its original color, smell and taste can be processed or consumed. Freeze-dried foods easily rehydrated, and maximize the retention of fresh food color, smell, taste, and also maximize the retention of the original nutrients and food physiologically active ingredient. Therefore, the freeze-dried food has become the high-quality fast food convenience foods, makes a lot of functional foods or food ingredients to use more high-grade freeze-dried food ingredients, but also makes the freeze-dried foods become high value-added food or raw materials. In some foreign countries, freeze-dried food to become athletes, field army soldiers, astronauts and other special professions important staple foods. In civilian foods also occupies an important position, such as Japan’s fast and easy foods and 50% freeze-dried foods. In the international market than the traditional freeze-dried food dehydrated food prices higher than 4 times.

Freeze-dried food quality characteristics

Freeze-dried foods is the largest quality characteristics of freeze drying, including freeze-drying and vacuum freeze drying, the moisture content of the food to maximize the high water discharge. plastic packaging Its quality characteristics table below. Freeze-dried food shrinkage rate is much lower than other dried food, fresh food to maintain the shape. Freeze-dried food without surface hardening, while in the complex water, the water can quickly penetrate into the freeze-dried food inside, it has excellent rehydration properties.

Freeze-dried food in the processing to avoid the common food processing heat-sensitive components are damaged, oxidized oxidizable components phenomenon. Therefore, freeze-dried food ingredient nutrition and physical activity retention rate is highest. Freeze-dried foods are processed at lower temperatures, does not occur fading of dye plastic package decomposition caused, enzymes and amino acids browning caused by the consumption of rehydration can not add a vivid coloring effect ever. Freeze-dried food processing less volatile aroma components, and after drying the relative increase in the concentration of aromatic ingredients, aroma thicker.

Characteristics of freeze-dried food packaging

Freeze-dried dehydrated food thoroughly, without adding any preservatives, simply can safely and properly packaged long time storage and preservation. Freeze-drying in a porous sponge-like structure, if improper packing, once exposed to air, they absorb moisture easily.

Freeze-dried foods larger surface area, easy to make the oxygen in the air in contact with the food inside, which over time will cause the oxidative rancidity of fat, which required packaging technology to control. Freeze-dried food relative density, the volume occupied by relatively large. In addition, the structure of a porous vegetables loose and fragile, inconvenient transportation (required for packaging processed transportation).

The quality characteristics of frozen foods and packaging characteristics of the design and selection is packaging methods and techniques must be considered….