: Before the domestic plastic packaging industry, on the scale of only about 10% of large enterprises , small and medium enterprises accounted for more than 90 %.

Large plastic packaging printing enterprises advanced printing speed ( high speed printing ) ; product high quality, volume, variety loyal, but with a large amount of high quality ink , fixing at most two to three ink manufacturers ink. However, many small and medium sized enterprises in the plastic packaging printing , although there are many manufacturers have been updated in recent years ; however , the low-speed printing presses still in the majority. Their equipment and poor conditions , but the production of many varieties , but the bulk is small, less quantity . Thus ink more complex , there is no fixed using ink ink manufacturers, generally low ink sales market. Plastic gravure ink usage:

Large plastic packaging business is a big user of ink , but the ink on the domestic market is a small market ; medium-sized enterprises are the ideal plastic packaging ink market with the user , but also the various ink manufacturers are fighting ; numerous small plastic bag small vac tray business users with ink .

Market with a variety of ink :

Plastic gravure printing ink is mainly used in plastic packaging in food packaging , salt packaging , cosmetic packaging items , pharmaceutical packaging , paper packaging , clothing packaging . Composite food packaging printing ink is mainly part of the candy wrappers with surface printing inks ; cooking and packaging inks using high-temperature cooking , general vacuum packaging is made of polyester ink ; dairy packaging appropriate to water, acid , heat the ink. Pharmaceutical packaging and cosmetic packaging to polyester -based inks . Some manufacturers use salt packaging surface printing inks , some manufacturers of composite printing ink , but more manufacturers use polyester ink. Daily necessities packaging, paper packaging and apparel packaging printing inks multi- use table , but the table should be printed on special white ink , smooth scratch -resistant , anti-adhesion of ink. With the improvement of quality packaging market , where the use of composite printing inks and specialty dedicated more and more .

Plastic gravure printing ink market price :

The current price of plastic ink at high, medium and low gear , the higher Shanghai DIC Ink Corporation , Toyo Ink Jiangmen , Shenzhen, Shenzhen company ink and other inks market price . Eagle Ink Shanxi , Zhejiang New Oriental Ink ink prices centered. Zhejiang Yong Chemical Company ink in the lower price, but domestic production of low -priced small ink ink manufacturers too much.

General plastic gravure printing ink market price : The average price of cooking ink around 50-60 yuan ; polyester ink at an average price of about 25-30 yuan ; Average price sheet printing ink is about 15-20 yuan ; complex in India the average price is about 18-25 yuan ink ; ink on the average price of milk used in about 25-30 yuan. Price listed above are all packing plant generally acceptable prices , but also guarantee the quality under ideal price .

Domestic plastic gravure ink market situation :

Year after year, the domestic petrochemical products prices continued to rise , and many varieties are also shortages. To July 2004 , the price of petroleum products on the market up to the price of the last decade , but the price of plastic gravure printing ink is difficult to tune up .

The same plastic packaging and processing enterprises also because its required raw material prices, ( especially the largest amount of polyethylene plastic granules, printing diluent prices have more than doubled ) plastic packaging products , however the price was raised the same. Such as large quantities of product : instant noodles packaging, milk packaging roll film , profits have been minimal ; thus causing losses since , but the more the greater the loss of production . Large plastic flexible packaging and processing enterprises : Although well-equipped , strong technical force , funds relatively strong , but the need to seek order large quantities of products, high cost of small quantities of products . But the current shortage of large orders , and the meager profits ; therefore plastic trays a high amount of the loan , a lot of money can not repay , credit decreased operating difficult.

Medium-sized plastic flexible packaging and processing enterprises : a shortage of funds , loans and often not in place. In Meishao forced transformation equipment , lack of funds available ; need to improve the quality of personnel , training and find a suitable place , in trouble ( especially new businesses ) .

Small plastic flexible packaging and processing enterprises : the equipment is poor, the quality of personnel is not high , technical strength is weak, the crude product can only eke out a living.

Domestic plastic packaging market is weak , plastic gravure printing ink market competition continues to intensify , still in the saturated state of oversupply . Sales of high-priced ink reduction in the price of plastic box ink than service , low-cost ink everywhere everywhere. Substituted phenyl ester solvent ink clamshell packaging ink has become the trend , although the water-soluble ink environmentally friendly, but not yet mature. Packaging companies want a single solvent for a wide range of surface printing , composite, cooking a whole, moderate plastic packaging design price and ideal inks, has not yet appeared on the market.

Domestic sales strategy:

Large user ink dosage, price discounts large amounts of money and more pressure , long term of payment , ink manufacturers need to break into a strong financial background , the strength of a large , large initial investment , the late great risk .

User ease of sales management is an ideal target sales to fight , but the ink factory sales policies need the support and patience of long-term human input .

Many small users in the current domestic sales of the ink market, it requires a lot of human input , by the multi-faceted after-sales service .

Marketing strategy to control large ink , ink in the development of the user , the development of small households with ink . Priority to the production of high-profit varieties, plans to produce varieties of micro- profits, reduced or no production of varieties of losses. Cash payment users , dealers and meet to ensure supply. Users reconciliation of payments to program suppliers . On the operating conditions are bad , poor reputation , the user must be cautious in arrears and plastic packaging eliminate a large supply . To focus on enterprise limited funds , will reduce the risk to a minimum, while maximizing the economic benefits

In summary :

The rapid expansion of the domestic plastic packaging manufacturers , plastic flexible packaging market weakness , the price of petrochemical products continued to rise . Making the ink market competition intensifies , tough sell , sales profit margins decrease , some varieties profit or not profit. A large number of enterprises will cause a loss of sales , production companies proudly hardships , especially in the price of ink manufacturers more difficult.

How can plastic packaging box plastic gravure printing ink manufacturing enterprises out of the current situation? We must first understand the status and needs of the market, and according to their own characteristics and advantages , strengthen enterprise management and the development of series of practical marketing strategy. Second, we must circumvent their lack of training and improving their quality of all marketing staff , training foster teamwork beliefs , intensify marketing services . Then the production staff to work closely clear plastic packaging with product quality as the basis, increase savings for the purpose of steady development in order to survive .

Therefore future ink sales market competition is more intense , individual ink manufacturers have to prepare to put more money and manpower, improve sales policy reforms to strengthen growth of service team. To survive in the competitive market , respond to the rapidly changing market , price competition alone is not enough . Must be scientific management, planning production, ensure supply , reasonable shipping, and effective marketing. Seeking sales market , pre- publicity is very important ; But more critical is the after- sales service is an extension of the sale. Only give users a sense of security , a sense of trust , in order to consolidate market share .

General principle of marketing strategy : external sales strategy is – publicity campaign steadily progressive , focused on the promotion , patience to wait. Internal management strategy – to strengthen management , improve learning , quality training, and increase savings .

Anyway scientific management , standardized management, tapping throttle , hardworking shortcut is to get rid of the plight of the enterprise survival and development .


Biodegradable plastic product development , and then a plastic bag into an advertising vehicle , specifically relying clear plastic packaging on the development of community ads in major markets , the development of Chongqing guy bags advertising , profit margins as high as 50 %.

Usually go to the supermarket to buy food, a lot of secondary use of waste plastic bags are made ??of . Now Chongqing guy Lee Kirin developed a new type of biodegradable bags .

“The texture and ordinary bags plastic bags the same, but the ingredients are not polyester vinyl , but can degrade the calcium carbonate clamshell packaging and limestone , which can be half a bag on the wild plastic plastic packaging design trays natural degradation , incineration will not cause atmospheric pollution . ” Lee Kirin said that if the same price , this health can be degradable plastic bags certainly popular.

So he designed for the small plastic bag a unique business model : advertising. Printed on the plastic bag business information on advertising , promotions and other information , when people buy food , will be used in these ads are printed bags . A vegetable market takes about a month away 150,000 bags , 10 markets was plastic packaging box 1.5 million , a large advertising effect . This model mainly rely plastic box design on government policy support to promote, market franchise markets surrounding communities .

Lee Kirin said pvc tray this advertisement bags distributed without additional cost , the advertising platform is mandatory , as long as people buy food businesses will receive advertising messages ; Furthermore , carrying bags which people can also travel information on the show bags to more people to read. An advertising charges is 700 to 1000 yuan , can be printed on 70,000 bags , each can hold 64 bags advertising. A monthly demand plastic packaging for vegetable market at about $ 150,000 in advertising revenue more than 6000 yuan , profit margins above 50 %. Expected soon people will see this new type of biodegradable bags .

Has been in industrial production , PVC plastic materials are one of the most widely used plastic material plastic packaging design . PVC material is a non -crystalline materials. plastic packaging box PVC plastic materials because of its non-toxic, green environmental protection, environmental protection material known as food grade , food grade PVC material widely used in environmental relatively close contact with consumers in medicine , film and so on. plastic packaging And there are some performance after injection through a modified PVC plastic materials will be better and better meet the needs of standard industrial production.

On PVC plastic materials , for its essence is a vacuum plastic clear plastic packaging pvc tray film , because plastic trays PVC materials are lightweight, heat insulation, thermal insulation, moisture-proof , flame retardant, easy construction and so on. And it ‘s size, color, pattern variety, highly decorative , can be applied to interior walls and ceiling of the room decor, plastic -like material in one of the most widely used decorative materials , it also used for various types of panel surface packing , it is also known decorative film, with film, used building materials, packaging , pharmaceutical and other industries. Building materials industry accounted for the largest proportion, followed by the industry, packaging industry, as well as a number of other small-scale applications. The reason why there is such a wide range of PVC plastic use , thanks to its many excellent features. Light weight, insulation, moisture-proof plastic box design , flame retardant , acid , corrosion-resistant ; stability, good dielectric properties , durability , anti-aging , easy welding and bonding ; through kneading , mixing, pull tab , diced , extrusion or molding die casting process can easily meet the needs of various profiles clamshell packaging specifications ; smooth surface, bright color, highly decorative , decorative applications broad, simple construction techniques, installation more convenient.

The latest market survey, said that by 2016, demand in plastic packaging box the U.S. market, the pipeline is expected to grow 6.2% to $ 50.1 billion annually. Among clear plastic packaging them, the plastic will plastic trays be faster than the growth rate of other materials.

Factors driving growth plastic packaging design include plastic packaging recovery in building construction, oil and gas exploration to expand the scale and the replacement of aging water mains networks. A “plastic pipe and pipe competition,” the report said, the driving force to promote the growth of plastic plastic box design resins including improvements to increase pipeline performance.

PVC pipes account for all plastic pipe in 2011 more than half of total demand, the future will remain an pvc tray important position, the growth rate is expected to be close to double digits. In terms of sales, will remain the largest proportion of steel in 2016 will reach $ 28.5 clamshell packaging billion in annual sales.

China plastic pipe Deputy Secretary clamshell packaging Wang Zhanjie in Plastics Processing Industry Association revealed that a comprehensive ban of lead timetable plastic pipe being developed , and people ‘s lives will be fully out of plastic packaging design the water pipe ban lead at the end of this year.

A reference to ” lead poisoning ” People always heard discoloration , in addition to violations of food and cosmetics , for decoration of plastic pipes, doors and windows -based materials in this terrible way also threaten people ‘s health. Especially called “urban vessel” out of the plastic packaging box water pipe. Most are made ??of PVC material plastic trays , this kind of plastic products to be produced in the process of adding a known lead salt stabilizer. Deputy Secretary-General Wang Zhanjie China Plastics Processing Industry Association , said in an interview with reporters , although the lead salt stabilizer security risks, but there is no total ban . Wang Zhanjie : PVC pipe is what we do the most successful varieties, better price . However, high temperature PVC can not be decomposed, forming temperature is not low , it added heat stabilizers , the best is lead salt stabilizer , but our lead ban is local , not only in the water supply adding, drains and other pipes did not mention plastic box design .

According to reports, a plastic containing lead salts to the water pipes have been disabled world , national and Beijing construction sector has also made ??provisions disabled . Wang Zhanjie said , will be fully implemented before the end of this year to ban lead pipe order, our industry association is also developing planning table . Since 2015, the European commitment to a comprehensive ban of lead, China should also simultaneously go. To the plumbing in this order, but we never drain under clear plastic packaging this order, the reason is that our current processing costs are too high.

Wang Zhanjie problem description, PVC pipes , in fact, there has been controversy. Just do not lead salt stabilizer , there is no problem. To achieve industrial innovation and technological progress can only help people, but also conducive to the health industry . Wang Zhanjie : If we increase the cost disadvantage on pvc tray this industry , we have to give businesses slow breath . plastic packaging All this will certainly solve the water supply problem to ban lead . This phenomenon is not only today, PVC pipe water from there is the 1980s emerged.

Plastic clear plastic packaging plastic box design products filled with every aspect of our lives we are , but they also have differences in quality plastic products , a lot of poor quality was most likely secondary plastic quality, but off , so when plastic packaging design we buy to pay attention. For plastic plastic packaging box bottles on the market , if we are not careful, will not generally distinguish between the quality of the merits of whether harm to human health. But look , we sometimes find some poor gloss plastic bottles containing impurities , yes, what you see clamshell packaging is secondary materials production of plastic bottles . For these secondary materials plastic bottles on hand to strictly punish manufacturers producing plastic bottles , but more importantly, you want to waste plastics processing enterprises strict supervision from the source, there is no standard for enterprises to resolutely banned. The so-called secondary materials to produce plastic bottles, are some pvc tray of the materials without the rigorous cleaning and disinfection of waste plastic recycling made ??of the production of plastic bottles. These plastic bottles are difficult , whether or plastic packaging standard quality from all aspects of health . These secondary materials have been able to prevail in the market , in its very low price , compared to the new material, the secondary material is not up to even half the price not to. Some manufacturers of plastic bottles in order to reduce costs or to the use of the new compound doping . If the flow of these plastic bottles to food, medicine and other packaging areas , direct access to the Food plastic trays and Drug words greater human harm. He is also on the use of new materials for the production of plastic bottles manufacturers formed the unfair competition , in addition to the production of these secondary materials also tend to form a harsh environment.

The summer of 2013 , a record high temperatures in many cities , and even make people feel difficulty in breathing. Meanwhile , many consumers worry that the high temperature environment using plastic packaging food can ” breathe” , plastics toxic substances released into the food will not go ? Food shelf life will be shortened ?

Food health experts said , as long as strict accordance with national standards of food packaging bags , vacuum bag and other plastic products , its heat resistance is completely safe reassuring. But the point is that enterprises must guarantee the quality and technology related , must ensure that the products meet the national food safety standards. Must also meet the individual needs plastic packaging box of different food characteristics.

First, the individual needs to produce safe food packaging

Plastic food packaging , not only affects the taste of food , preservation status , also affect food safety. Canadian federal Food Inspection Agency has a famous saying: ? Your food safe if you take a look at the packaging it qualified plastic food packaging , food safety before gradually as part accepted by consumers ! .

However, consumers and even some of the food business, how to choose a plastic packaging materials do not know much , into a ” beauty that is safe” misunderstanding. In fact , as many as 100 kinds of plastic types , not all plastics can be used for packaging food , and different foods also need to use different materials to packaging.

Such as polyethylene (PE) bags odorless , non-toxic , has good moisture resistance, low temperature performance, is the ideal material for the production of film preservation , packaging , fruits, food is very appropriate. However, at high temperature polyethylene packaging can release toxic substances, with the food into the body , to induce cancer, birth defects and other . And polypropylene (PP) due to the relatively small bags containing the additive itself , is more stable at high temperatures , can withstand high temperatures 130 , it is more suitable than the other materials used in the water made ??of plastic cups, plastic boxes used for microwave heating , etc. .

Do not focus on the individual needs of the bag , even if the food companies have chosen the material can be used in food packaging, but in hot weather it is easy to lay security risks.

Second, the individual needs to produce plastic products characteristics

? The individual needs of plastic food packaging has what itpresident Chu Nan Haida Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. Shandong introduction, according to the characteristics of different food , plastic food packaging is also showing different individual needs , divided into five categories:

The first is the need for a soft and transparent, has good performance of water- proof plastic packaging , mainly applicable plastic trays to fear the influx of food ;

The second category is plastic packaging the need to have a good deadening resistance, abrasion resistance, puncture resistance and oil resistance of plastic packaging , mainly applied to greasy foods , snack foods, seafood and frozen food ;

The third category is the need to have good dark resistance and heat sealing, aroma , non-toxic , odorless plastic packaging , mainly used in cooking food , baking food, etc. ;

The fourth category is the need to have a good bactericidal , prolonged periods pvc tray of plastic packaging for food preservation , mainly used in meat products ;

The fifth category is good transparency and gloss , easy to use plastic packaging , mainly applied to dried fruit , spices and so on.

“Different foods have different needs for packaging , food companies only local conditions to select the appropriate plastic packaging materials , in order to avoid unnecessary food safety incidents .” An industry source stressed.

Third, to provide personalized security services Haida Plastics Corporation

Plastic packaging industry is still concerned about the well-known companies have long individual needs , and to develop targeted corresponding product . Chu Nan Haida Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. Shandong , on individual needs for more than five food packaging were introduced polyethylene plastic box design (PE) bags, vacuum package bag (PA / PE), aluminum composite bag (OPP / PET / PE), high-temperature cooking composite bag (PA / CPP) and a zipper plastic bag (PET / PE) five products , a good solution to the individual needs of food packaging , but also promoted the development of China’s plastics packaging plastic packaging design industry and progress .

Benefit individual needs strategy Chu Nan Haida Plastic Packaging Co., Ltd. Shandong is not only to meet the massive needs of the market , gain the trust and cooperation, including gongs clamshell packaging , 99 ducks and other well-known food companies to take up the China Southern Airlines , China Eastern Airlines and other aviation Aviation food packaging company mission, universally recognized customers ; Chu Nan Haida and the quality has reached the national top standards through clear plastic packaging ISO9001 international quality system certification, 14001 environment system certification, product access to national export commodity inspection and national quality accreditation AQSIQ issued a production license , and has become one of the few number of national quality certification authority of plastic products production and processing enterprises.

In the near future, the social development of plastic packaging will also propose a more diversified individual needs , and we look forward to Chu Nan Haida have come up with a richer product for food safety escort.

PVC plastic film means a film , polyethylene, polypropylene, polystyrene and other resin, used for packaging, and as coating layer . “Twelve Five” period, especially plastic films feature film materials in emerging industries will play an important role , excellent functional properties of thin film materials , the downstream market segments targeted, broad application prospects. Water film solar cell membrane , a thin film flat panel display , semiconductor and microelectronics films will have a vast space. Functional film materials technology barriers, the main difficulty lies in its formulation, process and equipment. plastic packaging Among the many features of the film , the integrated market space and technical barriers , our most promising optical films and photovoltaic films. Optical grade PET plastic packaging box as the main raw material of the optical film , clear plastic packaging diffusion film, a brightness enhancement film are processed on the basis of the slice from plastic packaging design the PET . Due to the high levels of optical plastic trays thin-film technology , a technology-intensive industries, high barriers to pvc tray entry , is still mainly rely on imports. Now there are companies wishing to enter the domestic optical film field , the domestic enterprises to enter the field of optical films , will boost demand optical PET film. Optical PET film production is mainly concentrated in the Japanese and Korean companies , domestic enterprises have yet to achieve large-scale production plastic box design . East wood science and technology , Nanyang Technology ( 002389 ) is expected to lead a breakthrough. Solar films including film and EVA film backplane backplane film mainly made ??of a fluorine -based film and a polyester film. Fluorinated membranes highest technical barriers , China is still not industrial enterprises, the clamshell packaging relative maturity of the polyester film is slightly higher domestic East wood science and technology , Changzhou Yuxing ‘s products have been certified by the downstream large foreign clients , import substitution is increasingly obvious, large southeast , binary new material, Nanyang Technological also actively entered the field.

China’s plastic pipe accounted plastic packaging box for more than half of global pvc tray output

?In recent years , with the construction, municipal engineering , hydraulic engineering, agricultural and plastic packaging design industrial sectors increasing market demand , China clamshell packaging plastic pipe industry has shown a trend of rapid development . According to statistics, China ‘s plastic pipe production and use of volume accounted for about half of the global total.
China has 1.3 billion people , about 20% of the world’s total population, but the development process of China’s urbanization and large-scale spawned plastic trays a “big man” pipeline industry , plastic pipe production in China each year about 11 million tons , while the global plastic pipe production is about 20 million tons .

China , this figure was provided by the China clear plastic packaging Plastics Processing Industry Association Professional Committee of plastic pipe , while the global figures taken from a report by the U.S. market research firm Freedonia Group . The report predicts that global demand for vac tray plastic pipe will be an annual growth rate of 6.2% , to 2017 will reach 23 million tons .

2013 held recently in Xi’an International Plastics piping conference, the global pipeline industry executives said the figure reflects the overall situation is basically correct . Even some of the high Chinese official figures , but China is still the world’s total in the account for a large proportion .

At present, China plastic pipe market economy is more intense, large-scale producers of plastic pipes over 3000 , the annual production capacity of over 15 million tons , with an annual capacity of 10,000 tons more than 300 companies , more than 20 have an annual capacity of more than 100,000 tons. Commonly used in the field of small-caliber home improvement , competition is more intense , the threshold is not high , making the layout of the sales network into the leading enterprise development ; projects in the field of engineering , production and transportation barriers limiting radius leading companies focusing on making technology development plastic packaging and scale expansion.

Equivalent to half of the world by virtue of the huge size of the domestic market , coupled with the intense competition among enterprises, the plastic pipe production accounts for half of the total global market is undoubtedly worthy of contemplation of its future development .

In vac tray the four materials in the packaging industry , plastic packaging and metal packaging to keep pace , but due to the high visibility plastic packaging , light weight and other characteristics, is the use of a wider range , but the attendant problems are more and more for each enterprise, how to make plastic packaging more environmentally friendly is to let them brains .
To green as the base , on the other hand also to enhance packaging capabilities and high performance . The plastic packaging materials companies can make reference in the following areas and further improve and enhance :

First, innovation and research and development of new materials and plastics processing technology, the plastic becomes more excellent performance packaging materials, and the use of new high-performance materials , packaging materials to achieve reduction ;

The second is to promote the progress and development of plastic blending technology , plastic additives and application of new technology in plastic packaging materials to ensure non-toxic, hygienic , environmentally friendly premise , plastic packaging design using low-cost technology to enhance the performance of plastic packaging materials for reduction provide possible ;

The third is to enhance and improve plastics recycling and processing technology, the plastic packaging material recycling rates increased dramatically improve and eliminate plastic packaging materials caused by the “white pollution” risks, improve resource utilization ;

Fourth, the development of bio- based plastics , bioplastics effectively regulate the degradation time and cycles, give full play to the function of bio-plastic packaging materials , while reducing and eliminating pollution and plastic packaging material impact on the ecological environment clamshell packaging ;

Fifth, through independent research and technological innovation, new materials to reduce the cost of plastic packaging of new technologies , to avoid problems due to high costs , many with green plastic packaging materials are not a large area of ??application ;

Sixth, the development of intelligence and other advanced packaging techniques , the use of some plastic packaging material has edible , water-soluble , etc. , reduce the amount of packaging plastic packaging box waste , improve safety and environmental performance pvc tray of plastic packaging .

Although biodegradable biomaterials not completely replace petroleum-based plastics , but under the national policy to encourage the promotion and enterprise applications proportion is gradually increased ; as clear plastic packaging a packaging material , especially food packaging materials, safety should comply with the basic principle. How to avoid the same time ensuring product performance plasticizers , metal elements , such as contamination of food enterprises to survive , development must be addressed ; once again , as a member of plastic trays society , enterprises must bear the social responsibility , good job packing recycling waste treatment and recycling of work to achieve the requirements of sustainable development.

Also note that the plastic packaging is widely used in the food industry , if not the good in terms of security clearance , resulting in food safety incidents can bring significant losses , so only the quality and safety of the well, in order to bring greater benefits. Meanwhile, enterprises should carry plastic packaging out scientific and technological innovation, technology transformation and upgrading, really toward the green , environmentally friendly direction, not just speculation on green packaging concepts .