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As a global leader in life sciences and materials sciences company, Royal Dutch DSM Group has launched a series of electrical and electronic fields used in halogen-free materials. These new materials eliminates the potential risk of hazardous substances , effectively reducing the environmental impact of e- waste to help customers create a more sustainable solution.

In recent years , regulatory and original equipment manufacturers of electrical and electronic industries are harmful substances in the raw materials made ??increasingly stringent requirements. For example , in the lead-free soldering technology and require the use of halogen-free technology solutions .

Also key electronic components , connectors, sockets , wire and cable , low voltage switchgear and other manufacturers , as well as miniature circuit breaker (MCB), molded case circuit breaker (MCCB), other industrial equipment, devices , LED lighting and other more specific areas of application, all hope clamshell packaging to achieve product miniaturization while reducing system costs , strengthen component integration. This material mechanical properties, heat resistance and processability made ??more stringent than conventional halogen-free polyamide material temperature requirements , such as higher temperatures and flow performance , thin wall strength , and a high reflectance in Glow-wire terminal application level ignition temperature (GWIT) performance.

As a leading provider of innovative solutions , DSM has many years of professional experience in the field of high-performance materials , to provide a complete solution for clear plastic packaging halogen-free high-performance engineering plastics , high-performance materials to enrich the customer ‘s choice . Based on different pvc tray application requirements , complete halogen-free product line includes:

Wire and Cable

Arnitel ? XG thermoplastic elastomer (TPC) alternative to traditional PVC materials for DC and AC power cable and USB ( Universal Serial Bus ) or HDMI ( plastic packaging High Definition Multimedia Interface ) and other data cables. Arnitel grades with other materials , like , Arnitel ? XG halogen-free or restricted materials and plasticizers ( with PVC different ) , and does not release carcinogenic substances in the environment during production, use and disposal process. The material meets the EU and UL safety standards, with excellent mechanical and chemical properties.

Connectors and sockets

Stanyl ?, Stanyl ? ForTii ?, Akulon ? and Novamid ? four materials in the electronics industry has a wide range of applications . From consumer electronics , home appliances and industrial connectors and sockets to switches, plastic box design relays and other electronic components bobbin DSM halogen-free materials can exhibit unmatched performance, and completely free of halogen and red phosphorus .

In the field of DDR connector , Stanyl and Stanyl For Tii materials with low warpage and thin-walled retention, by most original equipment manufacturers and original design manufacturers welcome, widely used in desktop computers plastic packaging design and servers.

Stanyl and Stanyl For Tii applications in numerous connectors are showing excellent performance, such as SATA ( Serial ATA) and SAS ( Serial Attached SCSI) interfaces , FCP ( printed circuit board ) connector and memory card connector . Currently most of the smart phone market, tablet computers, televisions and laptops have been using these materials. Both materials through continuous improvement , even in the ultra- high temperature lead-free reflow assembly , but also to maintain a strong rigidity , thereby significantly reducing warpage, reduce scrap rates.

In home appliances and industrial applications , StanylForTii material has been increasingly recognized by leading manufacturers , SMT junction boxes become an ideal solution . DSM developed the first SMT ( surface mount technology ) RAST connector solution – with a series of excellent features such as excellent dimensional stability , high strength , superior electrical performance, powerful UL94V-0 flame retardant level and so on. Coupled with Akulon and Novamid series , DSM’s products have been able to cover the entire junction box and RAST connector applications.

DSM’s global marketing director – e-business Tamim Sidiki said: “We have a wealth of halogen-free product portfolio to help customers meet the electronics industry increasingly stringent regulatory requirements for consumers to create a more environmentally friendly products .” He added: “DSM is committed to the development of electronic industry , active interest in the development of the industry dynamics , we not only to meet current and future needs of the industry as its mission , it is to set up a professional team, to provide development support , committed to Otis Man shaping the world ‘s leading business partners . ”


With the rapid rise of LED lighting in consumer and industrial markets, demand in the industry for high reflectivity , high temperature, high luminous plastic also has heated up. These materials can be used for LED Array Holder , LED connectors or junction box applications.

DSM’s Stanyl For Tii materials with unique performance, while maintaining high reflectivity , showing plastic packaging box excellent mechanical strength and UL-94V0 flammability rating . High reflectivity white components have been widely used in a variety of lighting products, future growth potential is considerable.


In the electrical field , whether it is used or after disposal consideration from the use of the most critical than product safety . DSM Engineering Plastics fully meet or exceed the requirements of relevant laws and regulations around the world , and after years of practice has proved that enjoys a leading position in the industry.

Over the past 30 years , DSM has always been at the forefront of the development of halogen-free electrical industry , while ensuring product performance to meet the requirements of sustainable development , the products are widely used in electrical enclosures and mini circuit breakers, molded case circuit breakers , thermal relays and other functional components. In addition plastic trays , DSM ‘s material is particularly suitable for replacing all types of thermosetting material. Finally, the electrical industry, is more gratifying : All grades of products have been extensively tested , reliable performance guarantee .


According to the China Packaging Technology Association of Plastic Packaging Council Secretary-General Tsai Ming Chi, this year, the plastic packaging industry to get rid of “atypical pneumonia” effect, adhere to technological innovation, continue to maintain steady growth trend, with good growth opportunities.
According to the statistics, is expected to grow 16% this year, plastic raw materials, plastic products increased by 15.8%, export delivery value increased by 21%. Plastic packaging materials production is expected to reach 4.6 million tons, 4.01 million tons more than last year increased by 15%, including biaxially oriented film, soft plastic composite plastic packaging clamshell packaging materials and packing containers (bottles, boxes, barrels) increased considerably.
Biaxially oriented film of the fastest growing. Partly because the country has BOPP Speciality including Shanghai Petrochemical, Beijing Yanhua, including six production, accounting for 50% of total demand; the other hand, the introduction of the production line has been put into operation this year, the added capacity of 10 tons or more , such as Sichuan Zhongda Corporation, Jiangsu Shuangliang Group and so were the introduction of a large-scale production line, now under construction. Plastic packaging innovation has become a driving force of development.
Barrier, versatility, soft plastic packaging materials developed in recent years has become a hot spot. High permeability powerful plastic case horse, multifunctional plastic wrap, aseptic packaging film developed rapidly, the original composite film is to a deeper level, bag making, printing technology to a new level. The whole industry has been offset, gravure, flexo color printing system, the promotion of soft plastic packaging materials to the depth development; counterfeit packaging films are becoming soft plastic packaging normally open flower.
Coextrusion technology also has a new maturity. With the exception of southern Liaoning Dalian Dongfang Machinery Company has been stacked in the nose technology promotion and application, made in co-extrusion technology clear plastic box and equipment has passed the product identification and began mass production. Guangdong Jinming Plastics Equipment developed by five co-extruded barrier film blowing machine through engaging in new product identification. The development of co-extruded packaging film, multifunctional film will change the product mix, which applies to liquid food, packaging design milk, meat and other food packaging.
Fresh fruits and vegetables packaging film market prospects. According to Mr. Cai Mingchi introduction, China is the world’s largest fruit and vegetable production and marketing plastic box power. However, about 30% of the fruit in the storage, transportation, sales process losses. Which is caused by improper packing fruit rot damage one of the reasons. Despite the different physiological properties of the fruit is not the same, but the color, taste and dehydration are common problems of decay. Therefore, how to suppress the metabolic process, reducing the consumption of nutrients to maintain the quality of fruit flavors fresh packaging an important issue. Currently, polyethylene film and polypropylene films are fresh fruits and vegetables the most widely used packaging materials.
Plastic beverage bottles lurking attractive market opportunities. After investigation, China’s carbonated beverage packaging PET bottles in the proportion of applications accounted for 57.4%, the market prospects. PET bottles in the plastic packaging industry started late, a large number of injection stretch the introduction of technology and equipment to promote a substantial production of PET bottles, PET bottles just a few years for its excellent performance to become the mainstream beverage bottle packaging materials. Including hot filling 85 -90 PET bottles PET bottles has become the fastest-growing species, growth of over 50%. Current industry production of PET bottles larger enterprises Zhuhai Zhongfu Zijiang Group Corporation and Shanghai, packaging company respectively, occupy 30% and 40% market share.
Beer packaging industry in recent years, the international resistant polyester bottle used (PET) develop rapidly, especially PET bottle coating technology (plasma technology) applications, 0.21mm inner coated carbon layer, which is almost the barrier induced like glass, meanwhile, can withstand high temperature sterilization treatment, expand the scope of its application, adaptation tea drinks hot filling plastic package and other packaging. Tsai vac tray Ming-Chi pointed out that Shanghai Zi Jiang Group, Zhuhai Zhongfu Group actively adopt new technology, research and development invested heavily in technology and by co-injection blow molding technology that allows beer in PET freshness up to 100 days, has pilot production 350 ml, 500 ml PET bottles, are being developed, and 2 liters of 1.5 l PET bottles of beer. Currently two companies are building new plants, ready for mass production.
Development plastic packaging of drinking water bottles (barrels) identify the direction. Currently, the market 5 gallon water barrel in PVC, PET-based, bring a lot of problems, PVC water barrel additive toxicity issue clear plastic packaging has been controversial. The PET water bucket is in line plastic trays with hygiene requirements, but because of market chaos, shoddy, old material filling new material, so bottled bacteria levels. According to the same investigation, some places 1/2 or more of bottled water failed, non-food grade barrels material is the main reason. Therefore, the development of food-grade PC material is very urgent. Shanghai has signed with Bayer PC resin construction 100,000 tons, in 2003 the first phase of production, annual output of 50,000 tons, can ease the PC rely on imports of long-term situation.
The rapid development of plastic packaging, market development is inseparable from related industries, food and soft drinks packaging market growth of more than 20%. Therefore, this year, transparent polypropylene market was rapidly plastics products expanding; agricultural processing implement green engineering for the plastic packaging market offers new opportunities. Tsai Ming Chi, for example, start Liaoning green food industry chain involved Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Shandong, Hebei, Hainan and other nine provinces, municipalities, 100 counties 100 production bases, including grain, fresh vegetables, fresh and dried fruit , milk and milk products, spices, raw meat, poultry and eggs over 3000 varieties of packaging, from production, processing, packaging, transportation, storage, sale of all aspects of the packaging is a challenge, all of which have contributed to plastic packaging materials market expansion.

The thermal decomposition of waste plastics plastics products

Thermal decomposition technology, the basic principle is that the waste plastic polymer resin for a more thorough Plains macromolecular chain decomposition, bring it back to low molar mass state, thus obtained using high-value products. Different varieties packaging company of plastic thermal decomposition mechanism and thermal decomposition products varies. PE, PP thermal decomposition of the main form in a random chain scission, almost no thermal decomposition products of the corresponding monomers, accompanied by thermal decomposition and random chain scission depolymerization reaction, some thermal decomposition products of styrene monomer , pvc plastic package first removal packaging design of the thermal decomposition of hydrogen chloride, then scission at higher temperatures, the formation of hydrocarbons.
Thermal decomposition of waste plastic pyrolysis process can be divided into low and catalytic decomposition, the former generally at 600 a high temperature of 900 , the latter even less than 450 300 the lower temperature, clear plastic box decomposition products of both different. Waste plastics pyrolysis reactor used are: tower, furnace type, trough, tube furnaces, fluidized plastic trays bed and extrusion machines. This technique is plastic case more thorough waste plastics recycling technology. Pyrolysis of the feedstock oil recovery methods, the need to carry out the reaction at a high temperature, a large investment in equipment, plastic box recovery costs are high, and the reaction process of coking phenomenon, thus plastic packaging limiting its application. The low-temperature catalytic decomposition due to the relatively low temperature reaction, so the research more active, and has made some progress.
Gulf states plastics consumption will grow 22% in

Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association (GPCA) predicts annual plastics consumption in the GCC countries in 2015 will grow by 22% clamshell packaging from the current 3.3 million tons to 5.5 million tons.
Gulf Petrochemicals and Chemicals Association Secretary Sadoun said that the increase in consumption is due to plastic plastic compound production expansion.
Although plastic accounts for only GCC petrochemical products 20%, but in value has reached 70%

Waste plastic magnetic clear plastic box separation technology

Currently, synthetic resin output reached 200 million tons, a large number of post-consumer plastics processing in today’s global plastic packaging environment has become a hot spot. Treatment of post-consumer plastics generally have the following several ways: 1. Landfill; 2. Incinerated; 3. Composting; 4. Recycling; 5 using biodegradable plastic.
Plastic recycling regeneration methods are: Melt regeneration, pyrolysis, energy recovery, recycling and other methods such as chemical raw materials.
Plastic recycling technology – PolyMag?
U.S. Eriez Magnetics has developed a plastic plastics products case new plastic plastic package recycling technology – PolyMag? ; Its use magnetism to improve the classification of the plastic waste.
In fact, the technique is accomplished by adding a special additive and inexpensive (less than 5%), increased susceptibility of the material, but does not change the plastic trays material properties; then the magnetic separator using Eriezs PolyMag separator material. By different amounts for each of the magnetic material used additives, PolyMag? Techniques of two or more components can be separated. The method may be for example from polypropylene, ABS (PE) is separated, or the thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is separated from the other polymer.
This patent is to solve the existing plastic reproduction method can not fully and effectively separate high purity made of plastic, plastic box which aims packaging design to provide a method of packaging company regenerating high-purity plastic. Independence of the patent term is: A method of improving susceptibility plastic removed from the other materials, the method comprising before the formation of the plastic articles, the plastic component of the specific amount of magnetic material, wherein a specific amount to small enough to not affect the material properties, but large enough to change the magnetic clamshell packaging susceptibility of products.
Magnetic materials mentioned above can be magnetite, ferrosilicon, ferromagnetic particles (such as iron filings), a lot of the added amount of the magnetic material is a plastic component 0.05-5 (wt)%. Using this method uses magnetic separators can be separated from the waste plastics.

Prevent soft PVC plasticizer clamshell packaging migration method

PVC plasticized widely used, but the plasticizer move said out from pvc such as plasticizers from plasticized PVC medical devices and plastic box storage bags of physiological fluid migration. Now, in the storage device, plasma, serum, liquor, food fat, and infusion of dialysis patient, a plasticizer has been detected. Large number of tests reported phthalate plasticizers on the potential human health hazards, the most commonly used phthalate, di (2 – ethylhexyl) phthalate (DEHP) is a degreasing agent-induced liver cancer, but plastic case also on the reproductive system and other organs harmful. In order to prevent plasticizer from plasticized PVC products migrate out to clear plastic box reduce the harm to human body, there were many people trying to use other graft plastic packaging polymers of PVC, blend, or coated with paint, glow discharge (glow -discharge), prolonged exposure to ultraviolet light and other methods of PVC surface treatment, as well as with dithiocarbamate (dithiocarbamated) for photo-crosslinking [1] and other methods to prevent plasticizer migration. JayaKrishnan and plastic package LaKshmi reported [2], in a suitable plastic trays phase transfer of water surface modification using sodium sulfide plasticizer, plasticizer migration can be effectively prevented. After this approach to soft PVC, it is suitable for medical and related equipment applications. Made by the alkyl halide and sodium dialkyl sulfide (dialkylsulphide) is a good raw material, there is a phase transfer catalyst, plastics products it can be easily procure PVC unstable chlorine atoms in the molecule by various nucleophilic substituted reagents.
Dianion containing compound (such as Na2S) packaging company instead of the PVC unstable Cl, the polymer crosslinking reaction. If packaging design crosslinking occurs in plasticized PVC film, this surface crosslinking can prevent the migration of plasticizers. Medical grade PVC tube of tetrabutylammonium hydrogen sulfate (0.15mol / L) the presence of a phase transfer catalyst, sodium sulfide in water (7.0mol / L), heated to 80 , 5h, while heating intermittent shaking. The sample was then washed with a large number, in trough remote sonar device (bath-typesonicator) sonicated within 1min, then at 50 drying to constant weight, using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (X-rayphotoelectronspectroscopy) and elemental analysis determined to prove that there are sulfur PVC samples. The surface of the PVC mesh structure, the tetrahydrofuran effect, it can separate out, and no cross-linked portion, then with soft PVC, the additive dissolved….

2010 packaging company China coatings industry will occur within two years of the watershed

The fierce market competition plastic trays has led to changes packaging design in the pattern coatings market, but as long as the markets are always risks and opportunities in the financial crisis, it is the power savings plastic package PRD paint companies reshape their own good time. I believe some of the best paint companies PRD after a short adjustment, development strategy will be more clear, they will pay more attention to the quality of development. Meanwhile, the company’s statements are no longer just stare at the sales performance, but more concerned about how to achieve profit maximization.
Now, a lot of big companies have the strength to take this opportunity to accelerate the pace of its expansion, but some corporate executives to look directly fixed on the acquisitions, mergers and acquisitions. There have been well-known corporate CEOs said: the advent of the financial crisis makes the acquisition costs, before the acquisition of 10 million yuan are not a business, and now a few million dollars can be negotiated, but in some areas where there are some advantages with features business. At this time talk to them about acquisitions and mergers and acquisitions to plastics products expand access to relatively low cost, thus integrating the company’s resources to achieve rapid development, the completion of their overall strategic layout.
PRD: go its own way, creating their own brand
Face paint companies in the PRD has clear plastic box been an unavoidable problem. The PRD paint companies are mostly joint ventures or private, smaller, so the majority of these enterprises is a high energy consumption, high pollution enterprises. Many small businesses over the plastic case Pearl River Delta and the blind expansion of production, one-sided pursuit of speed, quick success, neglected to cultivate talent and corporate culture. The face of financial crisis, dormant period, the plastic box PRD enterprises to increase the paint’s efforts to develop their plastic packaging own talents, improve their corporate culture.
Perhaps later paint companies in the PRD has no advantage on policy support, but the PRD perfect supporting facilities, the unique cultural environment and corporate culture rooted in the long-precipitation, let PRD after a short period of adjustment after integration becomes more robust.
Currently, the PRD paint companies in the face of a competitor’s product with its own growing homogenization of the time, no longer blindly expand production, lower prices, the use of methods to losing wounding competition, but the product quality continually optimized improve, and ultimately the formation clamshell packaging of qualitative products, product quality and technical content has been a qualitative leap and qualitative takeoff….

Plastic bags
Plastic bags by main material is polypropylene bags, polyethylene bags; sewn by sewing methods into bottom bags, hemmed bottom bags. Now widely used in clamshell packaging fertilizer, chemical products and other items of a packaging plastic box material. Its main production plastic package process is the use of plastic material by extrusion film, cut, one-way stretch of flat, get through the warp and weft knitting product, commonly known packaging design as woven.
Plastic film bags
Plastic film bag material is polyethylene. Indeed bags brought plastic trays to our lives convenient, packaging company but convenience has brought this time lasting harm.
??????? According to raw materials: high-pressure polyethylene plastic, low pressure polyethylene plastic case plastic bags, polypropylene bags, PVC bags and so on.
Shape classification: vest bags, straight bags, three-dimensional bags, square bottom bags. Closure pockets, tape bags, special bags.
Package bag
The various composite materials with different characteristics, plastics products in order to improve the packaging material permeability, moisture resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, chemical resistance, to play pest control, dust, microbes, light, smell, smelly and other odor-barrier, as well as heat, cold, impact resistance with better mechanical strength clear plastic box and processing for performance and good printing and decorative effect.
Classification by packaging in the form of: three, yin and yang bags, in letters, pillow bags, five side seal bags, plastic packaging pouches, zipper bags, straw bags, sheet, cover materials, such as classified by function: High overcast membrane bags, cooking film bags, anti-static film bags, anti-bacterial film bags, anti-fog film bag, vacuum bag, anti-chemical film bags, oxygen packaging film bags, modified atmosphere packaging film bags, etc.
Material classified as: Laser aluminized complex paper material, laser transfer paper materials, paper composites, aluminum composite material, plastic composites, textile composite materials.

Voelkl with CM65 conical twin-screw extruder pipe 110 32 molding process conditions are as follows:
Barrel temperature / C 175/165/150/140
Connectors die temperature / C 160
Die temperature / C 175/175/165/190/200
Screw Temperature / C 130/135
Screw speed / (r / min) 30.5
Motor torque utilization /% 95
Vacuum / MPa 0.09
Screw fullness /% 100
Melt pressure / MPa 24.5 (measured at the connector)
Melt plastic box temperature / C 193 (measured at the connector))
Yield / (kg / h) 250
Xu Shoujian with CM80 conical twin-screw extruder production sound pipe 225 6.6 pipe process conditions are as follows:
Barrel temperature / C plastic case 175/165/150/140/150
Die temperature / C 175/180/180/180/185
Melt pressure / MPa 15
Melt temperature / C 200
Screw speed / (r / min) 26
Motor torque value /% 78
Twin-screw extruder with a general machining process plastic package of the tube under the following conditions:
Barrel temperature / C 175 ~ 180/165 ~ 170/155 ~ 160/140 ~ 150
Die temperature / C 160 (connection) / 170 ~ 175/180 ~ 185/185 ~ 190/180 ~ 185/173 (punch)
Screw Temperature / C 60 ~ 80
Screw speed / (r / min) 20 ~ 30
Screw clamshell packaging vacuum / MPa 0.08 ~ 0.09
Pulling speed faster than the extrusion rate of 1% to 3%
In order to better control plastic trays the twin-screw extrusion process, the need for a twin-screw extruder functions each stage of understanding. According Leingartner papers, he pressed a particular processing function, can be twin-screw feed section is divided into sections, plastic sections, current limiting, venting and metering zones into five sections. The role of the feed section is pvc dry mixture at a predetermined speed of delivery to the plastics segment, while the material is preheated. Plastics segment is the role of the material further heated and agglomerate into blocks. The role of limiting the exhaust section of the sealing and facilitate the material melting section. The main function of the exhaust section is to eliminate volatiles, and pre-plasticized material entrained in the air. The role of the metering section is to complete the melting process, the material homogenization, and generate sufficient pressure to overcome the resistance of the die. The five functions are the geometry of each section by the screw to achieve the change.
In controlling the molding condition, first, to control the temperature. Barrel temperature distribution from high to low, the feed section and the section of the plasticizing temperature of the material to be heated in the exhaust section to achieve a certain degree of gelation, junction block and the material density packaging company of about 1.0g/cm3, density is clear plastic box too low there will be withdrawn from the vent powder phenomenon. In the metering section lower temperature due to friction heat, melt temperatures up to 190 C. In the die temperature was gradually increased, as shown in Figure plastics products 2-10. Die out at temperatures up to 250 C, so that the PVC gel instantaneously achieve the desired degree without degradation.
Second, we must packaging design control the feedstock. To meet the twin screw extrusion process stability requirements, you can choose for full metering section C-shaped chamber is less sensitive to the number of process conditions, ie a higher plastic packaging screw speed, the lower the resistance of the feedstock and the lower die. The feedstock generally make the exhaust section of the spiral groove is half full. In addition, the screw should be lower than the rated torque. For conical twin-screw, torque up to 95% of the rated value is safe.

With the rapid development of the national economy, PVC bag applications is packaging company also expanding. It is reported that, as an important branch of packaging materials, PVC bags are widely used in food, cosmetics, daily necessities and other fields, the industry has a key role in boosting the economy.
It is reported that in 2010 the Chinese food packaging industry, announced the “Top Ten hidden products”, it comes to food plastic package in plastics products plastic bags, milk bags two kinds of PVC bags. According to the experts said, PVC bag security issues, is the most worrying problem. First, plastic case the residue index exceeded, two of lead exceeded. Used with PVC bag made from recycled material, 99% residue exceeded. And heavy metals, it is caused by the additives and fillers.
Today, consumers buy plastic packaging items, see the bags have a “food” and the “QS” sign, would be more at ease. However, according to the plastic packaging International Packaging Association survey, there are still some companies production, sales undocumented PVC bag, packaging design even the use of waste plastics and other violations of raw materials for production. Appears forgery or fraudulent use of QS clear plastic box production license others is repeated.
As people’s awareness clamshell packaging of environmental protection and the strengthening of health and safety is undoubtedly the potential to urge the PVC industry towards green road ahead. Experts pointed out, PVC bag industry market space have all been opened, the market demand has also been released. This market environment, there are opportunities to plastic box have bad luck, how to stand out in the Ebb plastic trays Tide, shining glory, became all the company’s core PVC bag production test subject.
Issues related to the degradation of PVC bag, environmental issues remain a long-term goal of public health and safety issues at the moment is urgent. We call, in the absence of sufficient capacity to monitor the market amount is too large social, PVC bags to the healthy development of environmental protection and more dependent on their own quality and standards, rather than externally imposed regulation.

Brief polyethylene waste

?Polyethylene is a plastic largest output, highly versatile thermoplastic, which is composed of ethylene polymerization, is partially crystalline materials generally available thermoplastic molding methods. Polyethylene can be divided into high-density polyethylene, low density polyethylene and linear low plastic case density polyethylene three plastic trays categories.
High density polyethylene is generally higher than the density of 0.94g /, and low density polyethylene and linear low density polyethylene has a density in between 0.91 ~ 0.94g/cm. Main sources of waste polyethylene film has packaging design two aspects: plastic packaging
1 plastic package film production generated scrap, defective products and so on. These wastes are clean, clear varieties, can crush the compressed directly into an extruder granulation, recycling process becomes simple.
2 From the chemical plastics products industry, electrical industry, food and consumer goods industry and other waste film. These have been contaminated waste film, and some have colored and printed with logo, and some also contain sand, sawdust or shredded paper and other impurities.
Polyethylene because packaging company cheap, convenient shape, clear plastic box so its clamshell packaging products, wide range of applications, but the most used or packaging products, is estimated at 60%. High density polyethylene is mainly plastic box used for packaging films and bottles, hollow containers; low density polyethylene is the most important use of packaging films and agricultural films; linear low-density polyethylene used in film, plastic film, pipe and wire and cable.