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In recent years, driven by the rapid development of China’s macro-economy, China’s plastic pipe industry has been plastic packaging box rapid development. pvc tray Because plastic pipe has obvious advantages in energy, land, water, materials aspects. 2015 development of the clear plastic packaging plastic pipe will enter the “Golden Age”, the total production will reach plastic trays 13.2 million tons.

Housing construction and public works still provide a stable domestic demand; conservancy construction policy support, an annual 400 billion of investment; rural drinking water safety system upgrade construction and building plastic box design plastic packaging design materials to the countryside pulling plastic pipe demand; gas clamshell packaging supply system and heating consumption trends will also bring demand incremental and other conditions, by the current favorable policies, the development of plastic packaging China’s plastic pipe industry unprecedented.

Thus, the development of plastic pipe “golden era” has begun, I believe the future of China’s plastic pipe industry will usher in rapid steady development.


With the promotion of energy saving , wood industry, construction, furniture areas of concern , with good trends and market prospects. Recently, the British Bristol Applied Market Information Consulting market research report shows the results expected in 2013 WPC continue to grow clear plastic packaging substantially. The largest increase is pvc tray expected in the house building and interior parts, outdoor floor will remain in the international market plastic packaging WPC applications accounted for Health guide position.

WPC in the eighth seminar held in Vienna , Battenfeld Cincinnati Technology Laboratory show WPC extrusion production line of outdoor flooring line speed of seven chambers reached 2.25 m / min. Production reached 400 kg / 6 hours in this outdoor flooring profiles not only conforms to the growing market demand , and compared with the use of pure new materials production profiles, due to its inner recycled materials, raw material cost savings of up to 25 %. Specifications for the production of raw materials and presentations (160 30) cm mold provided by the partner company in Belgium . The extrusion line is a core part of fiberEX92 extrusion host and a compact fiberEX38 co-extruder .

Another partner , Delta wood products company from the Netherlands in Battenfeld Cincinnati Technology Laboratory to showcase plastic packaging design a plastic packaging box new set of wood-plastic composites house. Based on the assembly ” makeshift ” concept , designed for installation design plastic trays yourself , especially considering plastic box design the disaster area in the application , the company demonstrated its innovative WPC profile applications. In addition to effective sort of metal reinforcement, the maximum intensity from within the housing structure WPC profile wood particles used in load-bearing structures . Thus, wood-plastic composite material with many advantages , from the point of view of future -oriented clamshell packaging trends , wood industry has a broad market prospect.

With the growing consumption of beverages , beverage packaging industry with a bright future . It is estimated that in 2017 the global beverage clamshell packaging packaging market value will reach $ 118.8 billion . Currently, the U.S. , Europe and Asia Pacific in the global beverage packaging market still accounted for the largest share. With the gradual change in the continuous improvement of people’s income levels and consumer lifestyle , beverage packaging demand will grow rapidly. As the consumption of beverages continues to rise, the Asia-Pacific region, especially China and India, the manufacturer will provide a broader beverage packaging market .

Beverage packaging was diversified development trend

With the increasing rapid development of the global economy and the people’s living standards , the rapid development of the beverage industry , beverage varieties has been installed by the previous single bottles of soft drinks , to today carbonated drinks, natural drinks flowers are blooming situation. Therefore , the beverage packaging industry diversification trend also appears to break the monopoly over a single glass container market pattern. Metal, plastic , paper materials have been used in the beverage packaging, metal cans pvc tray , PET bottles , PP bottles, Tetra Pak , black and white film packaging stage.

Glass is a long history of packaging materials. In today’s constant influx of new types of packaging materials in the market, as the traditional glass beverage containers , in beverage packaging still occupy an important position. Glass containers because of plastic box design its non-toxic, odorless, transparent , plastic trays beautiful, good barrier , airtight , abundant raw materials, low prices, etc. become the material of choice tea, jujube juice beverage .

Metal cans cans jealously guarding the city . On the current market for beverage packaging , metal beverage cans are still widely used packaging materials , two -piece cans and three-piece cans. Two cans of aluminum sheet metal mainly used for carbonated beverage packaging ; while three cans with tinplate ( tin ) mainly used for free carbonated beverage packaging.

Fruit and vegetable packaging paper containers occupy a refreshing drink dairy country . Paper containers used for fruits and vegetables, dairy products and soft drinks packaging, materials and shapes can be classified according to their paper , brick composite cartons, paper cups, cans and other combinations . Compared with other containers , paper containers advantages are: low cost, light weight , has a favorable logistics , metal cans and smelly dissolution occurred . According to reports, the world’s annual consumption of aseptic carton packaging of more than 1000 billion units developed carton beverage per capita consumption of dozens of packages.

PET bottles stand out of the market dominance

PET bottle transparent , plastic packaging box high barrier , plastic , resealable packaging of soft drinks and other properties make it a growing market demand , and plastic packaging design gradually replace the aluminum packaging trend. Currently , PET aseptic containers are widely used in a variety of beverage packaging among its market share in the beverage packaging industry dominates. Drink from the world’s major powers of market share , PET bottles share more than 70%. Among them, the United States, the development of Japan PET beverage packaging industry very quickly. At present, China is in a stage of rapid development but also PET beverage packaging , PET bottles with double-digit annual growth in demand . Domestic carbonated beverage packaging PET bottles accounted for 57.4 %.

In recent years , the global tea market in the meteoric rise, yields surge. Since the requirements for hot filling tea drinks under the conditions clear plastic packaging of 85 ~ 90 , and PET bottles for hot filling a heat resistant temperature of up to about 95 , so filling the tea beverage PET plastic packaging hot-fill PET bottles has become a bottle of the fastest growing varieties, the annual growth rate of over 50 %. In addition , PET bottles are packaged in the form of bottled water main , most PET bottles with water drinks are dressed .

Make plastic packaging plastic box design for the food put on the ” helmet”

As mainstream varieties of food packaging , plastic food packaging is playing an increasingly important role in ensuring food security, and improve the standard of food packaging materials is to protect itself safe and reliable important technical means.

Plastic packaging for the food security escort

China Light Industry Information Center, the former race engineer Don Jane believes that food safety hazards are many factors , including the storage and sale of part , due to the lack of a better performance of packaging materials, refrigeration technology and food preservation techniques which lead to mildew rot is the most serious problem one of the factors . According to the report , so the loss of food in developing countries each year more than 50 % of total production , about 30% of each year ‘s grain, fruits and vegetables in the sales process due to rot and wasted . Plastic food packaging can not guarantee the safety of food , but also can greatly reduce waste and loss of food. Currently in total food consumption in packaging , plastic packaging than the sum of the amount of paper, metal plastic packaging box , glass and other traditional packaging materials , accounting for more than 50 %. Therefore, any standard plastic packaging completely safe to use . For some false rumors in society, we should analyze the scientific attitude and judgment .

Set standards to ensure the safety of the plastic bag material

Plastic packaging , while protecting food from outside contamination , there may introduce some sources . How to prevent the introduction of harmful substances in packaging materials in the production process, is an issue , assistant director of the National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center Wang Zhu days most concern. Wang Zhu day to emphasize that the pvc tray plastic food packaging standards and regulations are plastic food packaging safety of a firewall. In the field of plastic packaging design food packaging materials , the state -level law has strict requirements . Currently, the field of food safety , there are more than 200 standards related to food packaging materials ; addition to the standard , there are some departmental regulations also involves plastic food packaging materials. In these laws and regulations , for the resin used in food packaging , additives and other raw materials and dosage varieties have clear plastic packaging strict rules , as clamshell packaging long as the production process in strict accordance with the relevant standards can guarantee the safety of plastic food packaging .

Recycling for Sustainable Development

With plastic packaging materials widely used in food , plastic food packaging while ensuring food safety , is also facing the challenge how about let themselves achieve sustainable development. Plastics derived from petroleum , are non-renewable resources , and because of stable performance plastics , difficult to degrade themselves , thrown away after the formation of pollution on the environment , so how to dispose of waste plastics become a bottleneck restricting the healthy development of the plastic packaging industry.

PS foam disposable tableware for the lifting of the ban after the “white pollution” Will comeback worry , Li Peisheng clear that the first cause of “white pollution” is not the culprit PS foam disposable tableware itself but discard the bad habits and waste management poor ; secondly , Shanghai implementation of the ” three cents project” prove recycling is the solution to the “white pollution” the most effective way ; again , the introduction of advanced recycling and disposal technologies developed also to solve the ” white pollution” has provided technical support. Li plastic trays Peisheng also revealed that the national authorities are developing new regulations , proposed waste lunch boxes, plastic bags , etc. into compulsory recycling directory . The implementation of these measures are discarded plastic food packaging will reduce environmental pollution and promote low-carbon industry , recycling and sustainable development play an important role .

Equipment for the food security escort

China Light Industry Information Center, the former race engineer Don Jane believes that food safety hazards are many factors , including the storage and sale of part , due to the lack of a better performance of packaging materials, refrigeration technology and food preservation techniques which lead to mildew rot is the most serious problem one of the factors . According to the report , so the loss of food in developing countries each year more than 50 % of total production , about 30% of each year ‘s grain, fruits and vegetables in the sales process due plastic packaging to rot and wasted . Plastic food packaging can not guarantee the safety of food , but also can greatly reduce waste and loss of food. Currently in total food consumption in packaging , plastic packaging than the sum of the amount of paper, metal , glass and other traditional packaging materials , accounting for more than 50 %.

Set standards to ensure the safety of the plastic bag material

Plastic packaging , while protecting food from outside contamination , there may introduce some sources . How to prevent the introduction of harmful substances in packaging materials in the production process, is an issue , assistant director of the National Food Safety Risk Assessment Center Wang Zhu days most concern. Wang Zhu day to emphasize that the plastic food packaging standards and regulations are plastic food packaging safety of a firewall. In the field of food packaging materials , the state -level law has strict requirements . Currently, the field of food safety , there are more than 200 standards related to food packaging materials ; addition to the standard , there are some departmental regulations also involves plastic food packaging materials. In these laws and regulations , for the resin used in food packaging , additives and other raw materials and dosage varieties have strict rules , as long as the production process in strict accordance with the relevant standards can guarantee the safety of plastic food packaging .

The thickness uniformity of flexible packaging materials plastic packaging design and packaging costs
?With crude oil prices continued to rise , the cost of polymer packaging materials also rose sharply . Today, however, the intense competition in the market , because if prices of packaging materials and increase the selling price of products in an attempt to increase the cost of all or part of the turn added to the consumers, consumers certainly do not buy . In addition, if the manufacturer trying to reduce costs by reducing packaging performance , which is nothing short of dismantling their signs. Current approaches can effectively solve the rising costs of packaging materials have the following two aspects : first, intensify the development of new polymers, to reduce as much as possible without reducing the amount of packaging material or reduce the cost of packaging performance under the premise ; followed by taking effective means to control the uniformity of the test material thickness , reducing packaging waste resulting rate . The latter relatively easier to implement , thickness measurement using the existing technology can help companies reduce packaging costs.

1 , the importance of uniformity of the film thickness

Thickness uniformity is one of the prerequisites for the protection of materials with specific functions . plastic packaging box In functional barrier material , for example, the barrier layer will directly affect the uniformity of the overall barrier properties of the material . The barrier layer is a barrier layer of the film is the most important , the barrier properties of the barrier film on the one hand the level depends on the clear plastic packaging choice of barrier layer material ( e.g., excellent barrier properties of the current blocking layer materials which are mostly aluminum , aluminum , silicon oxide coated material , PVDC, EVOH , etc. ) ; other depending on the thickness of the barrier layer , the barrier layer is generally thicker the better the barrier properties of the film , when the thickness of the barrier layer reaches a certain level , the barrier properties of the film has become stable , no longer increases with the growth of the barrier layer thickness. Barrier materials are expensive , the thickness of the barrier layer directly affects the overall costs of the barrier film . Application of multi-layer composite film can effectively reduce the packaging cost , wherein the thickness of the barrier layer is only about 10% of the overall thickness of the film , some even only 5m ( or less ) , but difficult to control the thickness of the barrier layer is very large . When the thickness uniformity of the barrier layer is not prone to weak points in the function of the barrier layer , resulting in instability of the entire film barrier properties , poor barrier properties may be part of the packaging material , the resulting product should reach the expiration date , and for part of the film ( especially good transparency film ) barrier layer film thickness changes also affect the overall appearance and vac tray color , reduce the display of goods .

Film thickness uniformity or not will give film printing process and the corresponding increase in the use of difficulty . In commonly used in gravure printing , for example, control the printing of the critical tension to ensure print quality , control and tension the film material , the thickness and uniformity of the thickness have a relationship , caused by poor control of the overlay material can be directly allowed . Further , the film thickness uniformity can also cause poor dislocation phenomenon rewinding the film after printing.

In the production process of multilayer films , the film thickness of any layer can cause uneven unevenness subsequent processing , resulting in the finished film thickness uniformity is worse . Use of this uneven film thickness for packaging , packaging materials when using the mechanical properties of weak points prone , if the packaging , transportation , storage, packaging, sales process, subject to greater external shocks, these weak points prone to cracks , holes and other special save function resulting material is reduced or completely lost .

2 , how to detect the film thickness

Manufacturing and processing of the film , the film thickness detection is one of the most common detection index film , a film thickness detecting the addition into the coating thickness and the thickness detector detects two types . Since the thickness of the film is the total thickness of the resin layers , if the overall difference in the thickness uniformity of the film , wherein the thickness of the resin distribution layers may also differ . Undoubtedly , the detection of the thickness of the coating will be more conducive to effective control film thickness uniformity of the layers , but get the most accurate measurement for each of the multilayer film thickness of the coating on the respective detection equipment need to have a thickness very large investment , and with the growth of the thin film layers increase , to bring greater economic burden. More economical way is expensive coating material portion for detecting the thickness of the coating , while enhancing the overall film thickness uniformity is required to achieve effective control of the role of other layers of material thickness.

Thickness testing equipment can be divided into online thickness measurement equipment and non- line thickness measurement equipment into two categories, these details can be found in two types of devices , ” commonly used method for measuring the thickness of the film ,” a text . If these two types of thickness measurement can be used in conjunction with the device is the best , this is due to line thickness measurement equipment is often used in non-contact measurement, can not be avoided because the material has a compression or a soft bag for the thickness of the material detected is caused by poor surface flatness volatile data , the line thickness measurement device can not provide a contact measurement method ( eg Labthink CHY-C2 uses a mechanical thickness measurement method ) , makes up the line thickness measurement of this a shortage . Although other line thickness measurement can control the film thickness uniformity of the batch , but the finished film is not suitable for sampling must therefore be equipped with a non- line thickness measurement device.

Line thickness measurement device with the fastest speed to get the thickness of the test data , and adjust parameters production line to reduce the thickness fluctuations in material and shorten the production line driving time , but need to be equipped with production lines that match the scanner , which its reuse have certain restrictions, and the price of equipment, operation and maintenance costs to be much more expensive than non -line thickness measurement equipment. Non- line thickness measurement devices are inexpensive , small , easy to use , but the production line thickness parameter adjustment feedback is much slower. Non- many types of online thickness measurement equipment , including mechanical thickness measurement technology applicability of the strongest , it is not selective samples tested free from color products, ingredients change on or reflective surfaces can be used to detect any substance, and plastic trays it in the same thickness measurement will apply some pressure to measure the surface of the sample, which can effectively avoid data due to the compression or samples with poor surface flatness plastic box caused by the volatile situation , very suitable for soft packaging materials thickness detection . Further, since the compressibility characteristics of the film , when the thickness of the detection of various types of thin film with a thickness of the case is often a gap appears , therefore , strict accordance with a predetermined condition is important plastic packaging to select the instrument .

3 , outlook
Increase the thickness uniformity of the test material , can reduce scrap packaging materials , to achieve the purpose of saving costs. Due to the compressibility of the structure of the soft package material itself , making the gauge has been the first choice for all types of machinery and soft packing material thickness detection. However, the mechanical contact type thickness measurement method Measurement limit its clamshell packaging development in the field of line thickness measurement , and therefore , in order to effectively control the thickness uniformity of the material , preferably simultaneously with the line thickness , and non -line testing equipment , which according to the needs of enterprises combination of factors, type of material , thickness uniformity control requirements , the equipment budget to decide.

: Before the domestic plastic packaging industry, on the scale of only about 10% of large enterprises , small and medium enterprises accounted for more than 90 %.

Large plastic packaging printing enterprises advanced printing speed ( high speed printing ) ; product high quality, volume, variety loyal, but with a large amount of high quality ink , fixing at most two to three ink manufacturers ink. However, many small and medium sized enterprises in the plastic packaging printing , although there are many manufacturers have been updated in recent years ; however , the low-speed printing presses still in the majority. Their equipment and poor conditions , but the production of many varieties , but the bulk is small, less quantity . Thus ink more complex , there is no fixed using ink ink manufacturers, generally low ink sales market. Plastic gravure ink usage:

Large plastic packaging business is a big user of ink , but the ink on the domestic market is a small market ; medium-sized enterprises are the ideal plastic packaging ink market with the user , but also the various ink manufacturers are fighting ; numerous small plastic bag small vac tray business users with ink .

Market with a variety of ink :

Plastic gravure printing ink is mainly used in plastic packaging in food packaging , salt packaging , cosmetic packaging items , pharmaceutical packaging , paper packaging , clothing packaging . Composite food packaging printing ink is mainly part of the candy wrappers with surface printing inks ; cooking and packaging inks using high-temperature cooking , general vacuum packaging is made of polyester ink ; dairy packaging appropriate to water, acid , heat the ink. Pharmaceutical packaging and cosmetic packaging to polyester -based inks . Some manufacturers use salt packaging surface printing inks , some manufacturers of composite printing ink , but more manufacturers use polyester ink. Daily necessities packaging, paper packaging and apparel packaging printing inks multi- use table , but the table should be printed on special white ink , smooth scratch -resistant , anti-adhesion of ink. With the improvement of quality packaging market , where the use of composite printing inks and specialty dedicated more and more .

Plastic gravure printing ink market price :

The current price of plastic ink at high, medium and low gear , the higher Shanghai DIC Ink Corporation , Toyo Ink Jiangmen , Shenzhen, Shenzhen company ink and other inks market price . Eagle Ink Shanxi , Zhejiang New Oriental Ink ink prices centered. Zhejiang Yong Chemical Company ink in the lower price, but domestic production of low -priced small ink ink manufacturers too much.

General plastic gravure printing ink market price : The average price of cooking ink around 50-60 yuan ; polyester ink at an average price of about 25-30 yuan ; Average price sheet printing ink is about 15-20 yuan ; complex in India the average price is about 18-25 yuan ink ; ink on the average price of milk used in about 25-30 yuan. Price listed above are all packing plant generally acceptable prices , but also guarantee the quality under ideal price .

Domestic plastic gravure ink market situation :

Year after year, the domestic petrochemical products prices continued to rise , and many varieties are also shortages. To July 2004 , the price of petroleum products on the market up to the price of the last decade , but the price of plastic gravure printing ink is difficult to tune up .

The same plastic packaging and processing enterprises also because its required raw material prices, ( especially the largest amount of polyethylene plastic granules, printing diluent prices have more than doubled ) plastic packaging products , however the price was raised the same. Such as large quantities of product : instant noodles packaging, milk packaging roll film , profits have been minimal ; thus causing losses since , but the more the greater the loss of production . Large plastic flexible packaging and processing enterprises : Although well-equipped , strong technical force , funds relatively strong , but the need to seek order large quantities of products, high cost of small quantities of products . But the current shortage of large orders , and the meager profits ; therefore plastic trays a high amount of the loan , a lot of money can not repay , credit decreased operating difficult.

Medium-sized plastic flexible packaging and processing enterprises : a shortage of funds , loans and often not in place. In Meishao forced transformation equipment , lack of funds available ; need to improve the quality of personnel , training and find a suitable place , in trouble ( especially new businesses ) .

Small plastic flexible packaging and processing enterprises : the equipment is poor, the quality of personnel is not high , technical strength is weak, the crude product can only eke out a living.

Domestic plastic packaging market is weak , plastic gravure printing ink market competition continues to intensify , still in the saturated state of oversupply . Sales of high-priced ink reduction in the price of plastic box ink than service , low-cost ink everywhere everywhere. Substituted phenyl ester solvent ink clamshell packaging ink has become the trend , although the water-soluble ink environmentally friendly, but not yet mature. Packaging companies want a single solvent for a wide range of surface printing , composite, cooking a whole, moderate plastic packaging design price and ideal inks, has not yet appeared on the market.

Domestic sales strategy:

Large user ink dosage, price discounts large amounts of money and more pressure , long term of payment , ink manufacturers need to break into a strong financial background , the strength of a large , large initial investment , the late great risk .

User ease of sales management is an ideal target sales to fight , but the ink factory sales policies need the support and patience of long-term human input .

Many small users in the current domestic sales of the ink market, it requires a lot of human input , by the multi-faceted after-sales service .

Marketing strategy to control large ink , ink in the development of the user , the development of small households with ink . Priority to the production of high-profit varieties, plans to produce varieties of micro- profits, reduced or no production of varieties of losses. Cash payment users , dealers and meet to ensure supply. Users reconciliation of payments to program suppliers . On the operating conditions are bad , poor reputation , the user must be cautious in arrears and plastic packaging eliminate a large supply . To focus on enterprise limited funds , will reduce the risk to a minimum, while maximizing the economic benefits

In summary :

The rapid expansion of the domestic plastic packaging manufacturers , plastic flexible packaging market weakness , the price of petrochemical products continued to rise . Making the ink market competition intensifies , tough sell , sales profit margins decrease , some varieties profit or not profit. A large number of enterprises will cause a loss of sales , production companies proudly hardships , especially in the price of ink manufacturers more difficult.

How can plastic packaging box plastic gravure printing ink manufacturing enterprises out of the current situation? We must first understand the status and needs of the market, and according to their own characteristics and advantages , strengthen enterprise management and the development of series of practical marketing strategy. Second, we must circumvent their lack of training and improving their quality of all marketing staff , training foster teamwork beliefs , intensify marketing services . Then the production staff to work closely clear plastic packaging with product quality as the basis, increase savings for the purpose of steady development in order to survive .

Therefore future ink sales market competition is more intense , individual ink manufacturers have to prepare to put more money and manpower, improve sales policy reforms to strengthen growth of service team. To survive in the competitive market , respond to the rapidly changing market , price competition alone is not enough . Must be scientific management, planning production, ensure supply , reasonable shipping, and effective marketing. Seeking sales market , pre- publicity is very important ; But more critical is the after- sales service is an extension of the sale. Only give users a sense of security , a sense of trust , in order to consolidate market share .

General principle of marketing strategy : external sales strategy is – publicity campaign steadily progressive , focused on the promotion , patience to wait. Internal management strategy – to strengthen management , improve learning , quality training, and increase savings .

Anyway scientific management , standardized management, tapping throttle , hardworking shortcut is to get rid of the plight of the enterprise survival and development .

Has been in industrial production , PVC plastic materials are one of the most widely used plastic material plastic packaging design . PVC material is a non -crystalline materials. plastic packaging box PVC plastic materials because of its non-toxic, green environmental protection, environmental protection material known as food grade , food grade PVC material widely used in environmental relatively close contact with consumers in medicine , film and so on. plastic packaging And there are some performance after injection through a modified PVC plastic materials will be better and better meet the needs of standard industrial production.

On PVC plastic materials , for its essence is a vacuum plastic clear plastic packaging pvc tray film , because plastic trays PVC materials are lightweight, heat insulation, thermal insulation, moisture-proof , flame retardant, easy construction and so on. And it ‘s size, color, pattern variety, highly decorative , can be applied to interior walls and ceiling of the room decor, plastic -like material in one of the most widely used decorative materials , it also used for various types of panel surface packing , it is also known decorative film, with film, used building materials, packaging , pharmaceutical and other industries. Building materials industry accounted for the largest proportion, followed by the industry, packaging industry, as well as a number of other small-scale applications. The reason why there is such a wide range of PVC plastic use , thanks to its many excellent features. Light weight, insulation, moisture-proof plastic box design , flame retardant , acid , corrosion-resistant ; stability, good dielectric properties , durability , anti-aging , easy welding and bonding ; through kneading , mixing, pull tab , diced , extrusion or molding die casting process can easily meet the needs of various profiles clamshell packaging specifications ; smooth surface, bright color, highly decorative , decorative applications broad, simple construction techniques, installation more convenient.

The latest market survey, said that by 2016, demand in plastic packaging box the U.S. market, the pipeline is expected to grow 6.2% to $ 50.1 billion annually. Among clear plastic packaging them, the plastic will plastic trays be faster than the growth rate of other materials.

Factors driving growth plastic packaging design include plastic packaging recovery in building construction, oil and gas exploration to expand the scale and the replacement of aging water mains networks. A “plastic pipe and pipe competition,” the report said, the driving force to promote the growth of plastic plastic box design resins including improvements to increase pipeline performance.

PVC pipes account for all plastic pipe in 2011 more than half of total demand, the future will remain an pvc tray important position, the growth rate is expected to be close to double digits. In terms of sales, will remain the largest proportion of steel in 2016 will reach $ 28.5 clamshell packaging billion in annual sales.

Stora Enso is a global specialty departments with Robert `s Packaging plastic

trays ‘s C-1500 series of high-speed continuous form / fill / seal equipment introduced MultiFlexTM paper bag barrier

material . The material plastic box produced by a number of tests and trial

operation, and can be added in resealable zipper clamshell packaging pocket .

” With MultiFlex bags and Robert` s Packaging equipment can be described as perfect , “Dawn Soucek global business development

manager for Stora Enso vac tray specialty department said,” With the MultiFlex,

clear plastic packaging the manufacturer does not have a more plastic packaging box solid barrier sheet material plastic packaging containing aluminum , put into use this new material does not

affect the customer’s existing Robert plastic packaging design `s Packaging

equipment , high-speed operation of the performance .”

“As an outward while providing equipment and packaging suppliers, we see the potential market for stand-up pouches packaging design . Customers are constantly looking for new unique packaging

materials , and require bags securely as possible .” Robert `s Steve Koppe , general manager of packaging , said , “We have

launched Stora Enso ‘s packaging solutions for the environment is very friendly . C series high-speed system and its ability

to play better bag material properties of Stora Enso ‘s MultiFlex.”

MultiFlex obtain FDA approval , is a non- barrier material of aluminum paper , film and foil can replace , solid durability .

Because good barrier properties, is ideal for food packaging, moisture and oxygen barrier to help and keep the flavor and aroma

of food . In addition , MultiFlex also be detected after filling and RFID tracking.

With the improvement of people’s living standards , food packaging also put forward higher requirements for packaging inks in extraordinary attention . Ink as printed materials, should be required to meet a variety of different functions , such as non-toxic, heat, cold , solvent , oil , abrasion and corrosion -rays. Internationally recognized food printing ink used must comply with the principle of non- transfer ; may not use conventional inks printed on the surface within the food packaging ; printing manufacturers must ensure that the printing ink solvents entire evaporation, ink requires cured completely and achieve application sectors corresponding standards. Thus , the role of food packaging and printing ink in the extraordinary. The following characteristics from food packaging inks are used, with regard to adaptation printing , printing materials used are described .

Benzene -soluble chlorinated polypropylene ink is currently the most extensive use of plastics mainly for food packaging printing inks.

Whether such inks are mature manufacture and use of technology , mainly used for BOPP ( biaxially oriented polypropylene ) material in India , and the use of gravure clamshell packaging . Although such an ink excellent printability , good finishing properties, fast drying, but due to the relatively high toxicity of toluene , the high value of the residual solvent printed ; chlorinated polypropylene and the heat stability is poor, and the production during storage , easy to release chlorine to form hydrogen chloride, the ink was strong acidity , the printing plate roller serious corrosion problems , so that the ink tends to be eliminated. Because
As people have realized the benzene -soluble ink can damage the ozone layer , in the course will result in harm to workers’ health and safety , and packaging products remaining in the residue in food packaging under certain conditions would cause a certain degree within pollution. So in Europe , and some countries have banned or have been developed to control the use of aromatic solvent inks. Therefore , the development of environmentally friendly inks with food hygiene requirements is a serious problem .

Environmentally friendly ink should neither pollute the environment , without causing harm to the operation of worker ‘s body, but also will not damage the interior of food .

1 . Water-based ink

The vast majority of domestic water-based ink is used in flexo packaging printing ink , which is mainly composed of water-soluble resins, organic pigments, solvents and additives processed by the relevant composite grinding. Water-soluble resin is water-based ink binders , often used in domestic water-soluble acrylic resin as binders modified , its heat resistance, weather resistance, chemical resistance, stain and gloss etc has significant advantages , either directly dispersed dissolution or synthetic polymer emulsion , have shown excellent performance , water-based ink does not contain volatile organic solvents , not only can reduce the toxicity of the residual printing , and can prevent electrostatic contact with flammable solvents fire , is a new plastic trays ” green ” printing ink. Water-based inks also replace benzene -soluble ink the best products.

2 . UV (LIV) curable ink

UV -curable inks are ultraviolet light irradiation means in a certain wavelength , the ink binders in the crosslinking reaction , the transition from liquid to solid ink curing is completed , the link material before it is dissolved , i.e. firmly macromolecular prepolymer forming the ink film.

UV packaging design -curable flexographic printing ink is mainly used for the plastic packaging flexible substrate , which consists of a prepolymer , a reactive diluent , pigments , additives , photoinitiators / composite components. Wherein the selection of the reactive diluent of the ink formulations migration affects the reaction ; additive properties of the ink ( printability , ink migration resistance, substrate wetting , friction coefficient, wear resistance, and dispersion stability of the pigment resistance ) , and adjust the print odor ; required spectral range of ultraviolet light absorbing pigment as small as possible . Ideal pigment dispersion should have a good , good leveling , strong coloring plastic packaging box , irradiation of ultraviolet light absorption in the small , the polymerization reaction vac tray without prejudice to other characteristics.

Should note that the use of UV-curable ink -related inhibition of the polymerization reaction , the surface tension and wetting of the ink viscosity and humidity expansion of the printing plate and the like. Because of the poor adhesion of the ink to the plastic , thus the need for a plastic substrate made ??flame treatment or corona discharge treatment to improve the adhesion of the plastic surface .

3 . Electron beam-curable ink (EB ink ) refers to an electron beam curable inks in high energy electron beam irradiation can be quickly converted from a liquid to a solid ink , also known as EB ink. High electron beam energy , the solid pigments and fillers with a strong penetrating power , the case of the pigment plastic box ink is absorbed or filler will not impede the ink drying inside the membrane will not be affected . EB ink mainly composed of a pigment , binders , auxiliary agents , due to curing of the ink is achieved by an electron beam , so the choice of binders have specific requirements , the main component is an acrylic resin and participate in the reaction the reactive monomer . ,

Most of the food and beverage packaging industry uses electron beam curing printing, printing to offset printing. EB ink printing industry to adapt to high-speed , multi-color printing once the direction of development . Foreign applications have been developed in the 1980s , the country has only recently began to apply . As the electron beam energy saving assimilation ink , solvent-free components , the environment , the packaging is no pollution , short curing time, processing speed, high-volume , low dot gain , imprinted brightness is good, with wear and resistance to chemical attack etc., so this technology is the rapid diffusion and application , especially in the field of food packaging application prospects. The main difference LIV EB curable ink and the ink compound that is linked photoinitiator when EB was added an amount of the ink photoinitiator can be cured with ultraviolet rays . Thicker EB curable ink , the ink without photoinitiators , the cost is relatively low compared to LIV ink, electron beam curing equipment investment but higher than the curing LIV .
4 . Digital printing inks

Digital printing technology is increasing as people ‘s demand for personalized packaging penetrate into the food packaging and printing industry. Can be achieved using digital printing technology sufficiently high resolution image can be desirably reproduced image details . In addition, the digital printing technology to provide more efficient services in small quantities . Digital printing ink according to the printing method adopted can be divided into plastic packaging design : dye ink jet printing , xerographic toner solids and liquid ink electronic digital offset and the like.

After being heated to melt the toner is fixed on the substrate by a ceramic crystal materials . Printing materials are mostly foils, aluminum , PET ( polyester ) , paper, etc. , and is suitable for printing roll. Suitable selection of the fixing temperature of the clear plastic packaging toner is important because the best fixing temperature of the toner fusing can be well controlled process. Toner should have some flexibility, ease of printing materials folding process . Solvent resistance for static digital printing is also extremely important , solvent resistance bad print will not be completed after the procedure , as light , film and so on.

In the green and packaging requirements for food safety, high quality, multi-color printing today, printing inks should adapt to the times , toward benzene , environmental protection direction.