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Global plasticized mesh News : Careful find plastic everywhere, with the improvement of the technical level , rigid plastic , impact resistance, creep resistance, chemical resistance , etc. have breakthrough improvement , while according to user needs, customize or add different properties, such as electrical conductivity, heat resistance. Plastic has become the core of most of the material composition of plastic packaging design electrical and electronic products . It is understood that in the appliance industry , the plastic products industry has become one of clear plastic packaging the important development direction of pvc tray home appliances , plastic household appliances have become the plastic box design application of the amount of material the fastest growing in recent years, an annual average growth rate of around 29.5% .

Development of plastic materials technology has created many new opportunities for the manufacturing sector plays a pivotal role in the world of electrical and electronic products industry, but also to promote the electrical and electronic industry as a whole move to a new level .

In modified plastics , for example, a lot of additional performance make it more in line with the needs of a variety of different electrical and electronic products. Typically by adding different ingredients to achieve the plastic material clamshell packaging flame retardant, transparent , weather purposes. Can be applied in racks inside the barrel drum washing machine , microwave seal, trumpet speaker , speaker stand, refrigerator , rice cooker shell and base . For example , Bayer PC material , Victrex PEEK high performance plastic materials have a large number of applications in the electrical products. Plastic insulation is also the main reason for electrical products to become part of the raw materials . plastic packaging Many types of electrical and electronic equipment , requirements vary, plastic insulation requirements are not the same. Heat resistance and environmental adaptability insulating plastic electrical equipment in high temperature environments powered extraordinarily important. Electrical equipment in the connector , AC contactors, switches , junction boxes , plugs, sockets and other parts of a large number of the applications.

With the advent of SoLoMo (SocialLocalMobile) times more electrical gaming is about to become human hands , you can send a signal via cell phone before going home to home ” in control” , after sorting signal , household appliances are the divisions its your job to fulfill their tasks . If you do not want to let the house become a dragnet of silken web , signal reception and transmission of wireless technology will become the best choice. So start thinking more appliances implanted antenna .

Supplied by SABIC LDS ( Laser Direct construct ) is the use of a plastic material additive the material is easily activated by the laser plating performance of the antenna module with the original conventional plastic housing skillfully combine to make the product available space larger , more in line with the aesthetic appearance and ergonomics . The technology has been widely used in mobile phones and other handheld plastic packaging box devices manufactured .

Relevant statistics show that global demand for electrical and electronic products for plastics increased from 12.2 million tons in 2005 to 15.6 million tons in 2011 , a compound annual growth rate of 4.2%. With a variety of plastics in electrical products increase application volume plastic trays , a true era of plastic electrical and electronic equipment . I believe plastic chemical applications will be more widely , to bring more convenience to our lives.


With the accelerating process of urbanization , municipal and construction materials with plastic surge in demand , coupled with China in energy conservation, enhanced innovation and economic development under the guidance of solar diaphragm , good thermal insulation and sealing performance of new polymer building templates and newly developed plastic doors and windows , wall supports, plastic tiles and building heating strengthen plastic pipes and other plastic products have available. People on housing requirements plastic packaging design are increasing, in the pursuit of comfort , cost-effective , convenient maintenance, beyond durable, stylish decoration and also pay attention to environmental elements , which greatly promoted the demand for green building materials .

According to the forecast , “Twelve Five” plastic packaging period, China’s green building market is likely to exceed 1 billion, will effectively promote the development of new building materials industry . Promoting green building development, China ‘s goal is that by 2020 , the proportion of new green plastic trays plastic box design building construction accounts for over 30 %, while the level of consumption of energy resources and the use of the building construction process stage approach or reach the level of developed countries, the fight for the green building area reach one billion square meters or more.

Plastic building materials in construction, municipal engineering, industrial construction use is widespread . Currently popular plastic materials including plastic sheets, plastic pipe , plastic profiles , plastic windows and doors, polymer waterproof clamshell packaging materials, thermal insulation insulation materials, decoration materials , etc., they all have energy-saving and environmental protection, can improve the function and quality of construction can be reduce building weight , convenient construction , general engineering and low cost .

Will be opened on May 20 CHINA PLAS 2013 Chinaplas , will focus on emerging environmentally friendly plastic materials, held at the same event called “Building & Light” , the use of plastic materials with varying degrees of light transmission properties and applied in the construction visual effects caused by the substance , translucent plastic pvc tray display characteristics and to reduce energy consumption. Organizer Adsale Exhibition Services Ltd. Ada Leung , deputy general manager , said the General Assembly is preparing to clear plastic packaging build ” concept house built Light “, the use of plastic sheet excellent transmittance build an energy-saving lighting and high buildings, and add other elements ( such as photovoltaic equipment ) to meet the standards of low-carbon buildings. “Building – Light concept room” will prove that not only can make plastic building materials more effectively the advantages of using natural light , but also make the building more attractive exterior design . Saudi Basic Industries Corporation will become a ” build Light concept room” exclusive sponsor , to build housing for plastic packaging box its cutting-edge concepts and superior performance plastic materials .

The same field also has a display area of plastic building materials . Conference sponsored by Italcementi Group invited its innovative products – transparent cement , at the exhibition site to build a wall constructed of cement mixed with plastic resin , translucent high walls, take full advantage of the surrounding environment of light, demonstrating its high- energy production of plastic materials technology. In addition, plastic materials display area brings together the various other types of help to build a low-carbon energy saving Innovative Plastics materials .

On the other hand , the General Assembly will be held by the university design competition , along with the future of energy saving building design and make the scene more than 110,000 visitors to experience the advantages of the latest design concepts and rubber construction .

In addition , the Assembly would establish Design Loft Creative Leisure Club , a film exhibitor or waste material recycling companies provided by the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts students to use plastic pipes , rubber and plastic bottles materials, design and creative chair , apart from the rest of the audience can inspire more plastic product design inspiration.

Mushrooms are delicious in the kitchen can plastic packaging not be replaced, a variety of mushrooms are always a surprise clamshell plastic packaging design packaging to our taste plastic box design buds. But in addition to edible mushrooms also developed a new feature that it can be clear plastic packaging used as a material plastic packaging box pvc tray to replace plastic products.

Ecovative is currently developing a fungal growth and development of the use of the characteristics of the mold, allowing the rapid growth of fungi, plastic trays mold according to given specifications, thus the birth of alternative materials and a more environmentally friendly than plastic close to the texture characteristics.

With the growing consumption of beverages , beverage packaging industry with a bright future . It is estimated that in 2017 the global beverage clamshell packaging packaging market value will reach $ 118.8 billion . Currently, the U.S. , Europe and Asia Pacific in the global beverage packaging market still accounted for the largest share. With the gradual change in the continuous improvement of people’s income levels and consumer lifestyle , beverage packaging demand will grow rapidly. As the consumption of beverages continues to rise, the Asia-Pacific region, especially China and India, the manufacturer will provide a broader beverage packaging market .

Beverage packaging was diversified development trend

With the increasing rapid development of the global economy and the people’s living standards , the rapid development of the beverage industry , beverage varieties has been installed by the previous single bottles of soft drinks , to today carbonated drinks, natural drinks flowers are blooming situation. Therefore , the beverage packaging industry diversification trend also appears to break the monopoly over a single glass container market pattern. Metal, plastic , paper materials have been used in the beverage packaging, metal cans pvc tray , PET bottles , PP bottles, Tetra Pak , black and white film packaging stage.

Glass is a long history of packaging materials. In today’s constant influx of new types of packaging materials in the market, as the traditional glass beverage containers , in beverage packaging still occupy an important position. Glass containers because of plastic box design its non-toxic, odorless, transparent , plastic trays beautiful, good barrier , airtight , abundant raw materials, low prices, etc. become the material of choice tea, jujube juice beverage .

Metal cans cans jealously guarding the city . On the current market for beverage packaging , metal beverage cans are still widely used packaging materials , two -piece cans and three-piece cans. Two cans of aluminum sheet metal mainly used for carbonated beverage packaging ; while three cans with tinplate ( tin ) mainly used for free carbonated beverage packaging.

Fruit and vegetable packaging paper containers occupy a refreshing drink dairy country . Paper containers used for fruits and vegetables, dairy products and soft drinks packaging, materials and shapes can be classified according to their paper , brick composite cartons, paper cups, cans and other combinations . Compared with other containers , paper containers advantages are: low cost, light weight , has a favorable logistics , metal cans and smelly dissolution occurred . According to reports, the world’s annual consumption of aseptic carton packaging of more than 1000 billion units developed carton beverage per capita consumption of dozens of packages.

PET bottles stand out of the market dominance

PET bottle transparent , plastic packaging box high barrier , plastic , resealable packaging of soft drinks and other properties make it a growing market demand , and plastic packaging design gradually replace the aluminum packaging trend. Currently , PET aseptic containers are widely used in a variety of beverage packaging among its market share in the beverage packaging industry dominates. Drink from the world’s major powers of market share , PET bottles share more than 70%. Among them, the United States, the development of Japan PET beverage packaging industry very quickly. At present, China is in a stage of rapid development but also PET beverage packaging , PET bottles with double-digit annual growth in demand . Domestic carbonated beverage packaging PET bottles accounted for 57.4 %.

In recent years , the global tea market in the meteoric rise, yields surge. Since the requirements for hot filling tea drinks under the conditions clear plastic packaging of 85 ~ 90 , and PET bottles for hot filling a heat resistant temperature of up to about 95 , so filling the tea beverage PET plastic packaging hot-fill PET bottles has become a bottle of the fastest growing varieties, the annual growth rate of over 50 %. In addition , PET bottles are packaged in the form of bottled water main , most PET bottles with water drinks are dressed .

As a global leader in life sciences and materials sciences company, Royal Dutch DSM Group has launched a series of electrical and electronic fields used in halogen-free materials. These new materials eliminates the potential risk of hazardous substances , effectively reducing the environmental impact of e- waste to help customers create a more sustainable solution.

In recent years , regulatory and original equipment manufacturers of electrical and electronic industries are harmful substances in the raw materials made ??increasingly stringent requirements. For example , in the lead-free soldering technology and require the use of halogen-free technology solutions .

Also key electronic components , connectors, sockets , wire and cable , low voltage switchgear and other manufacturers , as well as miniature circuit breaker (MCB), molded case circuit breaker (MCCB), other industrial equipment, devices , LED lighting and other more specific areas of application, all hope clamshell packaging to achieve product miniaturization while reducing system costs , strengthen component integration. This material mechanical properties, heat resistance and processability made ??more stringent than conventional halogen-free polyamide material temperature requirements , such as higher temperatures and flow performance , thin wall strength , and a high reflectance in Glow-wire terminal application level ignition temperature (GWIT) performance.

As a leading provider of innovative solutions , DSM has many years of professional experience in the field of high-performance materials , to provide a complete solution for clear plastic packaging halogen-free high-performance engineering plastics , high-performance materials to enrich the customer ‘s choice . Based on different pvc tray application requirements , complete halogen-free product line includes:

Wire and Cable

Arnitel ? XG thermoplastic elastomer (TPC) alternative to traditional PVC materials for DC and AC power cable and USB ( Universal Serial Bus ) or HDMI ( plastic packaging High Definition Multimedia Interface ) and other data cables. Arnitel grades with other materials , like , Arnitel ? XG halogen-free or restricted materials and plasticizers ( with PVC different ) , and does not release carcinogenic substances in the environment during production, use and disposal process. The material meets the EU and UL safety standards, with excellent mechanical and chemical properties.

Connectors and sockets

Stanyl ?, Stanyl ? ForTii ?, Akulon ? and Novamid ? four materials in the electronics industry has a wide range of applications . From consumer electronics , home appliances and industrial connectors and sockets to switches, plastic box design relays and other electronic components bobbin DSM halogen-free materials can exhibit unmatched performance, and completely free of halogen and red phosphorus .

In the field of DDR connector , Stanyl and Stanyl For Tii materials with low warpage and thin-walled retention, by most original equipment manufacturers and original design manufacturers welcome, widely used in desktop computers plastic packaging design and servers.

Stanyl and Stanyl For Tii applications in numerous connectors are showing excellent performance, such as SATA ( Serial ATA) and SAS ( Serial Attached SCSI) interfaces , FCP ( printed circuit board ) connector and memory card connector . Currently most of the smart phone market, tablet computers, televisions and laptops have been using these materials. Both materials through continuous improvement , even in the ultra- high temperature lead-free reflow assembly , but also to maintain a strong rigidity , thereby significantly reducing warpage, reduce scrap rates.

In home appliances and industrial applications , StanylForTii material has been increasingly recognized by leading manufacturers , SMT junction boxes become an ideal solution . DSM developed the first SMT ( surface mount technology ) RAST connector solution – with a series of excellent features such as excellent dimensional stability , high strength , superior electrical performance, powerful UL94V-0 flame retardant level and so on. Coupled with Akulon and Novamid series , DSM’s products have been able to cover the entire junction box and RAST connector applications.

DSM’s global marketing director – e-business Tamim Sidiki said: “We have a wealth of halogen-free product portfolio to help customers meet the electronics industry increasingly stringent regulatory requirements for consumers to create a more environmentally friendly products .” He added: “DSM is committed to the development of electronic industry , active interest in the development of the industry dynamics , we not only to meet current and future needs of the industry as its mission , it is to set up a professional team, to provide development support , committed to Otis Man shaping the world ‘s leading business partners . ”


With the rapid rise of LED lighting in consumer and industrial markets, demand in the industry for high reflectivity , high temperature, high luminous plastic also has heated up. These materials can be used for LED Array Holder , LED connectors or junction box applications.

DSM’s Stanyl For Tii materials with unique performance, while maintaining high reflectivity , showing plastic packaging box excellent mechanical strength and UL-94V0 flammability rating . High reflectivity white components have been widely used in a variety of lighting products, future growth potential is considerable.


In the electrical field , whether it is used or after disposal consideration from the use of the most critical than product safety . DSM Engineering Plastics fully meet or exceed the requirements of relevant laws and regulations around the world , and after years of practice has proved that enjoys a leading position in the industry.

Over the past 30 years , DSM has always been at the forefront of the development of halogen-free electrical industry , while ensuring product performance to meet the requirements of sustainable development , the products are widely used in electrical enclosures and mini circuit breakers, molded case circuit breakers , thermal relays and other functional components. In addition plastic trays , DSM ‘s material is particularly suitable for replacing all types of thermosetting material. Finally, the electrical industry, is more gratifying : All grades of products have been extensively tested , reliable performance guarantee .

Our meat production since 1990, has been ranked first in the world, but the proportion of deep processing of meat products, meat production accounts for only 10 percent of the world’s developed countries generally have reached the proportion of about 50% in some countries even more than 70% , with a considerable gap between the advanced level . More importantly, the variety and quality of the meat is more behind the world ‘s advanced level , one of the key reasons is related to meat packaging technologies, mainly developing flexible packaging technology.

Nearly 30 years of experience in the meat industry, secondary larger development. The first time was in the early 1980s began , with the meat then the introduction of foreign advanced processing equipment and technology , led to the packaging of frozen meat division and the development of Western-style cooked meat ; second was from the 20th century, 90 start early 1990s decade , there has been a small package division chilled meat and sausage and meat products as the representative of Chinese products development.

In the 21st century , under the new situation of joining the WTO , China’s meat industry will be faced with yet another new period of development during this period in the development of the meat industry is not only reflected in the volume , but the main purpose is to reflect in terms of quality , high-quality, safe and secure meat products will continue to emerge , cold meats, fermented meat products, meat products , such as Chinese industrial production of high -tech new products will be the future direction of development.

Throughout the history of our meat products are all closely linked with the development of packaging technology , which is mainly associated with the flexible packaging technology , the meat industry ‘s technological innovations needed to support flexible packaging technology , whereas the emergence of new flexible packaging technology also contributed to the meat industry development. In the second period of development in the past , many domestic flexible packaging technology and equipment development lags behind the needs of the development of the meat , so that the domestic flexible packaging companies lost a lot of opportunity to make a considerable number of imported packaging materials and packaging machinery and equipment occupied the domestic market. The purpose of this study is to remind the domestic flexible packaging industry engaged in various aspects of attention, to avoid further missed opportunities facing Third , speed up technological progress and product development in the flexible packaging industry , the third major development to meet China’s meat industry. The following two aspects of the new fresh meat and meat products are as flexible packaging technology and its development direction of the relevant meat

Flexible packaging fresh meat

China is expected in the next 5-10 years, meat production will be 5% -10 % annual growth rate continues to grow. Chief among these is the development of fresh meat , fresh meat, how flexible packaging technology to keep up with this development is an issue of concern within the industry . Flexible packaging raw meat meat consumption is mainly to solve the safety shelf circulation problems . Meat slaughtered pigs , cattle and other live will produce a series of biochemical changes , the end of the period clear plastic packaging to maturity from stiff , quality of the meat is constantly changing, if not take a scientific package shelf technology , raw meat quickly would spoilage. Requirements for fresh meat shelf life , at home and abroad with a frozen, refrigerated , irradiation sterilization , chemical corrosion, vacuum packaging , inflatable packaging, packaging and shelf combination of technology .
The plastic packaging design early 1980s, China’s market accounted for a large proportion of frozen meat was introduced many advanced segmentation packaging frozen meat equipment and technology , the main packaging material is a single layer of polyethylene bags beginning , and later developed into nylon / polyethylene composite flexible packaging bags , packaging forms from simple to complex single- film plastic bags and vacuum-packed bags of soft film forming vacuum packaging. In addition to the domestic packaging equipment vacuum sealer, the introduction of the soft film forming filling and sealing machine (FFS machine ) is the most advanced flexible packaging equipment. Packaging products are mainly divided small package frozen legs, big row , a small row , meat and other products , which meet current market demand for play a role . But then the fresh meat at a low level overall flexible packaging , vac tray packaging materials polyethylene film mainly due to the water vapor transmission rate of large polyethylene material , frozen in dry- period consumption saving big bag severe frost , poor appearance and form of packaging , printing and decorating rough most of the products , so our 80 years of frozen raw meat packing group including lower commodity level.
Cooked meat flexible packaging
Cooked meat with rich protein , microbial very easy to breed , and storage of fat in the meat products easily oxidized , so the key is cooked meat flexible packaging technology can extend the shelf life of the product , to ensure food safety and quality .

Our Chinese cooked meats cooked meat can be divided into two categories and Western cooked meat , cooked meat over Chinese industrial production and packaging technology is relatively backward , products are divided into the traditional sauce stewed , grilled , bad drunk class , Western-style meat products higher degree of industrialization , the main products well- leg , round leg -based products as well as Western-style ham sausage , small sausage -based plastic trays products and bacon sausage , salami and other Western products ; dried products and other varieties . Due to the different types of products the processing conditions and shelf life requirements, these flexible packaging in the form of cooked meat and techniques vary, the following main cooked meat flexible packaging technology introduction.

1 . Cooking bags and canned soft packaging

Country in the 1970s began to use cooking bags, soft canned cooked meat and other research on packaging technology , soft canned material mainly consists of PET / AL / CPP three composite , and transparent retort pouches from PET / CPP or PA / CPP based. As good canned soft barrier properties of aluminum foil and dark , soft canned meat vacuum-packed can be stored at room temperature for 6-12 months after high-temperature sterilization . Plus convenient packaging to carry, easy to open , so there is a certain consumer market , the product has a knuckle , chicken , duck and other Chinese traditional meat and poultry products . Due to the high temperature sterilization , the flavor deterioration , texture Sulan , canned flavor is cooking bags and soft canned a common problem , to some extent, limit the development of such markets packaging products . PET / CPP or PA / CPP Layer retort pouch transparent clamshell packaging material of the barrier is not high , the packaging of meat products susceptible to oxidation deterioration , the shelf life is not long . Currently transparent high barrier packaging materials is the focus of international development , such as MXD6 nylon , EVOH composite film and silicon oxide (SiOx) film deposition development series , so that the display and protection of goods greatly improved, ultra-high temperature sterilization development and application of high pressure sterilization and irradiation , microwave sterilization and other new technologies to provide useless for the application of these materials , we should pay attention to the development of these good transparency, high barrier flexible packaging material in the gaps .

2 . Aseptic packaging and semi- aseptic packaging

Aseptic packaging and semi- aseptic packaging technology first developed in the Western-style meat products, using sterile flexible packaging materials , in the sterile environment of processed meat products after sterilization packaging can keep food in the maximum the original flavor of the product under conditions of low flow of Western-style round legs, square legs and sliced ??meat products due to the aseptic processing of solid Western food more difficult, so they plastic packaging box use a semi- aseptic packaging technology , packaging materials EVOH, PVDC , composite materials PE, PA , etc. made ??of co-extruded high barrier multilayer film or sheet , such as sterile , shrink film also use more complex in sterile packaging. Chinese meat aseptic packaging , semi- aseptic packaging technology needs further development and research . Such technology breakthroughs , will remain authentic Chinese meat flavor, extend shelf life, has a very broad application prospects .
3 . Pasteurization packaging

The next few years China plastic packaging will vigorously develop the low-temperature meat , which is a key technology LTMP shelf technology , low temperature meat products due to maintain maximum nutrition and flavor , more favored by the market .
One of the key LTMP shelf packaging pasteurization technique is that the product again after heating pasteurization rapid cooling after packaging to eliminate microbial contamination in the packaging process . Such meat packing applicable to most of the Western meat , high barrier flexible packaging material composite film and sheet transparency based, and can heat sterilized by heat-shrinkable materials will also be pasteurized there are a very wide application , in addition to vacuum packaging, a high degree of mechanization and automation of forming a sealing system of a filling will be a great development.

4 . Sausage packing

80s polyvinylidene chloride (PVDC) -based film casings filled with sausage , ham processed by high-temperature sterilization appeared in China began to develop during the 1990s unexpectedly to occupy half of the domestic meat production of competitive products , however, PVDC sausage and ham filling packaging machine punch card but rely mainly on Japanese imports , the introduction of the production line is repeated up to 600 . Ham popularity has its actual market conditions and circumstances , our flexible packaging industry at the time of the missed opportunity , but as a high-temperature meat sausage is no longer the direction of future development, and low-temperature meat sausage casings class flexible packaging , fermentation meat , high salt water expansion products will be the direction of development, technology casings of various man-made fibers , high barrier composite casings , shrink casings and other flexible packaging materials and the corresponding filling and packaging equipment has a huge potential for development.


21st century China ‘s meat industry is facing a new development the former , for the flexible packaging industry is full of challenges and opportunities of the timing , the world of great concern to food safety issues , HACCP systems in the food sector in the promotion , plus tech, diversified structure , convenience food of the meat industry for flexible packaging industry put forward new demands , hoping to strengthen domestic enterprises technology investment and new product development in order to meet growing market

Shelf and shelf life extension aspects of food, medicines show a very excellent performance for decades PVDC high barrier packaging materials plastic box as always in a dominant position , although there EV-OH and PAN two materials , but they are in a high humidity environment barrier properties decreased significantly and has not been further developed. Similarly PA ( barrier material can not be considered under the strict definition ) can not replace high barrier PVDC excellent package for contents protection, and usually also need to practice with PVDC coating process to improve its packaging performance .

Biodegradable plastic product development , and then a plastic bag into an advertising vehicle , specifically relying clear plastic packaging on the development of community ads in major markets , the development of Chongqing guy bags advertising , profit margins as high as 50 %.

Usually go to the supermarket to buy food, a lot of secondary use of waste plastic bags are made ??of . Now Chongqing guy Lee Kirin developed a new type of biodegradable bags .

“The texture and ordinary bags plastic bags the same, but the ingredients are not polyester vinyl , but can degrade the calcium carbonate clamshell packaging and limestone , which can be half a bag on the wild plastic plastic packaging design trays natural degradation , incineration will not cause atmospheric pollution . ” Lee Kirin said that if the same price , this health can be degradable plastic bags certainly popular.

So he designed for the small plastic bag a unique business model : advertising. Printed on the plastic bag business information on advertising , promotions and other information , when people buy food , will be used in these ads are printed bags . A vegetable market takes about a month away 150,000 bags , 10 markets was plastic packaging box 1.5 million , a large advertising effect . This model mainly rely plastic box design on government policy support to promote, market franchise markets surrounding communities .

Lee Kirin said pvc tray this advertisement bags distributed without additional cost , the advertising platform is mandatory , as long as people buy food businesses will receive advertising messages ; Furthermore , carrying bags which people can also travel information on the show bags to more people to read. An advertising charges is 700 to 1000 yuan , can be printed on 70,000 bags , each can hold 64 bags advertising. A monthly demand plastic packaging for vegetable market at about $ 150,000 in advertising revenue more than 6000 yuan , profit margins above 50 %. Expected soon people will see this new type of biodegradable bags .

The latest market survey, said that by 2016, demand in plastic packaging box the U.S. market, the pipeline is expected to grow 6.2% to $ 50.1 billion annually. Among clear plastic packaging them, the plastic will plastic trays be faster than the growth rate of other materials.

Factors driving growth plastic packaging design include plastic packaging recovery in building construction, oil and gas exploration to expand the scale and the replacement of aging water mains networks. A “plastic pipe and pipe competition,” the report said, the driving force to promote the growth of plastic plastic box design resins including improvements to increase pipeline performance.

PVC pipes account for all plastic pipe in 2011 more than half of total demand, the future will remain an pvc tray important position, the growth rate is expected to be close to double digits. In terms of sales, will remain the largest proportion of steel in 2016 will reach $ 28.5 clamshell packaging billion in annual sales.

As one of the four major packaging materials, metal packaging plastic packaging design materials plays an important role in modern packaging materials. Generally , the metal vac tray packaging material has the following advantages .

( 1 ) has excellent barrier properties and excellent overall performance protective metal packaging materials for gas, water and water vapor transmission rate is very low ( almost zero ) plastic packaging box , good aroma and completely opaque , effectively avoid the harmful effects of UV rays ; their gas barrier properties, moisture resistance, shading and aroma far more than plastic , paper and other types of packaging materials. Thus, the metal clamshell packaging packaging can provide excellent protection performance as contents , is conducive to long to keep the quality of the product .

( 2 ) having plastic trays good mechanical properties, workability and high strength metal material having good packing and high strength ductility , can be stamping, rolling, drawing, welding and other processing can be made thin-walled, high strength , unbreakable containers , can also form an excellent overall performance of composite packaging materials and a variety of other composite materials .

( 3 ) has a special metallic luster , surface decoration and good special metallic sheen plus exquisite decoration printing , you can make the product look rich and gorgeous , beautiful merchantability , and can increase the value clear plastic packaging plastic packaging of the goods.

( 4 ) convenience , hygiene and good metal packaging containers and the paint is generally able to meet health and safety requirements , with its packaged plastic box products to carry and easy to use ( generally equipped with easy-open device , such as a ring-pull cans , etc. ) , can adapt different climatic conditions . And waste treatment is better , recyclable recycling.

Although there are many advantages of metal packaging materials , but there are shortcomings , including: chemical stability is poor, especially steel material easy to rust, should generally be coated with anti-rust material ; weak acid , packaging acidic substances ( especially food ) , the precipitation of metal ions affect product quality , generally require isolation to protect the coating ; metal Packaging materials higher than prices of other packaging materials , integrated packaging and higher cost.

With the increasing development of the national economy and people’s living standards , China’s beverage industry is developing rapidly, especially beverage varieties has been reduced from the previous 70 years of the last century, a single glass bottled soda , to today carbonated drinks, natural drinks flowers are blooming situation. Beverage packaging industry also appears diversification trend , breaking the monopoly over a single glass container market structure , metal, plastic , paper materials have been used in the beverage packaging, metal cans , PET bottles , PP bottles, Tetra Pak , Combibloc , roof bag , black and white film packaging stage.

According to statistics, China ‘s annual production of beverages substantially increasing trend year by year , to maintain double-digit percentage growth rate of about 10 % to 20% , with an average annual production is close to 30 million tons , is the pace of development of the food industry ‘s most one industry fast. At present , the domestic beverage market, popular mainly with fruit , fruit juices fiber , low sugar or no sugar tea drinks , and bottled water and other products, and is expected in 2007 will be the fastest growing beverage products are low sugar or sugar -free drinks , each flavors of tea and fruits and vegetables , flowers, health drinks category . With the breakdown products gradually refined and trends for different beverage beverage market consumer groups will behave more plastic packaging colorful.

Status beverage packaging market

With the emergence of a wide range of beverage types , beverage packaging industry has developed rapidly , after breaking the monopoly of the pattern of a single glass container market , metal containers , plastic containers, paper containers have appeared , showing the diversification of beverage packaging trend. Carbonated drinks and pure water , mineral water market after years of accumulation , the market has clamshell packaging been quite stable , Coca-Cola beverage cans classic image of the packaging can not be easily shaken , and mineral water drinks like to occupy a certain share of the market , only in PET bottles on the type of design and capacity to do changes in recent years for families and food consumption 2L package quite markets.

First, the glass

Glass is a long history of packaging materials , glass is also China’s traditional beverage containers. In the case of a variety of packaging materials into the market of glass containers in the beverage packaging still occupy an important position , because it can not be replaced with other packaging materials packaging features, but began to significantly reduce the amount . The main features of glass packaging containers are: non-toxic, odorless, transparent , beautiful, good plastic packaging design barrier , airtight , abundant raw materials, low prices, and you can use multiple turnover . And with heat , pressure , resistance to cleaning the advantages of both high-temperature sterilization , but also cold storage . It is precisely because it has many advantages , it became tea, jujube juice for many beverage containers require a higher material of choice. But glass containers also have some disadvantages : mainly self-important, easy to damage , high transport costs, poor printing and other secondary processing performance , resulting in a substantial reduction in usage started , now on the shelves of supermarkets has basically do not see the glass beverage containers , and in schools, small shops , canteens, hotels, and other small power consumption is not high places, to see the cheap glass bottles of carbonated drinks , milk and herbal tea plantations.

Second, the metal can

Metal cans of beverage packaging two cans and three cans. Two cans of aluminum sheet metal mainly used for carbonated beverage packaging ; while three cans with tinplate ( tin ) mainly used for free carbonated beverage packaging.

Metal cans as beverage packaging has the following advantages : First, with excellent barrier properties. Not only can the gas barrier , light plastic trays barrier may also , this feature allows the beverage has a longer shelf life. Second, with excellent mechanical properties, mainly in the high temperature, high humidity , pressure , resistance to pests and erosion resistance of harmful substances. Third, unbreakable, easy to carry, to adapt to the fast-paced life of modern society . Fourth, surface decoration , and can stimulate consumption and promote sales. Fifth, you can use recycled recycling . But the metal packaging containers also has some disadvantages , mainly in the chemical stability , alkali poor , poor quality of the paint or technology, however , will make the drink taste. China ‘s current annual consumption of aluminum cans 60 to 7 billion , the need to import large quantities of raw materials , and expensive, plus the pollution of the environment and other factors , the state has not approved a new production line of aluminum cans .

Third, plastic packaging

Beverage plastic packaging clear plastic packaging industry has attractive opportunities in 2002 , beverage production reached 20.24 million tons , increasing demand for soft drinks, fruit juices , vegetables, beverages required plastic containers. Today’s beverage market , PET occupy a major position in the tea, carbonated drinks , fruit juice, bottled water containers applications prospects. If people at first sight of Watson’s “Ring treasure ” bottle , slim Huiyuan “He + She – ” plastic bottles, pleasant Yanjing ” stuff ” tapered bottles , PET beverage packaging allows modeling becomes mix.

The past two years , new packaging Chinese beverage market up more gradually , at present, the type of plastic used in beverage packaging main categories:

1, PE ( polyethylene ) :

PE is the world’s largest output of synthetic resin , is the largest consumption of plastic packaging materials . Products are divided into low-density polyethylene , medium-density and high-density three. Wherein the high density polyethylene (HDPE) having a high crystallinity due to their hardness, tightness , mechanical strength, chemical resistance are better, so that the blow molding is made ??of a large number of bottles and other hollow containers . Use PE and good sealing performance , container production of composite materials , can be dressed with lemon juice , fruit juice and other beverages .

2, PVC ( polyvinyl chloride ) :

PVC can be divided into hard goods, soft goods and pasty products categories. Produced by injection stretch blow seamless line of PVC bottles , bottle wall Bohou uniform, can be dressed carbonated beverage such as cola , soft drinks , etc. ; using extrusion blow molding production of PVC bottles containing juice and apply only to mineral water .

3, PP ( polypropylene ) :

Development of transparent polypropylene bottles at home and abroad in recent years, a hot plastic packaging . With transparent modifier – the successful development of a nucleating agent , adding 0.1% to 0.4 % sorbitol shrink xylene ( benzaldehyde ) nucleating agent in the PP in general , produced by the high transparency PP bottles can be widely used heat sterilization needs that require high temperatures , such as fruit juice concentrates filling beverage packaging , and its affordable , pressure resistance to temperature , is PS, ABS, PET, PE bottles freshman opponent.

4 , the polyester (PET or PETP):

Biaxially stretching blow molding using the produced PET bottles , having good transparency , surface gloss, glassy appearance and is most suitable in place of glass bottles . In recent vac tray years , the rapid development of production of PET bottles are widely used in various tea drinks , fruit juices and other drinks hot filling needs , such as Pepsi 600ml, 1.25L, 2L and 2.5L PET bottles , different volumes for individuals, families different needs , by the majority of consumers.

From a market share of each of the world’s great powers in terms drinks , PET bottles share in excess of 70%. The results of a survey showed that by 2007, the European food and beverage plastic packaging market sales will be $ 4.91 billion in 2000 , increased to packaging design $ 7.15 billion , an average annual growth rate of 5.5%. At present, China is in a stage of rapid development but also PET beverage packaging , the demand for PET bottles to double-digit growth every year. Application proportion of domestic carbonated plastic box beverage packaging PET bottles accounted for 57.4 %, showing that PET bottle packaging has occupied a major share of the domestic beverage packaging market. Consumers widely considered PET bottles have a ” large capacity , transparent, intuitive and strong , lightweight and easy to open , can be refrigerated , portable, rugged, recyclable ” and other features , its development has provided a broad market prospect.

Fourth, paper containers

Paper containers used in beverage packaging, the paper mainly refers to Tetra Pak composite PE film or aluminum foil made ??of Combibloc packaging containers and other paper-plastic composite , the shape of the roof package , sterile square bricks , low cost, lightweight, pollution-free, recyclable and other characteristics, is environmentally friendly packaging. Mainly used for short-term preservation of milk, yogurt and long-term preservation of dairy drinks, tea drinks and fruit juice drinks packaging. However, the degree of pressure resistance and sealing barrier paper-plastic containers are not as plastic packaging box glass bottles, metal cans and plastic containers , not pasteurized , so preformed cartons in the preservation process , due to oxidation of PE film and reduce its heat sealing performance, or because of the crease below the fiber sclerosis and other reasons to become uneven , causing problems filling machine feeding difficulties occur.

April 2006 , the Coca-Cola company selected SIG Combibloc 1.5L polygonal large aseptic carton packaging, the use of four large flat exterior carton full of product features for its popular brand of Nestle NESTEA Iced tea made ??a re- positioning , let stand out on the shelf , to win the favor of consumers .